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A Mara Hoffman Shirtdress Two Ways

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Shirtdress

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Shirtdress

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Shirtdress

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Shirtdress

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Shirtdress

Mara Hoffman Prismatic Shirtdress

Dress: Mara Hoffman (Also sold HereHere & Here) | Bag: Tory Burch Here or Here | Shoes: Diba | Sunglasses: Tom Ford | Earrings: Loren Hope | Necklace: Monkees of The Westend | Bangles: Bourbon And Boweties | Watch: Michael Kors

I’m not typically a “wear the rainbow” type of gal. In fact I could probably survive solely off of black, denim, plaids and chambray if needed. I’m really not sure what made me this way bc I love colorful clothing just not necessarily on me. I know, it’s surprising. You would think with my big blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin (thank you St. Tropez) I would be a shoe-in for the whole “maybe I’m going to Sunday School and maybe I’m going to a clown convention…. you’ll never know” look. But I think that’s what it is. When I wear bright and loud colors with overly feminine details I feel like a walking stereotype or maybe like I should go audition for Toddlers and Tiaras.

To get my color fix I look for brands that are presenting colors in an unexpected way and well, Mara Hoffman just gets me. There is something about the way she takes bright and loud color palettes and makes them interesting, a little edgy, and definitely not overly debutante-ish. (I am just killing it with the made up words today.) Maybe it’s the texture of the patterns and the unexpected overlay of images and designs of her trademark prismatic prints but I feel like I could wear all the colors of the rainbow and still somehow look cool.

Which brings me to this dress. I mean literally it is a rainbow on my body and yet somehow I feel so very cool. I also love that it’s a shirtdress that doesn’t come with a tie because that means you don’t have to worry with the tabs on the side of the dress where the tie should go. So you can wear it long and lose or synch it at the waist with a thin belt to completely transform the outline. Two dresses for the price of one? Where do I sign?

Oh and BONUS ROUND this pattern comes in a swing dress, maxi dressonepiece, underwire bikini, and even a sarong (HELLO SUMMER!)

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