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What I’m Packing For Mexico

I am always extremely thankful and overly excited when I get to go on vacation with Zach and this time is no different. However, I’ve spent the past month battling the flu, then bronchitis and now a sinus infection so to say that I could use some warm weather and a vacation would be an understatement. I never, and I mean never, get sick. In fact I can’t recall ever missing a day of work due to sickness and couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the doctor that wasn’t for pregnancies. So long story and a lot of boxes of tissues later I am counting down the days until I can feel the sun on my face and hopefully have the sniffles no longer.

And this isn’t just any ole trip.

We are heading down to the brand new adults-only, all-inclusive and ultra lux Unico in Riviera Maya. I am teaming up with them to give you the complete inside scoop so get ready for social media overload. Who knows we might even get crazy and film our very first vlog for my Youtube Channel. If you aren’t following me on Instagram and Facebook then you need to make that happen so that you don’t miss out on getting one of the first looks at this resort. Unico literally just opened days ago and we are so excited to be some of the first people to visit! They resort, food, pools and amenities sound completely fabulous and their website is top-knotch. I don’t know about you but I am not booking a vacation with a resort that looks like someone made their website on Microsoft paint in 1998. Unico’s branding & site are on point. I love the smooth fonts, muted color scheme and beautiful photography. (Hi my name is Cristin & I’m a marketing nerd.). But seriously check it out and tell me if you think anything less than oh man this place looks awe-some.

Since we will be taking a ton of photos for travel features and outfit posts I have been prepping and shopping and planning for weeks. I’m aware at how high-maintenance that sounds but when you have two jobs and two toddlers if you don’t plan in advance you wear the same outfit 4 days in a row. Or you forget your phone charger, your face wash and then have a relationship fight in the airport trying to find all the supplies you need. Trust me I speak from experience. (Disclaimer: by “fight” I mean a normal everyday marital strife that is magnified by mine & Zach’s dramatic personalities.)

So packing. I still have a ways to go but here are the goodies I am eyeing to purchase and cram in my suitcase and below the one outfit I already have planned out. Now I just need about 10 more. Wish me luck!

Spring Vacation Outfit

Sunglasses | Top (Comes in white & red) | Bathing Suit | Shorts | Sandals

Swimsuits: I love this floral bikini, this scalloped one and this seersucker one. I also really love this coverup.

Tops: Striped tees are a must have. Heck who am I kidding so are basic grey tees. Add to those the black top pictured above, this tank and this pretty blouse.

Dresses: Vacation is great because you can just pack a couple of dresses for the nighttime and call it a day. I love this dress by Topshop. The color and all of the ruffles just speak to me on another level. I also love this off-the-shoulder one and this floral number.

Bottoms: I love these jeans that are under $70. I ordered them the other day so here is to hoping that they actually fit. I also ordered these not-very-affordable shorts so if they don’t fit like I glove I’ll be sending them back. I bought these high-waisted ruffle shorts this weekend and they will definitely be getting packed as well.

Bags: Oh man I need a good spring tote in the worst way. I’ve been looking at this one because I love the scallops. I also really love this straw one and you know I’m a sucker for a good grab-all bag.

Accessories: I’m all about affordable sunglasses that won’t make me cry if they lose a bet with a wave or fall off and get scratched during a canonball. And yes, I’ve been known to do a cannonball or ten. This hat is too cute and I also really love this $18 fedora.

Shoes: I love these slip-ons so much! Stay tuned to see if they are comfy or not. I also ordered a new pair of flops. I really like these shoes on other girls and ordered them but I’m estimating a hate-them rating of about 85% once I actually put them on my feet. These sandals are also really cute!

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