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Celebrating Easter At Home

Easter will be very different this year than in years past as we won’t be able to celebrate with our loved ones or attend our church. Easter is such an important day of celebrating our faith and it makes me sad to think about the traditions that we will be missing out on this year. I know that we are blessed beyond measure to be able to stream a church service, plan a fancy brunch and spend time with our family this year so we are going to make the best of our plans changing and have a fantastic Easter at home! We will live stream our church service and our church’s kids program in the am and then spend the day playing and making memories for an Easter we are surely to never forget. Here are a couple of ways we plan on celebrating Easter at home this year!

Dress Up!

Even though we won’t be going to church, easter brunch or our favorite egg hunt, we still will be looking the part and doing brunch and an egg hunt at home! I want Easter morning at home to be low key but special and see no harm in wearing twirly, comfy dresses to celebrate! I will put the girls in this precious Pink Chicken dress that I had planned on them wearing and throw on something breezy myself.

Fun fact, my mom and I used to fight over me wearing a hat to Easter! She wanted the hat and I obviously didn’t, so we compromised and rotated years. One year I had to wear a hat that I would conveniently lose somewhere in a church closet and the next year I got to go hatless.

Mom and girls in matching outfits

Easter 2019

Set A Pretty Table

Throw some blooms in a vase, dust off your pretty plates, add some dyed eggs, light candles for the table! I’ll be sharing an affordable & SUPER EASY spring table next week for you to copy if you want! There is also inspiration galore on my Pinterest page!

Keep The Menu Casual

There is no need to stress in the kitchen, unless that brings you joy! If you’re eating breakfast or brunch, try a pancake baord with fun toppings like chocolate chips, fruit and whip cream. Or you could have a cereal bar! You could also make a breakfast casserole, french toast bake or a quiche ahead of time that you can just thaw and throw in the oven. I have save a bunch of easy, yummy recipes on this Pinterest board.

Keep It Fun For Kids

If you have little ones in the house, print out bunny footprints leading to their Easter baskets! Or hide Easter eggs the night before with hints on where to find their baskets. You can do an easy Easter craft, have an indoor Easter egg hunt or one around your yard! My friend Monika Hibbs has the cutest printables! She also has a cute tutorial for decorative Easter eggs!

My girls will hunt Easter eggs for month on a typical year so there is no reason we can’t make the most of it at home! We are also going to make these cute easter bunny cinnamon rolls from @Kristensellentin.

Easter Baskets for Kids

If you’re still looking for Easter basket supplies, here are all of my best ideas!

Easter Baskets and Fillers

Easter Devotionals and Books

Easter Basket Arts and Crafts

Easter Basket Outside Play

Easter Gifts for Babies

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  1. AlExis says:

    Love this! Thank you for making me excited for a simple Easter at home!