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My love of Tula and my love have makeup have officially been combined with the launch of Tula’s new Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer. This revolutionary primer neutralizes the appearance of redness over time, instantly smoothes the appearance of uneven skin tones and helps lock in hydration for a flawless makeup application. I recently tested this new primer under three of my favorite foundations and CC Creams and let me tell you, I was impressed.

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Tula Face Blurring Primer CristinCooper.com

The buildable formula in Tula’s new Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer is weightless and leaves my skin feeling smooth without any residue. It does however leave you with a subtle glow thanks to “glow particles” that create a warm-toned base for makeup. I have used this primer both with and without applying a sunscreen first and the results stayed consistent. In addition to how well the product performs, I also love that this primer is so good for your skin. There are hundreds of primers on the market and most of them are made with harmful ingredients that clog your pores and can lead to breakouts. Tula’s primer, like all of their products, is clean & safe for your skin. It is made with a natural prebiotic, chia seeds, to increase skin’s luminosity, licorice to even the appearance of skin tone, turmeric to fight inflammation and decrease redness and probiotics to lock in hydration.

I noticed that after using this product my makeup had excellent wear and my skin remained very balanced throughout the day without ever getting too oily or dry.

Tula Face Blurring Primer CristinCooper.com

Using Tula’s New Face Blurring Primer

Many of you are also lovers of Tula’s products and have probably already purchased before even making it to this paragraph (don’t forget to use CRISTIN for 20% off). I would recommend using a primer as the last step before your makeup application and pausing for a bit before applying your makeup to let it set. For example, I cleanse, apply serums then sunscreen and then a primer. I pause between each of those steps but after I apply the primer I will brush my teeth and make sure to wash my hands well before starting my makeup. The added time ensure your primer performs to it’s maximum potential!

My History With Tula

If you’ve been following along with my site for any amount of time then you know I’ve used Tula’s products since the beginning. In fact, the first time I ever met face to face with a brand was with the Tula team in their brand new NYC offices in the fall of 2016. I was first drawn to the brand after reading that it was founded by a gastroenterologist who noticed the benefits probiotics & healthy bacteria were providing for her patients. At the time my daughter, Scottie, was just starting to battle Eczema and I was researching the roll that gut health has on our skin.

In a nutshell, probiotics are natural, good bacteria that improve your health from the inside out. Not only should you take probiotics orally (you can buy Tula’s here) but clinical testing has also proved that probiotics are beneficial topically. The same bacteria that calm your stomach also promote the look of skin’s natural balance, lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of inflammation. I have been known to eat inflammatory foods and I rely heavily on Tula to minimize the appearance of redness in my skin.

My Favorite Tula Products

If Tula has a product launch, I test it out. Here are a few of my favorites!

Tula Face Cleanser // I have tried so many cleansers and Tula is my favorite. It has lactic acid to cleanse and exfoliate, chicory root which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory prebiotic, tumeric root that also reduces signs of inflammation, blueberries to protect from free-radicals and probiotics to hydrate and lock in moisture.

Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum // This serum works to correct dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness. I put it on morning and night and layer under their eye cream. The cooling metal applicator feels like heaven on your eyes

Multi-spectrum overnight skin rescue treatment // I tend to get dryer skin in the winter and will occasionally lay off of my retin-a and rotate with this retinol product. This product targets fine lines and wrinkles, increases cell turnover, increases skin elasticity and works to reduce pore size. Plus it hydrates skin and works to fade dark spots! I apply it to a clean face at night.

Exfoliating Treatment Mask // A great mask to exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface which allows retinol products to be more effective!

Treatment Pads // Great to use before a retinol product, as it exfoliates the surface of the skin and allows the retinol product to be more effective!

Revitalizing Eye Cream // Use this after the eye serum! I love this stuff. It contains olive oil squalene, grape seed oil, natural shea butter and Vitamin C.

Hydrating Day & Night Cream // Full of superfoods, probiotics that lock in moisturizer, and vitamin A that gives you glowing skin! I layer over my Retin-a at night.

So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub // Contains sugar, papaya, and pineapple to exfoliate, along with probiotics (to hydrate and balance) and will leave your skin feeling like a baby’s.

Pro Glycolic Resurfacing Gel // If you use a Retin-A this is a great liquid exfoliator to use in the mornings! It removes old dead skin cells and lets new ones come through, & helps with everything from pore size to discoloration! If you don’t use Retin-a you could start with just this. Glycolic acid is more mild than retinol but is a great exfoliator for the surface of your skin.

Cooling & Brightening Hydrogel Mask // Helps brighten and plump! It’s a sheet mask and it only takes 10 minutes. Helps with inflammation, brightens, and exfoliates.

Anti Aging Kit // This is hands down the best bang for your buck! Great if you want to try out the line without the full investment.

Tula Q&A

Q: What is your favorite Tula Product?
A: In order, my favorites are the new primer, eye serum, cleanser, and day and night cream!

Q: If I could only afford to buy one Tula Product what should I buy?
A: The anti aging kit! With my promo code (CRISTIN) you can get it for under $40. It includes trial sizes of all my favorite products.

Q: What’s better for dry skin and fine lines around eyes, the serum or the eye cream?
A: Both! The serum gets into fine lines, but the cream locks in the serum and adds extra hydration.

Q: Is the Tula Line gentle enough for post peel?
A: Yep! I used the cleanser, day & night cream, and eye products post VI PEEL with no problems.

Q: Are Tula Products safe to use with retinol?
A: Absolutely! I layer my retinol after any cleansing, exfoliating treatments, and/or toning in the evenings only.

Q: Are Tula Products anti aging?
A: Yes! They are not medical grade so I still use a retinol & medical grade Vitamin C, but many of Tula’s products contain both Vitamin C and Vitamin A (retinol)!

Q: What’s the best routine to use with Tula’s line?
A: In the AM, cleanse with the Purifying Cleanser, tone with the Glycolic Resurfacing Gel, use your medical grade Vitamin C, then moisturize with the Day & Night cream and apply SPF. Follow with the Tula primer and then your makeup. At Night, cleanse, tone, apply medical grade Retinol, moisturize, and use the Eye Serum & Eye Cream!

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