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Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s where we hang out most days, where we host and entertain our family and friends, and it’s where I occasionally burn a meal or ten! I love our kitchen decor but I love the memories that we make in there even more. Over the past few months of staying home and trying to cook more often, I have realized that my kitchen tools and gadgets are seriously lacking. I don’t have a food processor, a standing mixer or really any of the fancy new kitchen items. Recently on Instagram Stories, I asked for your help in updating my kitchen essentials. You guys sent in a ton of recommendations for your most beloved kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets and as promised, I’m created the kitchen essentials list below. You can also keep up with my favorite kitchen items on my Amazon page.

List of kitchen essentials from Cristin Cooper.

Blender // Kitchen Tongs // Hand Mixer // Wooden Spoons // Baking Mat // Dutch Oven // Knives // Cast Iron Skillet // Air Fryer // Hand Blender // Rice Cooker // Mini Food Processor // Microplane // Garlic Press // Cutting Board // Juicer

Essentials in the Cooper Kitchen

I recently purchased a slow juicer and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was already moderately obsessed. I also really love my Amazon baking mats and my Le Cruset Dutch Oven. I leave it on my stove for looks and cook in it all the time! I am in desperate need of a food processor now that I am eating healthy, more oven mits (I love these) and some new cutting boards. I also saw this clip-on strainer for pots on Amazon the other day and immediately added to cart. If you need me, I’ll be personally clicking through and reading over each of the items below!

Your Favorite Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Gadgets


Cook’s Tools

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  1. Jo says:

    You should check out Bobby Parrish ‘Flavcity’ on IG. For a super healthy cook, his tools are very minimalistic. He has a story saved on tools, and he did posts on it that I can’t seem to locate now. He’s a wealth of information on healthy cooking, and has a cute 👶 too! Has a UTube channel, but I’ve not looked at it.

  2. Its so useful post! Thanks