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Family Photo Outfit Inspiration

These photos were taken back in October and I had every intention of sharing them in time to help others plan for their Christmas card pics. But then life got in the way so here I am finally getting around to it. How about you just bookmark it for next year and cut me some slack. Deal?

Family Christmas Card Photos

And while we’re at it here are a couple quick tips for taking family photos:

1) God provides the best scenery. Get outside when the lighting is soft… usually in the evening as the sun begins to set. Any good photographer will help you out with this one!

Family Christmas Card Photos

2) If you’re trying to get pictures with kids do something they enjoy. My 2 year old loves to run wild outside, throw leaves and be tossed in the air. So we went to a big field and did just that. She was happy, cooperated and we got a ton of great images filled with her giggling, playing & full of joy.

Family Christmas Card Photos

3) Unless your family waitresses on the side at an Italian restaurant skip the “everybody wear a white shirt” photo. And while you’re at it definitely skip the “ok we’re all going to wear a mix of white, black or denim & an accent color” look. Don’t you want natural looking photos of who you actually are and not some mime-convention version of yourself? I thought so. Here is an easy recipe to follow.

1 Pattern (maybe floral or whimsical) best worn on a cute baby or kid + 1 Gingham or Plaid (never both together)+ 1 Stripes in neutral colors if you need it. Fill in the rest of the clothing items with neutrals & solids. Add texture with tights, boots, hair-bows & jewelry.

Let me explain how we followed these rules for our outfits. I found my baby girl this cute patterned dress from baby gap (that is already sold out) and started from there. I think patterns work best on kids because they can get away with a more playful look & it won’t overtake the photos, say, as if dad is wearing a paisley button up. Also, never let dad wear a paisley button up. Unless he’s Rascal Flatts. And then still no.

Then I worked to find my husband something that coordinated with the dress. Take note I didn’t say exactly matched with the exact same colors. If you’re getting photos in the fall, try plaid. If you’re looking for something to wear in the spring then go for gingham. Basically just buy something from J.Crew & make him wear it.

Once I had those two patterns I filled in the rest with neutrals. You can never go wrong with someone in the family wearing a chambray shirt. I decided to let my toddler go that route so I could wear black and the darkest skinny jeans I could find (hell0 6-week post partum body with 20 lbs still to lose). Then for my toddler I put her in a beige skirt, cream tights and sherpa boots and wore the same color family with my cream & beige cardigan.

I feel like overall this is an easy recipe to follow but if you are ever having problems we do offer styling services for family pics.

Family Christmas Card Photos

Ok and again, really sorry this post is two months too late.

Thanks to Christine LeGrand Photography for being just the best!

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