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Cooper at Home Baking Collection

We have a bit of an age gap between our second and third girls and so when our baby, Isla, was born it was a bit of an adjustment to be home more. I have been wanting to learn to bake bread for as long as I can remember and thought it would be the perfect time to start. Isla would sit at the kitchen counter with us and the girls would join me in baking whatever recipe we were trying. It was during these slow mornings and lazy afternoons that our sourdough journey started.

Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set // Antique Long Cutting Board // Antique Short Cutting Board

Something that began as me trying to see if I could create my own starter has grown into thousands of homes all over baking with our (still to be named) sourdough starter. It seemed only fitting to also source cute and functional baking essentials and so the Cooper at Home Baking Collection was born!

Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set // Antique Long Cutting Board // Antique Short Cutting Board // Rolling Pin // Pastry Cutter // Dough Whisk // Stoneware Pitcher // Clear Vase Set

Our baking collection provides everything you need to bake your first sourdough bread together, stress-free. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. This collection was created to make the baking process as fun and easy as possible. We’ve got everything you need for an afternoon of baking. We searched high and low for bakeware that combines both function and beauty!

Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set // Pastry Cutter // Stoneware Colander Bowl Set // Medium Stoneware Spoon // Small Stoneware Spoon // Antique Long Cutting Board // Antique Short Cutting Board

Our mixing and colander bowls include multiple sizes and functional features like a sturdy handle for easy transportation and easy-to-pour spouts.

Cheese Grater and Serving Bowl

No more mess, no more stress! Our Kitchen Essentials Collection is full of iconic additions that make cooking and entertaining a breeze like this stainless steel grater and marble serving bowl set to catch every last shred of cheese.

Medium Stoneware Spoon // Small Stoneware Spoon

Keep the stoneware spoons on hand to easily drain favorites like capers, olives, and pickles, or for straining pasta and vegetables. Every product in our baking shop is first functional, but also nice-looking on your countertop.

Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set // Antique Long Cutting Board // Antique Short Cutting Board // Dough Whisk

Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set // Dough Whisk // Kids Apron Set // Checked Tea Towel

Match your little helper(s) with these matching apron sets!

Pastry Cutter // Antique Long Cutting Board // Antique Short Cutting Board // Dough Whisk // Checked Tea Towel

Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set // Dough Whisk // Kids Apron Set // Checked Tea Towel

If you’re looking to try your hand at painting bread, check out this reel and visit my Amazon list for supplies.

Cooper at Home Baking Collection

SOURDOUGH STARTER // 10 grams of dehydrated sourdough starter. This starter was dehydrated at its peak activity so that you can have your starter ready to work in less than 1 week. All you need is flour, water, a kitchen scale & a jar with a lid to get your starter ready for baking. Instructions for rehydrating are included. 

MEASURING SPOONS // These stainless-steel measuring spoons finished in gold are both durable and beautiful.

DANISH DOUGH WHISK // Designed to effortlessly eliminate lumps from thick doughs or batters, the traditional Danish whisk will quickly become a favorite in your kitchen arsenal. Made from premium materials, this utensil is perfect for mixing and aerating homebaked goods.

BRASS MEASURING SPOONS // We love the vintage charm of these square brass measuring spoons engraved with tad, dash, pinch and smidgen. A gift that’s sure to make your foodie friend smile. Includes a leather tie for hanging.

BOWL AND WHISK SET // Crafted from stoneware, finished with a cream-hued reactive glaze, then paired with a wooden handle whisk, this bowl set is an essential tool for whipping up all your favorite sauces and dressings.

STONEWARE COLANDER SET // This set of cream stoneware colanders combines function and beauty in one versatile kitchen tool. Use to rinse and serve fresh produce. Both sizes include sturdy handles for easy transportation.

COTTON STRIPED HALF APRON // The half apron is a hospitable addition to your ensemble when kitchen tasks require protection. Made from soft and durable cotton, it features minimalist stripes and is designed for easy movement.

FRENCH ROLLING PIN // From novices to professionals, every baker needs this tool. Our French rolling pin is handcrafted from solid wood with a long, smooth, tapered shape that makes it easier to evenly roll out dough.

CHEESE GRATER AND SERVING BOWL // Upgrade your grating game with a combination of sleek stainless steel and natural marble. Simply slide the grater into the holder and watch as the base effortlessly catches each shred of cheese.

STONEWARE MIXING BOWLS SET // Stoneware mixing bowls with easy-to-pour spouts are a must-have kitchen tool. This set includes four different sizes, providing options for all your cooking needs. A glazed matte base and glossy cream top lend timeless appeal.

PASTRY CUTTER // This pastry cutter is a must-have for baking enthusiasts. Made with high-quality stainless steel, the wheel will precisely score, mark and cut dough while the wood handle provides a secure grip for easy handling.

MINIMALIST MARBLE COOKBOOK STAND // Bring functional style to your kitchen with this minimalist stand, perfect for displaying a favorite cutting board or cookbook. Made from natural marble.

STONEWARE STRAINER SPOON // This white stoneware spoon is a useful tool in your kitchen arsenal. Keep it at hand to easily drain capers, olives, and pickles, or for straining pasta and vegetables. Comes in Medium and Small

CHEF-IN-TRAINING SET // The perfect gift for aspiring cooks! Set includes a cotton striped apron, chef hat, and oven mitts – everything needed for little ones to have a fun and safe kitchen experience.

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