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The Our Place Pan – The Best Non-Stick Pan Ever

This post is sponsored by Our Place. All opinions are my own. 

We all know I’m not a cook. However, what I lack in cooking skills I make up for in product reviews. Drumroll, it’s time to officially review the Our Place Always Pan, or more affectionately named “The Pan” on my Instagram stories. The Our Place Always Pan is honestly the only product that has made me not hate cooking. 

Review of the Our Place Always Pan

The Our Place Always Pan

The Our Place Always Pan is essentially an 8 in 1 piece of cookware – skillet, non-stick pan, saucepan, frypan, spatula rest, colander and steamer. Yes, it eliminates the need for a million pots and pans, but what sold me was it’s non-stick abilities. 

The pan has an exclusive non-toxic ceramic non-stick coating formulated without Teflon, PFAS, PFOAS, PTFEs, Lead, cadmium, toxic metals. Non-stick without harmful materials. But the kicker is, it is actually non-stick. I cannot tell you how many pans that I have bought claiming the “non-stick” title only to have sauces and food be nearly impossible to clean off. 

As we all know, I love a good Nancy Meyers inspired kitchen, where cookware is pretty. I have the pan in steam and I also have this one that is featured in sage green. Either one looks so good sitting on my stove and there are 4 more colors to choose from: spice, lavender, char and blue salt

Testing the Non Stick Abilities of the Our Place Pan

“Brinner” aka breakfast for dinner is a staple at our house. So, eggs and pancakes were the ultimate test of the best non stick pan ever. The first time I used the pan, I cracked an egg, and while it didn’t slide around immediately, there was no sticking to the pan. That egg could easily be flipped and scrambled no problem. 

Testing the Our Place non stick pan

A quick wipe down, and then the Our Place Always Pan was ready for pancakes. I love that I can now cook a pancake the size of my head, because it doesn’t stick to the pan. I mean who doesn’t want an entire plate of pancake?!?! What’s even better, is once the pancake is done I can go straight to cooking sausage or whatever my brinner-loving heart desires. Just another quick wipe down and no sink full of dirty pans to scrub. 

Best Pan for Meal Planning

Remember how I hate to cook? I kind of went to town when reviewing the Our Place Pan. Browned meat, wiped it clean; sauteed veggies and quinoa, wiped it clean; meal-prepped for an entire week of lunches and easy dinners, done with minimal effort. I love that the nesting beechwood spatula integrated right onto the pan via a spoon rest and that the handle never gets hot. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost had a scare with one of my girls reaching for a pan handle! 

The Our Place Always Pan also comes with a custom stainless steel steamer basket, which makes the PERFECT broccoli and it is equipped with two pour spouts and a modular lid to let steam off when you want to and lock it in place when you don’t. 

Best non stick pan from Our Place

Cleaning the Always Pan

While I just wipe the Our Place Always Pan with water between dishes, I do actually clean it when I’m done. After the pan has cooled and is completely dry, I rinse the pan with soapy water and gently wipe it out. They suggest not putting it in the dishwasher to protect the non stick coating, but honestly this pan is so easy to clean you don’t need a dishwasher. It also comes with a sponge for easy cleaning. 

Other Sustainable Dinnerware

Our Place makes more than the Always Pan. I also bought these green recycled glasses and these plates in ‘steam’. Both are dishwasher safe and easily stackable. How pretty is that green glassware?

Our Place glasses and plates and sustainable dinnerware

Our Place is committed to making the pan and dinnerware safe, sustainable, and investing in the workers who make the products. You can read more about each of their hand-picked factories here – from small artisan shops to woman-owned factories, it’s pretty cool. They’ve most recently worked with Feeding America to donate more than 200,000 meals for folks impacted by the pandemic. 

Their mission is to make cooking more approachable, less cluttered and simpler; everything I need in order to actually cook. If you are interested in trying it, they gave me a promo code for you. Take $10 off anything on the Our Place site. Just use code CRISTIN10 at checkout. You can put it towards a bundle, glassware, bowls, plates or the Our Place Always Pan.

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  1. Lillie says:

    One thing I noticed immediately is the lack of grommets that are not nonstick that are de rigueur in most. I have resigned myself to buying cheap nonstick pans knowing I will have to replace them regardless.