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Where I Get My Hair Done

Before I started a blog I would sort of roll my eyes when I saw bloggers doing a Q&A type post. I guess I just didn’t know that much about blogging when I got into the game and as it turns out you do get a LOT of questions in the form of DMs, messages and emails. I really love it though because the main reason I started this little blog was to share what I love with others. I have this natural tendency towards oversharing especially when I receive a compliment. For example if someone says “I love your shirt” I’m incapable of just simply saying “why thank you” but instead have the desire to say “oh thanks, I got it at this store and it cost this much and I actually think I saw it on sale here and here”. It’s just how I’m wired. Pair this personality trait with a love of style and a fiercely OCD nature when it comes to shopping and this little blog was born.

alterna hair products

So here I am a couple of years later and I love answering questions that I receive via email or on instagram. One of the most frequently asked deals with my hair. So here I am answering the “Who does your hair?!?” comment in a very elaborate response.

My Salon: I go to Wilson’s on Washington and have since I lived in Greenville after college. You can visit their site here and follow them on instagram here.

My Stylist: Emily Wilson (no relation) has done my hair since before Hayden was born and now she does Hayden’s too. She is not only incredibly hilarious but also extremely talented. I honestly look forward to going and sitting in her chair for 2 and a half hours. That may seem like a long time but I have a TON of hair and Emily is actually one of the fastest stylist I’ve ever had. Nothing crawls my skin more than someone lingering while I’m on the clock. And by “the clock” I mean the amount of time I have arranged for someone to watching my girls.


[one-third-first]wilsons on washington[/one-third-first]

[one-third]wilsons on washington[/one-third]

[one-third]wilsons on washington[/one-third]

What I Get Done: I am still in the process of growing my long hair back out since I chopped it in January. It was so unhealthy from having kids (all of your hair falls out btw) and just a mangled mess so I decided to cut it and focus on regrowing it out healthier.

In order to do that I take Biotin daily, take hair vitamins on top of that, wash it as little as possible and spread out my hair treatments. I will get it highlighted and trimmed one time, get highlights and low-lights the next and then go back to getting it highlighted and trimmed the next time. I try to spread my appointments out by at least 10 weeks if not more like 12. In between I use a TON of dry shampoo and braid my hair a lot too.

alterna hair products

Protecting My Strands: I am always looking for protects that will protect my hair from heat and every other harmful element out there and was recently contacted by Alterna to try out their products during my latest appointment at Wilsons on Washington. Emily (have I mentioned how much I loved her) checked out all of them and told me exactly what I should use. I’ve been using the Caviar Repair Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner, Rapid Blowout Balm and Invisible Roller Setting Spray and to say it short I’m mildly obsessed. Even though it’s only been a week my hair is smoother and styling better. This is a big deal because I like for my hair to have a ton of volume and bounce. Usually “smooth” hair equals greasy and heavy but these Alterna products have given me the silkiness without the weight.

alterna hair products
alterna hair products

And of course here are my outfit details. Did you think I wasn’t going to tell you about this cute tie-front dress?!?!

Dress | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

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