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Eyelash Extensions Q&A

I have been interested in eyelash extensions from the moment I knew they existed. As a lover of all things makeup I am no stranger to coat upon coat of my favorite mascara or applying falsies for added eye drama. My only hesitation was that they would “ruin” my natural lashes or that once I got them I would never be able to remove them since doing so would result in having bald lids. I eventually concluded that the curiosity was worth the risk and if it didn’t work out I would just wear falsies every day until my natural lashes grew back. Here is everything I know about lash extensions and some before and afters as well!

Full Volume Lash Extensions Before & After

Eyelash Extensions

Natural Lashes (Top) // Full Volume Extensions (Bottom)

Where did you get them done?

I got mine done at Verb Beauty Studio. I googled lash extensions around me and then checked out all of the salons on Instagram before I booked an appointment. Most places will post photos of different lash artists’ work so just look for photos of lashes that you like and find out who did them.

What was the process like?

I went in with no eye makeup on and laid on a bed like a massage bed while they were applied. She put eye patches under my eyes and once they were done would turn on a little fan to dry the glue. The worst part was that I had to lay there for two hours with my eyes closed.

What are the lashes made of?

They are faux mink eyelashes that come in strands of classic (one strand) and volume (three little strands together).

How are they applied?

They are applied with tweezers and glue to your existing lashes. Verb Studio uses a glue that doesn’t have a lot of smell or fumes so it doesn’t irritate your eyes.

What sizes did you get?

Lashes range in sizes from different curl shapes to different lengths. “J Curl” is straight, “B Curl” is more curved, “C Curl” is even more curled and “D Curl” is the most curved. I have C Curl lashes in lengths ranging from an 8 by my eye to a 14 on the corners with a few 10’s and 12’s between.

How did you know what size to ask for?

I took in a pair of my favorite false lashes, Ardell demi wispies, and told her I wanted them to look like that. She used mostly volume lashes (three little strands together) and then some classic (single lashes) here and there. You should only get extensions based on what your eyelash can handle. If you have tiny lashes then you wouldn’t want to get long or heavy extensions because that would cause your natural eyelashes to shed faster. Some people can tolerate volume and some people can tolerate longer lengths but that’s why it’s important to find a good lash artist.

How much did it cost?

The cost depends on where you go and what type of lashes you get. The classics are less expensive and the volume are more expensive. They typically range in pricing from $175 to $250.

How often do you have to get them refilled?

I got mine refilled at 3 weeks. Most salons will have a discount rate for refills within 2 or 3 weeks.

Can you still wear mascara?

Yes! You could wear normal mascara but you might damage them easier by washing them. They also make a mascara especially for lashes that you could use if you have on a lot of eye makeup. I also bought the cleanser especially for the lashes that I used the couple of times I wore the mascara. I have still worn mascara on my bottom lashes which is totally fine as long as it’s not waterproof.

Can you still wear eye makeup?

Absolutely! You have to be careful for fall out from your eye shadow and brush them off so that they are still dark and not covered in eyeshadow. I have still work eyeshadow and even eyeliner.

Can you swim/sauna/work out while wearing?

You can! You need to be careful in the sauna or with heavy workouts because too much steam or heat can cause the glue to break down. They do make a sealer that you can brush on them to protect from workouts.

What is maintenance like?

Easy! You just wash your face as normal, being very careful around your eye area. I don’t wash the actual lashes but rather all around them. Then when I’m done I brush out with a little eyelash brush.

How do the lashes come off?

The glue either breaks down and the lashes fall off of your natural lash or your natural lash sheds and takes the extension with it. All eyelashes shed and regrow. When I went back for three weeks I had some eyelashes that had fallen off of my natural lash, some that had shed and some new eyelashes that had grown back that now needed extensions on them.

Can you get the lashes removed?

Yes! Now that I have had them applied and refilled I plan on going in and getting them professionally removed to be able to tell you about the process. I think the fear with most people is that they are going to ruin your natural lashes. If you go to a reputable place and take care of them that should not happen. To get them removed you go in and have a solution applied to the lashes for 20 minutes. The lashes are then taken off and you still have your natural lashes in tact. I would imagine that you would want to start using Neu Lash or castor oil again to strengthen them and help them grow longer but you should still have them.

Would you get them again?

I would! The only downside to having them is that I’m still paranoid that I’m going to mess them up. I will sleep on my side but I catch myself being nervous to rub them or ruin them. I don’t know if I will keep getting them right now because I LOVE mascara and all things makeup and I don’t think I could review mascaras or do good tutorials with lashes on. However, as I age I will most certainly get them when my lashes start to thin.

I will update this post once I go to have them removed so I can give you the real scoop on how they look!!

Full Volume Refill Before & After

 Eyelash Extensions

Full Volume 3 Weeks Post (Top) // Full Volume Refill (Bottom)

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    Did you post how much the refills are every 3 weeks??

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