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10 Ways To Use A Planner

This post is in partnership with Emily Ley. All opinions are my own.

Today Emily Ley released their 2018 Simplified Planners in a variety of colors and in both daily and weekly formats. The Simplified Planner is a minimal but beautiful planner for women in any season of life. The team at Emily Ley wants to inspire women to be organized, simplify their lives and make room for all of the things that really matter. I ordered the gold dot weekly version and love the sleek design as well as the size of this planner. At 6″x8″ it’s big enough to write in but small enough to not make it feel like your handling an encyclopedia.

Way back in the dark ages before iPhones I relied on a planner non-stop. I would keep up with every to-do list, event, test, break, etc. Then once I started utilizing technology for my to-dos, reminders and calendars I didn’t keep up with a planner as much. Maybe it was the stage of life I was in or the fact that I just didn’t know how to use them both. In fact, once I discovered these planners I found a new love for a physical planner especially as it related to keeping up with memories and strategizing my business. Today I wanted to walk you through my new 2018 planner and share a couple of ways that even technology lovers like myself can use these beautiful planners.

I love that this planner has monthly and weekly views! The weekly views have one column with general notes and another column for tasks with check boxes. In addition to the double layouts it also has plenty of room for notes in the margins, an interior pocket and even more notes pages in the back! Here are a few ways I utilize these pretty pages.

10 Ways To Use A Planner

  1. I love to jot down things we do as a family or events we go to so that I can look back and remember everything. A lot of times these are planned like vacations or mini trips or family gatherings and are on the calendar in advance but sometimes things happen spur of the moment. I love being able to look back on a month and see the day Hayden swam solo for the first time, the day Scottie jumped off the diving board etc, etc.
  2. In addition to jotting down events and special memories you can use their cute clips to save photos or keepsakes. If your kid draws something cute or someone sends you a sweet note simply clip it in and create a mini scrapbook for yourself.
  3. Not only can you clip in memories but also practical things. Find a recipe in a magazine you love? Tear it out and clip it to a certain week so that you can remember to try a new meal. I also will clip rewards cards or promo codes during the month that they expire so I remember to use them! I’m notorious for letting those dang J.Crew reward points fall through the cracks and expire. No more!
  4. If you have kids use it as a journal to keep note of all the new / funny things they say! For example, Scottie has just started saying “No mam, Mommy!” with a scowl on her face every time she doesn’t like something and it just makes me chuckle each and every time. If I don’t write those things down I just forget them over time.
  5. I also love to use these planners to keep track of growth progression and milestones. My favorite thing to look back through is my hard planner with all of the memories from being pregnant or having tiny babies. It’s like a time capsule! Always buy planners in the same color family and stack them on your shelves in sequence for a pretty walk down memory lane.
  6. Use a planner as a mini journal for prayer requests and answered prayers. Sometimes it so easy to forget everything you have to be thankful for until it’s plainly written on paper.
  7. I love using pen and paper to achieve my fitness goals. I don’t know what it is but crossing out a day on a calendar when I’m one step closer to my goal is just so gratifying and keeps me motivated. Heck, give yourself a sticker every day that you do a good job. If it’s good enough for Carrie Underwood, it’s good enough for me.
  8. Write out your meal plans or lack there of! Tuesday night = tacos! Wednesday = date night! Thursday night = I guess I’ll try to cook!
  9. Not only can you use the weekly layout portion for meals but it’s great for bloggers or anyone in charge of a content calendar to see your week in it’s entirety. Maybe you’re someone who meets with clients or has deadlines. Sit down for a few minutes on Monday mornings and carve out your week, make note of your deliverables and make room for down time.
  10. Use a planner to help you be intentional! I’m so very bad at remembering birthdays or remembering to write thank-you notes. You can also use it as a time to remind yourself to call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile, check in on a grand-parent or loved one or encourage your kids.

Emily Ley doesn’t just do planners. Just look at this drawer full of goodies! I love this journal, these mini notebooks for jotting down things as I’m on the go and the washi tape, stickers and paperclips for personalizing my planner.



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