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A Stylish Holiday Party

A white Christmas tree, pretty bulbs, sparkly coasters and a ton of your favorite beverages including Diet Coke & Veuve Cliquot. That is what my friend Summer decorated with when she threw a little pre-Christmas party to kick off the holiday season. I wasn’t able to attend because it was Hayden’s third birthday but I asked her if I could share the photos with my readers anyways. (#FOMO) You see us bloggers have to get into the Christmas spirit early to create gift guides and inspiration for our readers. Well at least we are supposed to. Im so unprepared for Christmas to be here that I walked into a mall a couple days ago and about fell over dead when I saw a Christmas tree. Since when did Christmas start after Halloween? I thought it was supposed to start after Thanksgiving. Obviously I have so much to learn but luckily for me Summer has her ducks in a row and planned this cute party.

Holiday Party

Now here is one for you…. there are only 7 more Fridays until Christmas. What! That is crazy. When you equate football game weekends and family festivities that really narrows down the openings for holiday parties to a few weekends. If you’re like me and going 150 miles an hour all the time you really should go ahead and get a jump on your planning. Poll your friends and pick a weekend, buy some festive decorations and let Diet Coke fit the bill. No seriously, on my instagram account right now there is a giveaway where you could win $500 for your own stylish holiday party!

If you win the question becomes what type of party you will throw. Maybe a girls’ night wine swap. Or a tacky sweater couples’ party. Or my personal favorite, an adults-only gingerbread decorating competition. If you’re needed decorations then you really should check out all of the cute stuff at Target. It is so wonderfully cheap too so you can spend the majority of your winnings?on food and drinks and shenanigans. For example these dishes that are $1.99. ONE NINETY NINE!!! It’s unbelievable how great the Holiday stuff is.

Here are a couple of my favorite decorating pieces from Target.

And a few of their super-cheap entertaining pieces:

*This post was sponsored by Diet Coke. Photography by? Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.?

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  1. Nataly says:

    This is such a great group of items! I can’t wait to start planning holiday parties!

    xo, Nataly

  2. Love a good target haul!! SO AMAZING.


  3. This is amazing!! I wish all of my party decor looked this good!

  4. Mary Powers says:

    Love everything!! Totally want to re create it all!

  5. I would totally come to this party!! It’s all so beautiful!

    Jenna from

  6. Love this post girl! Such great photos and product styling.


  7. Maddie says:

    Looks like the PERFECT holiday soiree! Great job, lady!! Cant go wrong with a little Diet Coke.

    Xx, Maddie

  8. Ok, this is my kind of party!!! So cute!!! #dietcokeaddict

  9. Brooke says:

    This was such a cute setup and I love all of the details. I’m like you, so unprepared and probably won’t start preparing until after Thanksgiving and then in a blink of an eye Christmas will be over. #sad

    Brooke ||

  10. Such a pretty and festive setup!! Definitely taking notes for upcoming holiday parties.
    Styled Adventures