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Mix, Match & Mask with Old Navy

This post is sponsored by Old Navy & ShopStyle.

The year is 2020. The month, September. There is a high probability that if you are going into a store or a restaurant then face masks are mandatory.

Our trip to Florida this summer was the first time my girls needed masks that they could wear for long periods of time. Until then, they were mostly at home or outside. I went into an Old Navy to get the girls some new shorts, and they had the cutest multi-packs of kids face masks at the checkout counter. I picked up some on a whim and they have been their favorite masks ever since. 

Kids and Adult face masks from Old Navy

My Polka-Dot Mask // Hayden’s Mask // Scottie’s Mask 

Old Navy’s Face Masks

Old Navy’s high-quality, reusable face masks are made in tons of fun patterns, prints and colors. They are designed per CDC recommendations on non-medical-grade masks and made of 100% cotton poplin. This allows the mask to be soft & breathable but also better for your skin than some alternatives.

I love that the adult masks have adjustable ear straps and my girls love how easy the kid masks are to take on and off. Plus, they are affordable! You can buy a 10-pack of the adult or kids face masks for $25 and a 5-pack for $12.50. They also look so very cute with Old Navy’s new fall styles! 

The Girls’ Review

Admittedly, I was fairly nervous about my kids wearing face masks to school and into stores, but thankfully they do not seem to mind them at all! They love that they can pick out a mask to match their mood or outfit. I love that they are happy and that the current state of the world is made easier on them with companies like Old Navy who are meeting kids where they are.

Kids Face Masks

Fall Styles from Old Navy

Here are a couple of our favorite new arrivals for fall from Old Navy, with cute masks to coordinate! 

Cristin Cooper in Old Navy

My Outfit: Top // Jeans // Slip-Ons // Polka-Dot Mask

Scottie’s Outfit: Dress // Shoes // Mask 
Hayden’s Outfit: Dress // Cardigan // Similar Hair-clips // Slides // Mask

Little Girls Hair Clips

Hayden’s Outfit: Dress // Cardigan // Similar Hair-clips

Women’s Style

Kid’s Style

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