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What’s In My Makeup Bag: January

The new items in my makeup bag I’m loving, products that I’m excited to try and a few answers to your instagram skincare and makeup questions!

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one (best mascara ever) // two (new powder I’m loving) // three (color is “pillow talk”. buy it.) // four (color is “nude beach”. loving it) // five (I want this in every color) // six (a great setting spray) // seven (my current primer) // eight (finally got myself some big girl brushes) // nine (bought for my trip this week) // ten (anti-aging concealer) // eleven (a great primer to use with any makeup) // twelve (I’ve practically been bathing in this stuff all winter.)

A Few Makeup + Skincare Related Q&A’s I’ve Recieved Lately

What primer do you use? I’m constantly on the hunt for a good primer and my current love is this one. It’s very lightweight and smooth and I think it makes my makeup stay put for a long time!

What foundation do you use? This is my favorite foundation! I wear shade 125 or Y315. If you’re looking for a similar foundation that is way cheaper then get this one in “natural beige”.

What are you doing to diminish fine lines and wrinkles? Well there is no easy answer to this one. First off, I’ve been using retin-A for over a decade because my derm told me when I was 20 that if I started retin-A then when I was 40 I would look like I was 30. So I jumped! I’ve also had lasering done and while it is an investment it’s the only thing that finally got my dark spots off of my skin after over a decade of sun damage. I would say that if you are really concerned with fine lines and wrinkles then you need to find an esthetician that you love. My bff Jordan Harper is my ultimate skincare guru at Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in Charleston. I would also highly recommend Upstate Skincare & Spa in Greenville because that is where I go locally! And I’ve heard great things about Toska from my Charlotte friends.

What is your favorite moisturizer for dry skin? This cream is amazing and feels like butter! This one is also really good.

Would love to hear more about Tula? I’m going to shoot you straight, Tula is amazing. In all honestly the reason you see so many bloggers pimping it is because a) it actually is amazing and b) they are really good to us and send us free stuff and give us promo codes where we can make commissions. However, I personally pimp it because I use it and because I honestly think it’s a great product, especially for the price! When the team behind Bobbi Brown are investors you know it’s good. I love that it’s science based and all about balancing your skin. Go check out Tula’s site and don’t forget that you can save 20% off of everything with code CRISTIN. Tula just launched their complete body & beauty routine with their bestselling skincare and probiotic supplements along with their purifying cleanser, pH resurfacing gel and day & night cream. I personally take probiotics every day and I’m excited to give these a whirl! I’ll report back when I’m done with the package!

I’m looking for a good eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles for sensitive skin. I’m giving this one a whirl. The coverage is great and it claims to be anti-aging and waterproof! I’ll report back.

What is the best way to apply concealer? With my ring finger. I’m not proud of it but it’s true.

How to keep your makeup from looking cakey? This product right here my friends! It blurs and smooths and is a miracle.

What is your favorite eyeliner that won’t smudge? This one if I’m feeling fancy then and if I’m wearing makeup on the daily this drugstore one.

What is the best place to get matched for foundation? Honestly I would head into Sephora. If you don’t live near a Sephora then pack up the kids and hit the road because it’s the holy grail of all the good makeup lines and they will help you. True story I go in there constantly and ask them questions. Two fun facts… you can ask them for a sample of anything and they will give it to you! Also, if you buy something and it doesn’t match your skin you can return it! Winning!

Do I use any oils on my face? I really want to but I’m too afraid to be clogged up. That sounds like a constipation commercial but it’s true. I’m terrified of oils. I’ve tried LaMer and never say never but I just don’t get the hype. I believe that this product is incredible I just haven’t used it enough to back that up!

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