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Top Amazon Purchases of 2020

If there ever was a year for top Amazon purchases, it was 2020. I think our delivery drivers could get to our house blindfolded at this point! Here are some of the Amazon items I purchased in 2020. This is where I would typically call out my favorites… but then I would just be repeating all of the links below. These top Amazon finds are tried & true and the best of the best. And yes, I terrify myself with my Amazon purchases and I’m putting myself in timeout now. You can also shop all of my Amazon Favorites from beauty products to clothes on this page! Happy Shopping!

Best Amazon fashion finds of 2020.

01. Hair Elastics Scrunchies Bunny Ear Silk // 02. Womens Oversized Fashion Sunglasses // 03. Ekouaer Women’s Swimsuit Beach Cover Up // 04. Gold Plated Necklace // 05. Honeydew Intimates Women’s Morning Ritual Brushed Waffle Lounge Set // 06. The Camo Weekender // 07. Sam Edelman Women’s Linnie Flat Mules 08. MEETSUN Blue Light Blocking Glasses // 09. Amazon Brand – Daily Ritual Women’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jean // 10. CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling I High Waist Crop Tight Run Training Yoga Capri Leggings // 11. HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece House Indoor or Outdoor Slippers // 12. Women Casual Swimwear Swimsuit Cover Up // 13. Lioness Women’s Palermo Blazer // 14. Boho Womens Dress 3/4 Long Sleeve Floral Print Retro V Neck Tassel Bohemian Midi Dresses // 15. 9seed Women’s Lighthouse Beach Tier Maxi // 16. Levi’s 501 Skinny Women’s Jeans // 17. Rebecca Minkoff Women’s Janine Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt // 18. Ruanyu Womens Flat Mules Pointed Toe Slip On Loafer Animal Print

Clothing + Accessories

Scrunchies // My girls wear these every day!

Sunglasses // A Celine dupe at a great price.

Swimsuit Beach Cover Up // One of my most-worm coverups this summer!

Necklace // The quality of this necklace is insane. One of my top Amazon Finds of the year.

Lounge Set // These are my favorite PJs!!

Camo Weekender // I wear this top more days than I would like to admit. It’s my favorite to throw on to wear around the house.

Flat Mules // Sometimes mules can feel too heavy or look too masculine for me but I love these Amazon ones!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses // I wear these when I work at my computer. I’m not sure if they help, but I figure they can’t hurt.

Mid-Rise Skinny Jean // I am honestly impressed by the quality of these jeans.

High Waist Crop Capri Leggings // My most-worn Amazon leggings.

Slippers // These are fantastic house slippers! I have the medium.

Casual Swimwear Swimsuit Cover Up // Another great coverup. I would size up.

Palermo Blazer // If I am struggling with what to wear to dinner, I go bodysuit, this blazer & jeans!

Bohemian Midi Dress // I have this dress in multiple colors and loved wearing it this summer.

Lighthouse Beach Tier Maxi // A great dress or beach coverup.

Skinny Women’s Jeans // These jeans run small but I love them!

Rebecca Minkoff Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt // Another top I wore on repeat.

Loafer Animal Print // These aren’t the most comfortable, but they are very cute!

Lifestyle Blogger Cristin Cooper's Top Amazon home finds of 2020.

01. AmazonBasics Silicone, Non-Stick, Food Safe Baking Mat // 02. Wool Dryer Balls // 03. Bean Envy Milk Frother Handheld // 04. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator // 05. Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser // 06. Digital Kitchen Scale // 07. Simplify Folding Step Stool // 08. JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses // 09. Creative Brands 47th & Main Measuring Cup Set // 10. Emibele Jewelry Organizer Resin Tray // 11. 40 oz Tumbler With Lid and Straw // 12. Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow // 13. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser // 14. Sandwich Cutter and Sealer // 15. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum // 16. Edge Wine Glasses // 17. Folex Carpet Spot Remover

Best Home Finds

Baking Mat // We love using these Amazon basics mats for baking. They make for easy cleanup!

Wool Dryer Balls // These will help your clothes dry faster and more evenly.

Handheld Milk Frother // I use this every morning to froth my coffee. One of my favorite Amazon finds ever.

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator // A great cleaner for carpet that eliminates pet odor.

Essential Oil Diffuser // I am on the hunt for a cordless diffuser that is battery-operated, but this is my favorite plug-in.

Digital Kitchen Scale // Very helpful for measuring protein or ingredients for baking, etc.

Folding Step Stool // We have these all over our house!

Stemless Wine Glasses // Great shatterproof glasses!

Measuring Cup Set // I love this measuring cup set!

Jewelry Organizer Resin Tray // This feels cheap but looks pretty. I have it in my kitchen to hold my soap and you would never know it was fake unless you picked it up.

Tumbler With Lid and Straw // The item single-handedly responsible for my increase in water intake. You guys also think it’s a top Amazon find because it’s been on a ton of Best Seller lists since I got it.

Foam Pillow // These are the pillows we have on all of our beds!

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser // A fancy diffuser! I loved it, but I broke it. Such is life.

Sandwich Cutter and Sealer // The handiest little items for making your own unwhiches.

Cordless Hand Vacuum // I keep this in my car or the laundry room to easily clean out my car.

Edge Wine Glasses // I love these wine glasses. Another thing I forgot to include are THESE GLASSES. They are our favorite and we use them daily.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover // My go-to spot remover. It’s amazing!

Top Amazon Beauty Purchases and finds of 2020 from Beauty influencer Cristin Cooper.

01. Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer // 02. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara // 03. Gua Sha Board // 04. Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Handheld Steamer // 05. Solimo Epsom Salt Soaking Aid // 06. HARRA HOME Modern Gold Design Pump Bottle Set // 07. Jerrybox Makeup Organizer // 08. OnDisplay 3 Tier Acrylic Bracelet T-Bar Tree Stand // 09. Rocket 92 Creations Checkered Makeup Bag // 10. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor // 11. White Rabbit Premium Cotton Pad // 12. Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo // 13. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray // 14. Towel Bazaar 6-Pack 100% Turkish Cotton Wash Cloths // 15. Revision Skincare Black Mask // 16. Mavala Stop Nail Biting

Best Beauty Purchases

Travel Makeup Case // I use this makeup case when I travel to keep bottles from getting squished.

L’Oreal Primer // Do not wear mascara without this primer! It will amaze you.

Gua Sha // I have found that using a Gua Sha not only cleans my face, but also helps to keep my skin free of acne!

Handheld Steamer // A great portable steamer.

Epsom Salt Soaking Aid // We are epsom salt people. I love this brand!

HARRA HOME Modern Gold Design Pump Bottle Set // Pretty pumps for your bathroom!

Makeup Organizer // A space-saving resource for your toiletries.

3 Tier Acrylic Bracelet Tree Stand // Keeping my bangles organized since 2020.

Checkered Makeup Bag // This is my go-to grab bag.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor // I couldn’t live without these. Ok, I could… but my face would be fuzzy. I dermaplane every Sunday night if I can!

White Rabbit Premium Cotton Pad // The best cotton pads for using toners, etc. And because it’s 2020, one of the top Amazon finds for combating maskne.

Clarifying Shampoo // We use this in the summers to keep chlorine from turning my girls’ blonde green.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray // I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It smells awesome.

Wash Cloths // Black wash cloths are the best for washing your face at night.

Revision Skincare Black Mask // One of my top detoxing masks and yes, you can feel confident your Revision purchase on Amazon is legit.

Mavala Stop Nail Biting // We painted this on Scottie’s thumb to keep her from sucking it but I also paint the girls nails when we fly to keep them from putting their hands in their mouth!

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