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John Rutledge House Inn

If you’ve ever driven into downtown Charleston from Lockwood onto Broad then I know that you have noticed the beautiful historic house with the deep green 2-story wrought iron and the black and white checkered tile. It’s none other than the John Rutledge House Inn, a Bed & Breakfast operated by Charming Inns. John Rutledge was the first governor of SC, a member of the Supreme Court and one of the 55 signers of the US Constitution. In fact he even drafted the Constitution and entertained Mr. George Washington himself right in this very house.

John Rutledge House Inn

I recently stayed at this beautiful property and today I’m going to tell you what I love about it and why I will definitely be going back. First of all, checking in is a breeze. Just head down Broad street, look for the black & white checkered marble and pull right up to the loading zone. You can leave your car there, head up the steps and the front desk is just inside.

John Rutledge House Inn

It’s worth noting that there isn’t an elevator but the friendly staff will gladly carry your bags up to your room. Once you are all settled and checked in you can drive your car around to a parking lot specifically reserved for guests of the John Rutledge House. In order to get there you have to block around because of Charleston’s one way streets but then it’s so nice to have your car just through this courtyard on the other side of the original carriage houses. Maybe I’m needly but there is just something comforting about being able to walk to the car and leave, or run and get something I forgot without having to call a valet or get to a parking garage. Oh, and if the walk to and from your car through this beautiful courtyard is too much to handle don’t worry because there is a cooler of ice cold water right by the back door to cool you down.

John Rutledge House InnJohn Rutledge House Inn

Also, look at this room!!! I mean if this doesn’t scream girlfriend getaway I don’t know what does. Comfy beds with tempurpedic mattresses? Check. A armoire to hang your clothes in and on? Check. Plenty of tables and chairs and surfaces to sit all of your trinkets and treasures and shopping bags on? Check. Plenty of natural light for makeup and floor space for all of your luggage? Check. Check. Check. Check.

John Rutledge House Inn (5 of 12)John Rutledge House Inn (4 of 12)John Rutledge House Inn (3 of 12)

And don’t you even get me started on this bathroom. Clean and pretty and with great lighting!

John Rutledge House Inn (1 of 12)

As if that wasn’t enough the ballroom is to-die-for. A great space to relax after a day in the city and you nibble on complimentary Circa 1886 apps and sip on tea, port, sherry or brandy.

John Rutledge House Inn (6 of 12)

Which brings me to my next topic, the complimentary breakfast. Every night you have a card in your room where you can mark everything you want for breakfast, what time you would like it to be ready, and where you want it to be served (your room, the courtyard, the ballroom or the balcony). Katheryn and I chose the balcony because of the picture-worthy scenery and natural light. Obviously.

John Rutledge House Inn (11 of 12)John Rutledge House Inn (12 of 12)

If I haven’t convinced you yet through photos and my persuasive writing then head on over to my facebook page and check out some behind the scenes snaps from my visit to the John Rutledge House Inn. I assure you it won’t be the last time I’m there!

John Rutledge House Inn (7 of 12)

This post was in partnership with Charming Inns. Photography by Katheryn Blythe. All opinions are my own. 🙂

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