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Favorite At-Home Workouts + Exercise Essentials

Let’s talk best at-home workouts and fitness apps. The convenience is unmatched, space and equipment required are minimal, and there’s no pressure to find childcare. It’s just a matter of finding the right at-home workout or app for your fitness goals. And the right outfit, obviously. We deal with different schedules and resources, but we should all find a way to move our bodies. Here to help make it happen – for me and for you. 

Growing up I was a student-athlete, playing soccer and tennis in high school and a member of the dance team in college. In the real world, my fitness routine looked like trail runs after work or attending studio classes with friends. Now that I’m a mom of two managing family life and a full-time job, it’s a serious struggle to prioritize health and wellness.  

Early bird gym sessions are not realistic for me in this season. But workouts I can do from home? Total gamechanger. With everything there is to think about in a day, I honestly can’t handle any requirements beyond throwing on athletic wear and hitting play on my phone. 

I have tried almost every at-home workout program under the sun and while some of them are really good, like Faster Way to Fat Loss (read my review here), they aren’t necessarily all a lifestyle I want to commit to. Overthinking something & counting macros makes me a little insane you see. Then there are fitness programs like OpenFit, which is another great app that I have used. It has a lot of Pilates options which I am using a lot currently as I am nursing a knee injury. While I could include many other programs, today I’m trying to narrow it down to my favorite fitness apps that allow you to break a sweat in your own space, on your own timetable, and with proven results. 


Cost: $39/month all-access membership or $15/month digital membership. 

Pelton Review

I love a good spin class, and no at-home workout makes me feel more productive than logging a session on our Peloton bike. The Peloton experience, however, is not limited to ownership of the bike or treadmill. If equipment is too much of an investment, you can still download the Peloton app and access an extensive digital library. Class categories include walking, running, cycling, yoga, cardio, meditation, stretching, and bootcamp. 

The Peloton instructors are a highlight – you’re guaranteed to fall in love with at least one, whether it’s their teaching style, personality, musical tastes, or all the above. I LOVE Alex! Using the app you can filter classes by type, length (5 minutes to 75 minutes), instructor, degree of difficulty, body focus, and music genre. You can also get class recommendations based on your interests and follow training programs tailored to your goals. I really like the Peloton to maintain motivation, take part in challenges, get competitive on the Leaderboard or simply track your progress over time. 

If you want to follow along with me on the app, my Peloton profile name is cristin_c.

Membership details: 

  • Individual account profiles for each family member
  • 20+ live classes daily and thousands on-demand
  • Leaderboard
  • Workout metrics

Obé Fitness

Cost: $27/month

Obé Review

You’ve probably heard me rave about Obé Fitness app over on Instagram. This is an awesome monthly subscription with fun, energetic classes, both live and on-demand. Find something to fit every mood: Pilates, bounce, sculpt, HIIT, barre, strength, yoga, power, dance, cardio boxing, and more. As a former dancer, my go-to is usually a barre or Pilates class to build those coveted lean muscles.

Just 28 minutes after it starts your workout is done. Short but effective, just the way I like it. There are also express and advanced options if you have as little as 10 minutes or up to 45 minutes. 

Membership details:

  • 22 daily live classes
  • 5,500+ on-demand classes 
  • Tracker tool to follow weekly progress
  • Interact with a supportive online community

Sweat App

Cost: $19.99 /month

Review of Sweat App

One app I always find myself coming back to is Sweat by Kayla Itsines, creator of the Bikini Body Guide. Sometimes the hardest part of an at-home exercise program is knowing where to start. Sweat offers 26 structured programs that can be done from both the gym and at home. World-class trainers guide you through focus areas like high-intensity circuits, strength training, HIIT, barre, Pilates, and yoga. If you’re a planner, set yourself up for success by scheduling your workouts in advance to get real-time reminders. 

Daily meal plans are provided within the app and can be tailored to your dietary preferences. Personally, I try to live an 80/20 plant-based lifestyle, and always see the best physical outcomes when I’m fueling my body right. 

Membership details:

  • Healthy eating plans and recipes 
  • Video and text explainers for each move to help perfect your form 
  • Connect with like-minded people in The Sweat Forum 
  • Track your daily steps 

Trampoline (aka rebounding)

Cost: Click here for the Trampoline I ordered and here for other options


Rebounding is the ideal at-home workout because it doesn’t feel like exercise. That is, once I fight the girls off the trampoline long enough to take a turn. Warning: You may pee yourself if you’ve given birth, but that’s just the nature of gravity. 

In all seriousness, trampolines are incredible to work the core, legs, buttocks, and deep back muscles. I’ve specifically noticed reduced muscle soreness and an improvement in lymphatic drainage, especially when feeling congested. Bouncing is easy on the joints, which in turn supports bone density, bone strength, and bone formation. It’s also great for improving endurance, balance, coordination, and motor skills. 

Note: The exact trampoline I own is not cheap but there are other options. Per usual, I did a ton of research and chose this one because of the large surface area, stability, and 1.6 million bounce cycles. Plus, cords that reduce noise, and the fact that it folds up flat and in half. 

What I follow: 13 Mini Trampoline Exercises

My At-Home Workout Gear

The benefit of at-home workouts is that you really don’t need much. Still, it’s helpful to have a few items on hand to challenge yourself and work a little harder.  

At home workout clothes and gear to use with fitness apps.

01. Hyper Focused Bra // 02. Deep Sleep Mini Sound Machine // 03. The Power Ring // 04. Running Sneakers in Blue // 05. Large Stability Ball // 06. Terry Sneakers By On in Grey // 07. Mini Foam Roller // 08. Resistance Cord // 09. Sliders Set // 10. Mesh Racer Run Short // 11. Conscious Crop // 12. Theragun Mini // 13. Resistance Band Set // 14. Swift Speed High Rise Crop // 15. Ab Roller

Best at home workout gear to follow fitness apps.

01. Tonal Hair Tie Set // 02. Advance Bra // 03. Jump Rope // 04. Align Crop // 05. Oil-Infused Shine Detangler Brush // 06. All The Right Places Crop // 07. Sneakers in Orange // 08. All Yours Tee // 09. All Tied Up Tank Top // 10. Fast and Free High-Rise Crop // 11. Energy Bra // 12. Yoga Mat // 13. Waterproof Sneakers in Pink // 14. Glass Water Bottle // 15. All Yours Tank Top // 16. 70/30 Sneakers // 17. Weighted Bangle Set // 18. Swiftly Breathe

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