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Lace Maternity Dress

Lace Maternity Dress

I’m not one of those genetically blessed girls that is able to keep her slender arms and thin legs when pregnant. In fact I don’t think I can ever recall a time in my life where I have had skinny arms and legs. My legs and frame has always been muscular but in my non-pregnant days I’m blessed with a pretty tiny middle section which is a great thing to round out my thighs and butt. However,?once there is a human-sized growth on my tummy I pretty much feel like I look exactly like a bowling ball. Or violet from Willy Wonka when she sneaks that chewing gum.

I dive into these body image issues realities to drive home the point that it’s ok if you aren’t one of these genetically blessed blogger moms or Princess Kate types that never gain more than 15 lbs and don’t look like you’ve ever eaten a cheeseburger – much less grown a human. I’m not one either. In fact, I’ve heard before that you tend to gain weight in your problem areas. If this theory holds true then my entire figure is a problem area because I get pregnant all over. And rather than cry about how I look like a fluffy, swollen, larger-all-over version of myself I choose instead to put on my big-girl panties, avoid all mirrors except skinny ones (get out of here Target I hate your dressing rooms) and learn to dress for my figure.

So today I’m going to tell you two key tips when dressing a pear-shaped turned pumpkin shaped pregnancy body.

1) Wear dresses to minimize your thass. (Thass: The area where your thighs meets your… well, you get it). Seriously… if you want to plan a pregnancy then plan to be your biggest in the summer. If the fresh produce of summer doesn’t convince you then surely the ability to throw on a knee-length sun dress or an empire-waist maxi dress and call it a day will. Dresses are perfect for camouflaging a thicker bottom and are just the easiest ever when deciding what to wear in those depressing early morning getting ready sessions. If you debate with me on this because you don’t want to deal with the heat or the swelling then you’ve obviously never tried to pull on maternity jeans and then put on boots and layers and dare I say a pea coat in the middle of winter. Sure things are great when it’s snowing outside but as soon as you walk into that toasty restaurant and have to peal layers off your swollen pregnant arms you pretty much want to curl up in a ball and cry. Pregnancy in the winter will make you never want to wear layers again for fear you might actually suffocate to death.

2) Invest in black. Lots and lots of black. I can wear a black tee and a white tee and you would think I’m in my second trimester in the black one and about to birth triplets in the white. Plus I have toddler fingers in normal life so I just can’t even explain to you the amount of things that I spill onto my belly in pregnant life. Black?clothes are a pregnant gal’s best friend.

If you want a perfect outfit for following these two crucial pregnancy style tips then you need to buy this lace maternity dress from Asos ASAP! I love it for all the reasons but most importantly…

– It’s long sleeved (hooray to hiding jiggly arms)

– It’s knee-length (covering the thass = winning)

– It’s lace, black & stretchy around the middle (three of my favorite things)

– It’s half off and under $40!




Exact Dress Pictured / Similar Dress That Isn’t Maternity / Shoes / Clutch / Necklace / Bracelet / Watch

Photos taken by Christine LeGrand Photo at The Wentworth Mansion in Charleston, SC. If you are interested in a little prenatal pampering they have a fantastic babymoon package you should book! It includes a two night stay, a couples massage, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling cider, a three course dinner, and a keepsake book for the baby!

Have a great Thursday!

– CC

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