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Small Business Easter Gift Ideas

As a business owner, I love to support other small shops. It’s so exciting to highlight people who are creating or curating beautiful, unique products and giving back to their communities. If you’re looking for something special to fill those Easter baskets, keep reading for heartfelt gift ideas – from books and art prints to games and toys.

Small Business Easter

01. Bright Notes Set // 02. The Story of God Bundle // 03. Easter Story Egg // 04. Believer Primer Series Set // 05. Gardening Kit // 06. The Big Picture Bible Flashcards // 07. Deep Roots Devotional //
08. Holy Week Bingo // 09. Holy Week // 10. The Fruit of the Spirit Puzzle // 11. This Is the Gospel //
12. Dino Kit // 13. Big Truths for Little Hearts // 14. Some Bunny Loves You Card // 15. The Forgotten King // 16. Stick-On Earrings

01. Bright Notes Set // Encouraging words are an easy way to connect even when you’re apart. These inspirational cards are just the right size to pack in a lunchbox, slip under a pillow or hand out after a job well done. 

02. The Story of God Bundle // Each book in this illustrated, ongoing Bible-based series  follows an important theme – from Genesis all the way to Revelation.

03. Easter Story Egg // Journey through Holy Week with a timeless set of nesting eggs. Each egg is paired with a rhyming story that relates the true meaning of Easter.

04. Believer Primer Series Set // This set of six board books will grow with readers from infancy all the way through elementary school. Explore basic Bible theology through counting, movement, opposites, animals, emotions and anatomy.

05. Gardening Kit // These colorful kits take play dough to the next level. Keep little hands busy planting and tending a garden while their imaginations come alive. 

06. The Big Picture Bible Flashcards // Each card includes a short passage from a different book of the Bible. A useful tool for scripture memory and for learning the 66 books in order.  

07. Deep Roots Devotional // Pursue intentional growth as a family once a week with this guideline for shared scripture reading and prayer.

08. Holy Week Bingo // Download this bingo sheet for family game night! An affordable activity that’s fun for all ages.  

09. Holy Week // Help your child understand that emotions are a good thing created by God as they walk with Jesus through the week between Palm Sunday and Easter.

10. The Fruit of the Spirit Puzzle // Preschoolers will love this brightly colored, 12-piece puzzle that teaches the fruits of the spirit. A great way to spark conversations while working together as a team. 

11. This Is the Gospel // Introduce your kids to the good news of the Gospel through an engaging scriptural narrative. Ideal for preschool through elementary age.

12. Dino Kit // Dinosaur lovers can create their own world with this interactive toy that promotes open-ended sensory play. 

13. Big Truths for Little Hearts // These cards define theological words to help little minds understand big concepts. Use at home or on the go.

14. Some Bunny Loves You Card // The cutest card to slip in a basket or drop in the mail.

15. The Forgotten King // A stunning picture book that uses rhymes and parables to show readers how the one true King desires to be with His people forever.

16. Stick-On Earrings // The cutest dangle stick-on earrings created by a mini-fashionista who brought her earring vision to life. There are several different designs to choose from too!

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