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How I Take, Organize & Print Photos At Home

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It’s not just us bloggers who take a ton of photos. I’m assuming everyone does, especially moms and social media lovers of the world. I have always loved photography and taking photos of travels, vacations and my kids. Today I’m sharing what cameras I use to take photos, how I organize them and how I print them at home. All the devices I’m sharing today can be bought on QVC! 

Cristin Cooper shares how to take, organize and print digital photos.

Taking Photos

Yes, I have the latest iPhone so I do take a lot of pictures using it, but I also have two digital cameras. I use both the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II and the Sony Alpha a7 III. Both are small enough to fit in your purse but high quality enough to deliver amazing photos. I find the Sony Alpha is a step up and my photographer actually also shoots with this. The Canon PowerShot is great for family memories and easy to use. I love that the screen on the PowerShot flips around for filming tutorials or self-timers. 

Best digital cameras, Canon PowerShot G7 and Sony Alpha a7 III.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II // Sony Alpha a7 III

Transferring and Organizing Digital Photos

After I take a billion photos, I almost immediately transfer them to the computer for backup. For everyday photos, I normally sync my cameras with their respective apps on my phone but I’ll transfer straight from the memory card to my computer after a big event or trip. 

To make sure I never lose my photos, I use the Dropbox app on both my phone and computer so everything syncs to the same spot. There is an easy setting within the app where you can auto-sync all new photos. Yes, I sync all my phone photos to Dropbox which means I need to go through and clean out some screenshots or bloopers. But it also means if I ever lose my phone or it gets damaged, I won’t lose my photos. To organize my photos within Dropbox I have folders by year and then individual month folders within the year. 

Canon Ivy to backup photos to print at home.

If you need another way to transfer photos, this PictureKeeper plugs directly into your iPhone and then can plug into the computer. It’s another great way to backup your pictures and free up storage on your phone and would make an EXCELLENT gift for those less than tech-savvy family members of yours. 

How to organize and print digital photos at home.

Digitize Old Photos

If you have hard copies of photos I cannot recommend Legacy Box enough. They are a family-owned business located in Tennessee and I have used them multiple times. It can be scary to send off your precious memories but you will be amazed at how secure, easy and great the process is. I took a ton of my childhood photos and sent them off to be digitized so that I could print copies and have a safe digital version to save. 

Printing Photos at Home

Don’t let those photos just sit on your phone or computer, print them out! If I’m printing a ton of photos at once I like to use a service like MPix. But most pictures for frames around the house or school projects I just print at home. I’ve been using my Tango printer at home which lets me print from my iPhone and computer. The Tango is small in size but it does a great job printing photos in various sizes. I use it for all of my regular printing needs as well! I also recently ordered this mini printer  from QVC and it is so fun to use! 

HP Tango printer to print photos at home.

If you are looking for a way to display photos from your phone or computer, QVC also has this digital photo frame where you can display endless amounts of photos. Over the years most digital frames don’t really mesh with my home decor style, but this one with its rustic wood frame doesn’t scream digital. 

I hope this post inspires you to get some of those photos off your phone and into your home!

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