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DIY STEM-Focused Projects Sponsored by the Makers of ZIPLOC Brand

Thanks to the makers of Ziploc brand for sponsoring this post.

xIf you are a mom then you already know the importance of having a healthy supply of ZIPLOC brand bags in the house. I have been relying on ZIPLOC Brand products for organization and sanity since the moment I had children and that have never played such an important role in our day-to-day as they do now that my girls are in school. Now that the girls are back in school our mornings consist of trying to stay organized and our afternoons consist of trying to find fun activities to do that don’t absolutely exhaust them. We try to keep our girls on a pretty consistent schedule in the afternoons and will typically play outside for a bit and then color or do a fun project to decompress from the day and wind down for bedtime. Not only do ZIPLOC brand products help me with the back to school snack game but their new STEM collaboration with KiwiCo has been such a fun activity to build creative confidence and give their little minds something fun (and educational) to do in the afternoons. I’m excited to be able to share with you that ZIPLOC brand is running a great promotion which gives you daily chances to win a year’s supply of KiwiCo subscription crates PLUS get instant access to DIY STEM projects. Sound amazing? Keep reading for details!


As the girls get back into the swing of things at school, I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to build their confidence both in and out of the classroom. And honestly, STEM projects help my girls learn in ways that even I cannot! STEM projects incorporate the different disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math in a way that really connects with my kids. I love the way STEM projects give my girls a fun outlet to put their energy into, while still challenging them to use their creativity to problem solve. As a mom, there is no better feeling than knowing my children’s minds are being shaped and molded in ways that will better them for the long term!

In my experience, these types of confidence building activities have lasting impact. Once a child learns that they can follow instructions, complete projects, and build incredible things on their own (or with the help of an older sibling or parent), they build an independence that carries over into other areas of life. I, for one, want to empower my girls to make decisions, socialize with friends, solve problems, think on the go, and persevere through adversity and struggle. To me, the confidence that STEM builds give a kid is invaluable, because they are developing their minds and growing aspects of their character that will serve them far beyond a DIY project. It’s crazy how BIG life lessons can be learned in something as simple as an after school activity! It’s one reason I’m so excited to share this initiative by the makers of ZIPLOC brand.

How We Use ZIPLOC? Brand Bags

I have an entire drawer in our kitchen dedicated to various sizes of ZIPLOC brand bags. I use the snack and sandwich sized bags to store snacks for car rides, camp, and pool days. The gallon bags are great for storing documents and paperwork for school and camps. One of my all-time favorite hacks for ZIPLOC brand bags are to use them for outfit planning when you are leaving kids with grandparents, a sitter, or even dad. I plan out what the girls will wear each day and put everything they need into a one quart ZIPLOC brand bag. Then all Dad or grandma has to do each morning is grab a bag and get the kids dressed! I’m a full supporter of ZIPLOC brand products and love that they have created yet another way to make my life easier with their STEM DIY projects using ZIPLOC brand bags!


DIY STEM-Focused Projects Sponsored by the Makers of ZIPLOC Brand

From now through the end of September, the makers of the ZIPLOC brand are partnering with KiwiCo to bring STEM to life in your household! All you have to do is visit any participating retailer (like Target), buy two qualifying ZIPLOC Brand products* and upload your receipt to Everyone that enters this promotion will unlock DIY STEM activities featuring ZIPLOC brand products. The best part is that other than the ZIPLOC brand products you purchase* to enter, all of the materials you need to make these DIY STEM-focused projects can be found around your home.

And when you upload your receipt online, you are automatically entered for the chance to win monthly STEM projects to your door for an entire year, with guaranteed winners daily! Love that the makers of the ZIPLOC brand are helping to be an active part of creativity with these projects for kids to learn and create using principles of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

ZIPLOC Brand & KiwiCo Promotional Details

Enter for a chance to instantly win monthly KiwiCo STEM projects delivered to your door for 12 months. Winners can select suitable projects for their child based on their age. Every entry will instantly unlock DIY STEM activities for all ages featuring ZIPLOC brand products. Visit the site with your next purchase of ZIPLOC Brand products. Promotion ends September 31st, 2019.

How to Enter:

STEP 1: Buy* 2 participating ZIPLOC Brand products in one transaction between July 1st to September 30th. For a list of participating products visit this site.

STEP 2: Visit and submit a picture of your full receipt with qualifying item(s).

YOU COULD WIN: You could win a 12-month subscription of KiwiCo STEM projects (guaranteed winners daily) plus every receipt unlocks DIY STEM activities featuring ZIPLOC Brand products.

*NO PURCHASE NECECESSARY. Ends 9/30/19. Legal res of 50 US/DC/PR, 18+. Void where prohibited. Rules & how to enter w/out purch: Digital receipts are not eligible for this Promotion. Purchases made at BJ’s or Sam’s Club are not eligible. No purchase required to unlock STEM activities. STEM projects awarded as a 1 year subscription through a KiwiCo promo code.


Once you finish your own DIY projects post them to your Instagram stories and tag me @cristincooper. I would love to see and I’m really hoping that some of you guys win the years’ supply!!

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