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Mom Style Monday

Let’s talk about the F word shall we? You guessed it… FRUMPINESS! Sometimes in life you just go through stages where you feel frumpy. You know the days… when you stare into a closet full of clothes and cannot find the motivation to put together an outfit or attempt to look cute.  Specifically I’m talking about when you’re exhausting all of your time, energy & brain capacity towards raising babies because that can bring forth a level of frumpy that you have just never even faced before. However, I also remember working my “you know what” off for a couple of jobs where it was seriously all I could do to throw a top-knot on my head, grab a quad-shot of espresso and make it into the office by 8am.

So welcome women of the world who are trying to pull together maximum style with minimum effort! I have a new blog series debuting soon that you will be more than excited about!!! On the first Monday of every month you are going to want to make an effort to visit the blog because I’ve teamed up with two of my bogging friends turned real life friends and we are taking the new mom (or the “I have no time on my hands to look cute”) style challenge head on! Starting February 6th, Mom Style Monday will officially become a thing. And trust me it’s a thing you’re going to want to keep up with because myself along with Kate from Dress Your Guests and Mallory from Style Your Senses will be taking on a new style challenge each month and giving you three different ways to wear the trend we are discussing.

Mom Style Monday

To kick things off in February we’re going to be talking all about how to wear loungewear but still look put together which is basically every mom’s dream! I mean who doesn’t want to wear leggings every day of the week and still look acceptable enough to go out in public? We will also be sharing tips for how to host a casual brunch! If you are a blogger there is a way you can join in on the fun too! We will have these posts open for a link up so make sure to get your best loungewear posts ready and push them live on 2/6. You can email me at for more details.

To kickstart this campaign we all met up at Mallory’s house in Charlotte recently with our kids in tow. In our minds we were imagining that we were going to capture these posh photos of all of us looking radiant with our 5.5 girls (Mallory is preggo) smiling at the camera just like the spread of a J.Crew magazine. Well wouldn’t you know it real life got in the way and this was the best we got. But at least our kids are cute!!

My Top | My Jacket | My Necklace | My Jeans | My Pumps | Hayden’s Jacket | Hayden’s Top | Hayden’s Boots | Hayden’s Leggings | Scottie’s Top | Scottie Jeans | Scottie’s Shoes

I mean you try getting this brood together to look presentable and all smile for the camera. At one point I was running down the road with one 4″ heel on and the other in my hand trying to catch my little escape artist. This photo is a little better… but as far as everyone looking at the camera… no dice.

Any time I need to look acceptable and head somewhere with my kids I always always always wear these skinny jeans. They aren’t too high, aren’t too low, are the perfect length and feel great on. I love to wear them with a blazer over a long blouse. I think my love for blazers goes back to my days spent working at an ad-agency where it was a casual atmosphere but you still needed to look professional if you were on the account management side of things. If you don’t have a black blazer in your life go ahead and buy this one and thank me later. For more ways to style it you can check out this series of posts where I took one blazer and styled it three ways.

My Top | My Jacket | My Necklace | My Jeans | My Pumps | Hayden’s Jacket | Hayden’s Top | Hayden’s Boots | Hayden’s Leggings | Scottie’s Top | Scottie Jeans | Scottie’s Shoes

Seriously will you look at these little hellions?!?! I love them so much it makes my heart hurt but try to take a photo with them and you will be batty in no-time. Little do you know for the next photo I may or may not have drugged them. (Totally kidding, don’t report me please). I think they were just freezing and bored with standing in the street by this point.

My Top | My Jacket | My Necklace | My Jeans | My Pumps

Hayden’s Jacket | Hayden’s Top | Hayden’s Boots | Hayden’s Leggings

Scottie’s Top | Scottie Jeans | Scottie’s Shoes

Thanks to Katheryn Blythe for these photos! And don’t forget to check back February 6th for our take on how to look chic in loungewear for our very first #MomStyleMonday.

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  1. Sarah Tripp says:

    girl, i don’t even have kids and feel frumpy when i don’t leave the house all day! loved this post, thanks for keeping it real! xx

  2. Mandy says:

    Love all of your looks! Sounds like it’s going to be a great series!

    xoxo Mandy

  3. This is just such an adorable collaboration! Love that your families team up on this. All such beauties!

  4. Lauryn Hock says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! Women supporting women is something we should all live by.


  5. Stephanie says:

    I love the idea for your series! So creative. I should send my sister to your blog to get some ideas for herself! These photos make me giggle. Real life, huh? Gotta love it! You and your littles look absolutely precious, though! And I’m heading over to your blazer post now!

    Stephanie //

  6. Cutest momma style evaaaa! What a great post idea. Happy Monday, beauties! 🙂

  7. Lauren says:

    SO cute – love your heels – what a fun idea!


  8. This is some serious Mama goals!!! Love all your outfits ladies! XO

  9. January Hart says:

    What a fun blog series!! Love it! Can’t wait to see all the Monday Style Monday posts!!

  10. Amanda Kruse says:

    This is such a fun blog series! The kiddos are so cute!

    Amanda ||