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Recent Beauty Buys No. 10

The beauty products I’m loving lately: delicious hair vitamins, an incredible cheek & eye lift, lip patches that are bringing my lips back to life after a harsh winter as well as a charcoal mask I’m loving and the ultimate cleansing balm. Keep reading to find out why I love each product so much!

Hair Vitamins, Best Makeup Remover, Skin Masks

Hair Vitamins | Cheek & Eye Lift | Lip Patches | Charcoal Mask | Cleansing Balm

Hair Vitamins – So my hair used to look like this. Then after two babies close together & breastfeeding took it’s toll I chopped off the ratty mess I was left with this. I know you’re sad. It’s ok I was too. But don’t worry! It’s just hair and it grows back. These Hair Vitamins vitamins have definitely helped matters! I take two of them nightly and feel like my hair is?healthier and thicker. I also want to try these with collagen and these for healthy, shiny hair!

Cheek & Eye Lift – This is probably my favorite face mask ever. It diminishes the look of fine lines and improves the vibrancy of the “apple zone” around your eye and cheek area. I’m on about my 5th one and I love how my skin feels when it’s complete!

Lip Patches – Patchology sent me these and I am in love! I get really dry lips in the winter and these hydrogel patches deliver some serious moisture. You put them over your lips for five minutes (sorry family don’t ask me any questions I can’t talk) and when you take them off your lips are so silky smooth! Seriously. Buy them.

Charcoal Mask – I’ve never met a charcoal mask I don’t like and this is no exception. For those of you that don’t know charcoal is extremely porous and toxins and impurities naturally bind to it. It’s the same reason I keep this on hand at all time to cure any tummy ailment. It’s the same mentality for your skin. Put charcoal on and it pulls all the grit and grim out without stripping your face of any of the good bacteria or damaging your skin.

Cleansing Balm – This. Stuff. Is. Heavenly. You rub it all over your face with your makeup on and then when you rinse off your makeup is completely gone and your skin is extremely smooth. I was a skeptic at first and now I use it every night to take off my makeup. It’s the real deal.

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