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Favorite Gold Necklaces

I try to answer frequent questions in weekly or biweekly This & That posts but sometimes items are so popular that I think you all would enjoy a round-up style post. For example, I posted this roundup of all of my favorite sunglasses and this entire page is dedicated to my current makeup favorites at any given time. Anyways I thought you all would like to also have a roundup of my favorite necklaces. The ones I wear on repeat are this monogram one, this clover one and this thin bar one. Shop those and more of my favorites below!

gold monogram necklace
Gold Monogram Necklace – This is my fav! I have the gold size and wear it all of the time.

gold initial necklace

Adjustable Gold Initial Necklace – I have this one and love it! I chose the medium size and the long chain.

delicate gold necklace
Delicate Celestial Necklace

gold bar necklace
Gold Bar Necklace – This is the newest addition to my closet and I love it!

initial pendant necklace
Initial Pendant Necklace

gold box pendant
Gold Box Pendant Necklace

tassel pendant necklace
Tassel Pendant Necklace

gold pendant necklace
Fine Pendant Necklace

asymetrical character necklace
Asymetrical Character Necklace

adjustable choker necklace
Adjustable Choker Necklace

gold clover necklace
Gold Clover Necklace

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  1. Nicola White says:

    Each gold necklace is perfect. Will love to buy all and give to my loving one on the occasion of coming valentine.