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Brandless: An Online Store Where Everything is $3 or Less

Calling all moms, lovers of snacks & humans who appreciate healthy items and incredible prices!! I am very excited to review a website I recently discovered, Brandless is one of those companies that I could kick myself for not thinking of because it’s so ingenious and just downright cool. Any Cristin Cooper reader already knows what a marketing nerd I am and Brandless just gets me all kinds of jacked because it marries my love of creativity and forward thinking with my first love of food. Are you dying to know more? Great, because my fingers can barely type as fast as my brain can get excited.

Review of

Brandless is an online site comprised of 350+ high quality ingredients. They started in the summer of 2017 with the intention of making higher quality items more affordable and easily accessible for people. One of my personal favorite attributes of this site is that their product team does all of the research, product-vetting and taste-testing to ensure that the items that make it to the site are of the highest quality. Also, they don’t make you chose between 12 kinds of quinoa. They will have one and it will be delicious (and organic)! Not only are their items mostly organic but they are made under the highest standards of safety, quality and social ethics. Plus they are cost efficient! Since Brandless is bringing items directly to you, they don’t have the middle man markups typically built into retail.

The 350+ products offered on are divided into 4 categories: household & kitchen, stationery, food & beverage and beauty & personal care. Brandless has a Just What Matters  philosophy and in every category, there are best practices. You can see them all here but they are basically what is the industry standard for having the highest quality. For example all of the food is non-GMO and over half is certified organic while all of the health & beauty items are free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Favorite snacks from Brandless

Candy from Brandless

Now let’s talk about the best part of Brandless. Everything is $3 or less!! That is not a typo. Literally everything on the site is $3 or less. It’s like Christmas on the world wide web. They cut out the middleman and ship directly to you so you save big. Oh, and as a cherry on top they use your purchases to help fight hunger with Feeding America. To date over 2.5 million meals have been donated. Too good to be true? Are you saying to yourself “surely this stuff doesn’t work or tastes like cardboard or is miniature sized”? Well lucky for you I’ve enlisted two of the toughest food critics I know to taste-test all of the snacks.
Gummy candy from Brandless

Gummy Fruit Wedges / Gummy Lemonade Rings / Gummy Sour Worms /Mixed Hard Candy– Naturally the first thing they reached for was the colorful candy. I had to cut them off before they ate ever single last piece.

Brandless Peanut Butter Bar

Peanut Butter Bar / Cranberry Almond Bars – They tried to turn their nose up at these (after the candy) yet they keep stealing them from mom & dad. There are 3 in a pack so $1 each!

Brandless organic cheese ducks
Organic Cheese Ducks– A fan favorite
Brandless applesauce pouches
Apple Sauce– Hayden didn’t get to taste these because Scottie sucked all four of them down!Brandless Lemon Creme Cookies
Lemon Creme Cookies– Y’all. These are so delicious. We took them to tennis to share with the friends & moms and they disappeared in 2.5 seconds.

I also bought their plates, mugs, dish cloths, journals and pens and each items passed with flying colors. I especially have enjoyed drinking their coffee, too! In all honesty I haven’t tried something that was bad. The oatmeal was a little sophisticated for Scottie’s tastebuds but I loved it (it has seeds in it).

Brandless snacks

Another great component of their site, the Brandless blog, serves up information and my personal favorite, easy recipes. If you’re overwhelmed with the 300+ items, here is a complete list of the items I have ordered and loved:

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