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My Go-to Everything Outfit

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Easy Date Night Outfit

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Jeans, Tank & Cargo Jacket

Jacket | Tank (Similar Here)| Jeans | Wedges (Similar Here, Here and Here) | Clutch | Necklace | Sunglasses | Watch | Charm Bracelet | Coordinates Bangle

I know what question you all are wondering and no, I’m not a professional model. (Insert tears of laughter emoji face here.) In fact, taking these photos makes me quite nauseas inside because well… people will see them. But lucky for you all my love of styling outfits way exceeds my uneasiness for strolling across main street with strangers staring at me. Since not everyone loves a good flat-lay as much as I do and would rather see clothes on an actual body, here I am. Body and all. All for the sake of showing you the one outfit I believe that every girl needs to own.

You see we were about to head downtown for dinner with friends and one of said friends just happens to be an insanely talented photographer so we set out to practice how to capture outfit looks pre-dinner. And don’t you just know that once. I got the kids fed, got ready, greeted the sitter and was ready to head out the door I noticed a tiny buy very orange cheesy handprint on the back of my very white blouse.

Ok don’t panic. I’m a professional. I made children inside my body. I can handle a simple outfit change. Except I can’t. And I tried on everything hanging in my closet only to have my warped girl brain make every single thing I own terrible looking.

Enter old faithful.

Dark, stretchy and perfect for any occasion skinny jeans. A cargo jacket that I pretty much wear with everything. A black tee/tank because it’s stain proof, spill proof and conceals any unwelcomed tummy lumps. Paired with neutral accessories like nude wedges, a nude clutch and a long gold necklace and you are ready to go anywhere and everywhere. Dinner with friends? Yep. Shopping trip? You bet. Casual work place.?Brunch. Church. Concert. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Love the look? Shop the post!

Thanks to Katheryn Blythe for helping me overcome my fear of being seen in public but not for almost getting me hit by a car. 😉


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