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Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I set up my table last Friday during my girls’ nap and wanted to share it with you all! First you must know that these Turkey plates were found at the Pottery Barnon sale! If you can’t find them you could always useanother festive salad plate like Spode’s turkey pattern!

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

I started decorating the tablescape by using my white and creme striped Wheaton runner from Pottery Barn and matching napkins. I love having neutral runners and napkins because you can always mix up the centerpiece for seasons. These dinner plates are my casual ones I got from Pottery Barn when we got married. They aren’t sold anymore but if I had my choice of current options I would pick these. Underneath the plates I put sea grass chargers I bought at Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. If you like them check out these similar ones from Williams-Sonoma.

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

To set the napkins I lay them flat (they are a square shape) and pick them up from the center. Smooth down the sides and secure with a napkin ring. I’ve had these pewter napkin rings forever and love them if you are wanting to find some good ones! For the place settings I picked off eucalyptus leaves and wrote everyone’s names with a gold paintpen. You could also write phrases or bible verses on them!

For the centerpiece I took pumpkins off of our porch and spent a whopping $30 at Trader Joes for all of the eucaluptus and roses. The leaves in the arrangements were ripped off a tree in our yard. To start I laid eucalyptus down on the runner, put the big pumpkins in the center and then framed them with the smaller pumpkins.

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

I made the centerpieces myself and it was a pretty easy four-step process.

Step 1: Core out the pumpkin large enough to fit a cup in. To make sure your cup fits flip it over and trace on the top of the pumpkin to see how big the circle needs to be. But don’t cut a circle… cut more of a hexagon shape. More on this in a second. If you were doing this well in advance for Thanksgiving I would clean them out and spray them with an acrylic spray. You can also soak them in bleach but honestly who has time for that? As you can see I simply stuffed a paper towel down in them for the purposes of this shoot which is totally acceptable if you ask me, especially if you’re tackling it this week.

Step 2: Make an arrangement in a cup. I start with theleafy eucalyptus then add in the sprigs followed by the leaves from my tree outside. After you have things full add theroses. I always clip all of the leaves off of my roses so I can easily tuck them right in place.

Step 3: Place the arrangement inside of the pumpkin.

Step 4: Go around the edges of the cup and where there are spaces between the cup and the pumpkin put more eucalyptus. This is why it’s important not to carve a perfect circle since you can use the gaps to help fill in and conceal the cup!

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Featured in this post: Runner | Napkins | Napkin Rings | Chargers (Similar) | Dinner Plates (Similar) | Turkey Plates (Similar) | Banner | Wreath (Similar)

Another thing I love about our dining room setup is our church pew. My sweet husband made this one for me and I love to line it with pillows and blankets. The pew started out about 14′ long and covered in red velvet. We (he) cut it down from each side and put the original ends back on. Then he sanded it all down before we had it distressed and painted. I could have done the distressing if truth be told but we’re both completely OCD and know when it’s better to pay someone so that we don’t spend 5 days tinkering with painting and sanding and repainting in the garage. Even if you have chairs I think it’s a cute addition to add some pillows or drape a couple of pretty blankets over the end seats.

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Another easyway to make a home feel festive is by slapping a wreath on the front door and hanging a banner on the mantle. I always tie my banners around 3M hooks and then decorate to cover the clips. For this one I used more mini pumpkins, eucalyptus and some sheds my husband found on one of his many hunting trips.

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Featured in this post: Runner | Napkins | Napkin Rings | Chargers (Similar) | Dinner Plates (Similar) | Turkey Plates (Similar) | Banner | Wreath (Similar)

Photos by Katheryn Blythe


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