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Digitize Your Memories With Legacybox

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I have a great gift idea for you! I recently had my old photos digitized with Legacybox and was more than pleased with the process. It would be a great gift to order for your mom so that she could fill a box with her favorite memories and be able to print them, email them or (you got it) post them to Facebook all the live long day. Plus, the first 20 of you that order and use code STYLEGUIDE are going to get 40% off!!!

Digitize your photos and preserve your memories with LegacyBox

To get started updating your memories to digital formats you first pick the size order you want based on how many tapes, pictures, cassettes or negatives you have. Legacybox mails you a box with instructions and these tiny bar code stickers that you put on each one of your items. If you end up wanting to do more than what you originally paid for they have extra bar codes in there so that you can add on to your order with ease. Since I did pictures I put the correct amount of photos for each barcode in an envelope and then placed the barcode on the outside of the envelope. Once I had completed all the sets I put everything back into the box, placed the shipping label they gave me on it and sent it back. In just a few weeks I had everything sent back to me EXACTLY like I had mailed it in with the addition of the digital formats!

I know what you are thinking… weren’t you nervous shipping all of your precious memories out the door?!? Well to be honest yes and no. I always get nervous anytime I put something in the mail and would embed my packages with a microchip if they would let me. However, I’ve learned that essentially that is what shipping labels are because they are scanned and report back to shipping and receiving companies at every step of the process. Legacybox takes it one step further and emails you at every step of the process! Here are some of the emails I got notifying me of the whereabouts of my photos.
Legacybox emails
Legacybox email confirming digitizing photos
How great is that! Seriously this company is legit and it would make the perfect present for anyone who loves photos and sharing memories! And don’t forget that the first 20 of you that order and use code STYLEGUIDE are going to get 40% off!!!

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