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The Clean Baby Skincare Line We Love

This post is sponsored by ShopStyle & Pipette. All opinions & selections are my own.


All of my babies have had sensitive skin and I am quite picky about the products and the brands that I use on them. I feel like every day a brand is being recalled for harmful ingredients, from baby powder to sunscreen. I recently stumbled across Pipette on the recommendation of a friend. Their products are free of sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and more. Not only are they clean but they are effective with proven results. Developed with dermatologists, their proprietary squalane is the hero ingredient of all formulas and mimics the natural moisturizer babies are born with. 

If you hear nothing else from this post, hear that this $8 balm stick is a total game changer. 

Baby balms are notoriously thick and can be greasy which makes it a whole thing to apply. I have to lay her down, remove my rings, apply the creamy balm, set her somewhere and then wash my hands afterwards. Not with this Balm Stick! I can keep it in my purse and apply one-handed while I hold her. It is truly the best. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned with sensitive and dry skin is that keeping it hydrated makes all the difference in the world. 

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Like the curious shopper that I am naturally, I purchased several other items. Here are a few things you should try! 

Balm Stick // All the goodness of an ultra-moisturizing balm, in the convenience of a stick you can apply on the go. It works wonders on dry little cheeks, chapped lips, rough patches, and sensitive spots, comforting and hydrating parched skin and leaving it kissably soft and smooth.

Baby Balm // This Baby Balm is the ultimate in hydration, with plant-derived ingredients to comfort even the most sensitive skin. I highly recommend the Balm Trio.

Baby Essentials Kit // This one isn’t eligible for discounts but for just $37 you can get the Baby Shampoo & Wash, Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Balm, Baby Wipes, and a 100% cotton wash cloth.

Baby Shampoo + Wash  // A tear-free Baby Shampoo & Wash that balances the natural moisture of baby’s hair and skin without irritation, thanks to gentle plant-derived cleansers and emollients. Enjoy our 100% plant-derived aromas—with no synthetic fragrances, ever. 

Kids Shampoo // This tear-free kids shampoo cleanses while nourishing hair from roots to ends. Infused with plant-derived quinoa and squalane to leave strands feeling soft and resilient, this sulfate-free shampoo is designed and clinically tested to work for all hair types and textures. It has a 100% plant-derived orange vanilla aroma. 

Look Awake Eye Gel // Pipette also carries a line of clean products for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I love this refreshing eye gel. It has a cooling rollerball that instantly wakes up your eyes and works to visibly reduce dark circles.

Relaxing Body Wash // Another product from their line for moms is this body wash. It was designed with pregnant and postpartum moms in mind, and cleanses without stripping the skin’s natural oils, leaving skin soft and smooth. The 100% plant-derived aroma is a mix of citrus and geranium and it smells so good!!

Don’t forget that you can save 40% off everything except the bundles with code CRISTIN40!

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