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Skincare Made with Manuka Honey

Kiwi Botanicals is a new skincare brand with Honey Melt facial cleansers, available exclusively Walmart. The product used manuka honey and if you are familiar with this blog then you already know that I believe in the power of manuka honey!

Cristin Cooper for Kiwi Botanicals Manuka Honey

About Kiwi Botanicals

Kiwi Botanicals is a New Zealand based skincare company that specializes in clean beauty products formulated with sustainably harvested Mauka Honey. Kiwi Botanicals‘ Manuka Honey contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to keep your skin healthy and balanced. If you remember Scottie’s battle with Eczema then you will remember that the only thing that cleared up her skin was topically applying manuka honey with her everyday lotion. Manuka Honey is a prized natural resource you can only find in New Zealand, and has been used as a skin remedy for over 2,000 years, making it a highly trusted essential for natural beauty!

Kiwi Botanicals Honey Melt Brightening Cleanser

Facial Melt Cleansers

Harnessing the power of manuka honey, Kiwi Botanicals has created certified cruelty-free honey melt facial cleansers that instantly transforms from a melt into a foam in only two seconds. It takes 60 days to get through one of these jars but the results are felt immediately. After one use of these cleansers, my face felt soft, subtle and squeaky clean! Not only do the vitamins and minerals in manuka honey help improve skin tone and texture but the Amino Acid profile can help slough-away dead skin cells to leave you with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Currently, Kiwi Botanicals has 3 different honey melt products, one that is nourishing, one that is brightening, and one that is purifying. To use the melts, you simply scoop out a quarter size dollop of product, combine it with water to make a gentle cleansing milk, massage into skin, and rinse! That’s it! Application is super easy and leaves your skin feeling luscious. 

Nourishing Honey Melt // The most gentle of the three formulas, this classic, luscious honey melt is packed with nutrients will leave your skin feeling well-fed and well-loved! 

Brightening Honey Melt // The Brightening Honey Melt, is formulated with Totarol Extract, also known as nature’s super antioxidant. Total is 3 times stronger than Vitamin E, and helps skin fight against free radicals linked to aging. Kiwi Botanicals sources their Totarol Oil from high quality, organic recycled Totara wood and bark. The addition of Totarol to the Honey Melt product will revive dull skin, and leave you glowing!

Purifying Honey Melt // Similar to the Brightening Honey Melt, the Purifying Honey Melt goes a step beyond the classic formula by including charcoal and kiwi extract, which work to clarify the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Charcoal detoxifies while Kiwi contributes vitamins E, C, and K that promote healthy, glowing skin.

If you purchase, let me know which version you went with and how you liked it!! And don’t forget to upload your receipt to to enter win a trip to New Zealand. I would absolutely die if one of you guys wins!! And maybe potentially store myself in your luggage and tag along.

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