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My Favorite Blazers for Fall

Shop the look: Blazer (similar here or here) | Shoes | Jeans | Bag (Similar Here) | Tee

My love for the blazer started right out of college when I was working at an advertising agency. This particular ad agency was very casual when it came to work-appropriate clothing but I worked on the account management side of the business where you were expected to class it up a bit. Especially when you were traveling for work or meeting with clients. I quickly discovered my love for a great pair of skinny jeans paired with a tailored blazer and pretty much any style top you could dream up. Any time I found a great quality blazer in a store I purchased with the excuse “but I can wear it to work”. Before long I racked up an impressive selection and many of them I still have and wear today. I’ve been known to style them on a many a post too! I’ve paired them with stripes, a white graphic tee, a grey graphic tee, a classic blouse, and my favorite item to wear with a blazer, a chambray button up as seen here.

fall outfit inspiration
Blazer (similar here or here) | Shoes | Jeans | Bag (Similar Here) | Tee

Today’s post is from a sushi date we went on last week when it was finally cool enough to wear two layers! I chose to pair the blazer with a long and thin tee that I tied on the side to dress it up a bit. I would definitely wear a blazer with a draping tee but honestly I just really wanted to tie one of those little knots in my shirt. It’s funny to me that they are trendy again since I specifically remember stretching out my shirts to knot them in the early nineties.

fall blazer outfit inspirationfall blazer outfit inspiration

I love this blazer because of it’s herringbone texture, blue lining and lightweight fabric. I also found this one that is very similar and I think it is just as cute. If you wanted to switch the look and wear a grey tee with a green blazer I love this one by Everlane.

fall outfit inspiration

Blazer (similar here or here) | Shoes | Jeans | Bag (Similar Here) | Tee

I rounded up a few other blazers I’m loving for fall. A velvet blazer is a very trendy item to add to your wardrobe right now. I found this one and this one that are not only easy on the eyes but easy on the wallet too. This blazer is also a great dressy alternative and comes in a ton of colors and I love the bow detailing on this one!

blazers for fall

Top Row: one | two | three | four
Bottom Row: one | two | three | four 

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  1. Katie Evans says:

    Beautiful blazers, Cristin. That’s what I love about the fall. There are so many outfits I can try and layer in different ways.

  2. Mary Lane says:

    The blazer and jeans outfit looks chic and smart. I am loving your neckpiece too. Thanks for sharing.