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My Favorite Travel Accessories

I’m off to Dallas for RewardStyle‘s annual conference and thought I would share with you all some of my favorite travel accessories including this luggage and this tote that is on sale! A long long time ago in a land far away I used work in the corporate world flying all over the place for work. I had clients in NYC, LA, Miami & Dallas just to name a few and loved any chance I got to be “on location.” I also just naturally love to travel and jump at any chance I get to see a new place, eat a new meal or experience a new town. I’ve been known to pack a PB&J or ten to afford a great trip and one time my girlfriend from college and I went to Italy by flying buddy passes, staying with friends who were studying aboard and also staying at a (gasp) hostel or two to afford the trip. I know when to save and when to spend. Once in a lifetime meal in Florence, Italy… spend. Eating en route to your final destination only because you are starving…. save.

T-Shirt | Jeans |Shoes (Similar here) | Luggage (Similar here) | Tote Bag (On Sale Here) | Sunglasses

When it comes to luggage I had the save mentality for far too long. I honestly cannot tell you how many wheels I have broken off of a Marshalls suitcase or how many handles I have bent dragging luggage down the stairs. I am hard on my luggage and after blowing $100 time and time again I decided that it was high time for a big-girl, hard-shell suitcase. I scored this beautiful cream suitcase for half-off last year during black Friday and have loved it! One side has a zipped container to hold all of your stuff in and the other has a built in hanger area for your hang-up clothes. You put the hangers on the car, fold in half, secure with a piece of fabric and off you go. I’ve shared on insta-stories before but I can do a follow-up breakdown if you all are interested. Admittedly cream wasn’t’ the smartest of choices but it’s oh-so-pretty and I just couldn’t resist. Plus now that I’m a mom nothing scares me in the realm of dirt. One Mr. Clean eraser and any smudge on this beauty is no match for me.

In addition to my suitcase I really love this Tory Burch tote. I have had this one for a long time and it’s great for an overnight bag but honestly it’s just too wide at the base to travel with. I needed something that was big enough to fit my laptop, camera, notebook and makeup bag but still had the necessary structure to keep everything organized. I have loved this bag and would recommend it highly if you are looking for a versatile tote!

When I travel I often wear a comfy t-shirt, stretchy jeans and wedges. Yes wedges. I’m sorry but they just take up too much room in my suitcase, we rarely book connecting flights if we can help it so I don’t have to run to catch a plane, plus they are comfy. (When you have short legs you get really used to wearing wedges.) Also flats just make me feel dumpy unless I’m extra dressed up or wearing a blazer. So when I wear a casual outfit such as this for spring/summer travel you will find me in wedges. Hate me if you want it’s just who I am.

T-Shirt | Jeans |Shoes (Similar here) | Luggage (Similar here) |Tote Bag (On Sale Here)|Sunglasses

If you would like to shop more of my favorite travel accessories visit this page. Also make sure to keep up with me on instagram this weekend for a behind-the-scenes look at the RewardStyle conference.

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