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September 2022 Amazon Finds

It’s always fun to share a recap of our top Amazon purchases for the month. From life-changing pillows to a new glowy lip balm, these are the must-have products you would recommend to a friend. Comment and let me know what you’ve added to your cart lately – I always like to get the scoop.

Head over to my Amazon storefront to shop my latest finds and longtime favorites all conveniently sorted by category.

Amazon September

01. Travel Hairbrush // 02. Nail Concealer // 03. Glowy Lip Balm // 04. I See Jesus Book // 05. Outlet Cover // 06. Heatless Curling Rod // 07. Facial Patches // 08. Oil Diffuser // 09. Pillows // 10. MacBook Pro Cover // 11. Under Eye Gel Patches // 12. Epilator // 13. Pet Food Container // 14. Butter Gloss // 15. Airtight Glass Jars // 16. Non Slip Rug Pads


Outlet Cover // Hiding exposed outlets and cords with this cover brings me endless joy, not to mention makes babyproofing the house a breeze.

Oil Diffuser // I’m always worried diffusers will develop mold, but I’m loving this one – and it’s on sale!

Pillows // The best pillows and SO affordable. Confession: I might prefer these to the ones from Coop Home Goods.

MacBook Pro Cover // Five stars for this laptop case. Under $20 and comes in lots of color options.

Pet Food Container // Bought this air-tight container for Charlie’s dog food and can highly recommend.

Airtight Glass Jars // I ordered these canisters for my sourdough starter, but they would work well for beans, pasta or even craft accessories.

Non Slip Rug Pads // Just repurchased my favorite rug pads. The first set lasted forever!


Travel Hairbrush // Scottie and her school friends are low-key obsessed with these. Great idea for an easy stocking stuffer.

I See Jesus Book // The sweetest book for bedtime read aloud.


Nail Concealer // Purchased to see what all the rage was about…really love it!

Glowy Lip Balm // A favorite to keep lips moisturized, especially in dry or cold weather.

Heatless Curling Rod // I’m excited to test this out.

Facial Patches // Under Eye Gel Patches // I haven’t seen results from these yet, but to be fair, they’re not an instant fix like Botox. I’m going to try and use more often if not daily.  

Epilator // Attempted this once on my underarms and it was (fairly) painless. Regrowth has been slower and I’m definitely going to keep testing.

Butter Gloss // My OG gloss in a clear shade! Perfect for layering over lipstick.

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