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July 2022 Amazon Finds

This month’s top sellers are all over the place, which proves you all stan an obscure Amazon find as much as I do. July’s lineup features some of the best deals we rounded up for Prime Day – everything from Isla’s new baby floor seat to the grass-fed beef liver capsules in our supplement routine. It’s always fun to navigate price drops as they change throughout the two-day sale and to see what ends up in your carts. Enjoy browsing and don’t forget, my Amazon shop is conveniently sorted by category and updated with my personal favorites.

01. Snack Container // 02. Sous Vide Cooker // 03. Micellar Water // 04. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks // 05. Grass Fed Beef Liver Supplements // 06. Wall Charger Blocks // 07. Telescopic Fly Swatters // 08. Adrenal Cocktail // 09. Baby Floor Seat // 10. Plant Based Air Freshener // 11. Champagne Flutes // 12. Newborn Hair Bows // 13. Hidden Picture Sticker Books // 14. Plastic Storage Totes // 15. Swim Shampoo and Conditioner // 16. Hush Strips // 17. Travel Pouch // 18. Travel Changing Pad


Snack Container // A no-spill, leakproof spinner you can pack with snacks and throw in the dishwasher when you get home. Providing kids with options (in a cool container) is a sure way to avoid hunger meltdowns and sneak in extra fruits and veggies.

Sous Vide Cooker // This kitchen tool circulates water at the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals. A sophisticated gift for the foodie in your life!

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks // There’s nothing better than roasting s’mores over an open fire. Forget gathering dirty twigs in the yard – these sturdy sticks are easy to clean and extend far enough to protect little fingers from the heat.  

Wall Charger Blocks // A household essential at such a great value. You get two chargers (each with two ports) and two six-foot cords. That extra cord length is a total gamechanger.

Telescopic Fly Swatters // If a fly arrives uninvited, you’ll be ready. Sold in a pack of two and features telescopic length that allows for easy storage when not in use.

Plant Based Air Freshener // Made with essential oils and plant extracts to keep the house fresh without triggering headaches. You can even spray directly on fabrics! I’m thinking the dog bed is up first.

Champagne Flutes // These unique crystal glasses make a lovely gift to celebrate a special occasion.

Plastic Storage Totes // Clear containers are the MVPs of storage – you can view the contents without having to open the lid. These stackable totes are awesome for closets or the garage.


Grass Fed Beef Liver Supplements // Beef liver offers so many benefits. It’s rich in micronutrients that support optimal fertility, proper fetal development and postpartum recovery and nutrition repletion.

Adrenal Cocktail // I’m trying out this high-quality supplement that contains key vitamins and minerals to help maintain stable energy.  

Hush Strips // Bought these after researching the health benefits of taping your mouth while you sleep. Now I just need to get over the fear of nighttime suffocation.


Baby Floor Seat // Isla is getting close to sitting up on her own, so I ordered this seat that’s designed to help babies develop healthy posture. Super convenient to take to a playdate or restaurant and can be used as a floor seat, booster or activity chair with the tray.  

Newborn Hair Bows // Grabbed this set of ten bows to go with all of Isla’s outfit changes. So soft and cute!

Hidden Picture Sticker Books // The girls love these books for travel or downtime at home. They search for objects, place stickers over them and then color in the pictures.  

Travel Pouch // A must for keeping baby essentials organized in a larger bag, or even just to hold an extra diaper and wipes while you’re running errands.  

Travel Changing Pad // The open and zippered pockets to store wipes, cream and diapers are genius. Folds up like a clutch and is just the right size for a diaper bag.


Micellar Water // A go-to makeup remover and face cleanser for double cleansing. 

Swim Shampoo and Conditioner // We’re loving this to treat hair after days in the sun and water.

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