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Amazon Finds: Top 100

Amazon-Addicts unite! I got a little carried away as I was putting together a list of the top Amazon finds that you all submitted via Instagram. One thing lead to another and I was adding in my favorites and going down rabbit hole after Buzzfeed article after google search. What happened was a master list of the Top 100 Amazon Finds of 2018! Do you have any of these products? Do you use them and love them? If so let me know in the comments! I’ve added some notes about which ones I can’t live without and which ones I’m looking forward to trying. I would love to hear your feedback as well!


top amazon finds of 20181. Panda Planner / 2. 23 & Me Ancestry Kit / 3. Apple Watchband / 4. Phone Stand / 5. TILE Key Finder / 6. Magnetic Putty / 7. Kitchen Utensils / 8. Wet Brush / 9. Lash Boost Serum / 10. Water bottle with Time Marker / 11. Leggings / 12. Mac Port Hub / 13. Packing Cubes / 14. Drying Lotion / 15. Bluetooth Headphones / 16. Earrings / 17. Magnetic Key Holder / 18. Everything but the Bagel Seasoning / 19. Tub Shroom / 20. Corkcicle Wine Tumbler / 21. Makeup Storage Tower / 22. Nesting Bowl Set / 23. Electric Car Heated Blanket / 24. Magnetic Tiles / 25. Food Storage Containers


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  1. Maureen Pratt says:

    LOVE the kitchen utensils! Beautiful wood handles and a neutral gray to go with any decor. They have held up well in the dishwasher and were very inexpensive. So happy with them!

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  3. Mandi says:

    Fabulous blog about your Amazon finds. Please do it again soon. I bought lots, just in one sitting, reading this.

  4. Jackie DeBlanc says:

    Thanks for sharing the magnetic tiles. My grandkids loved them.