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Why I Take Care/of Vitamins

Vitamin subscription with CareOf

Whenever I’m really excited about things, like partnering with Care/of, I tend to ramble. I will research articles, go to a brand’s site and do an absolute DEEP DIVE and try to get you guys the most information possible. I’ve been taking and subsequently talking about Care/of Vitamins on my instagram for years (literally) and there are many reasons why I continue to use them. In this post I’m going to try to summarize the greatness that is Care/of in as concise a way possible. I do want to mention that Care/of is sponsoring this post and giving you guys an awesome promo code as well as mention that I was a customer of theirs before I started working with them! If you don’t read anything else, I want you to know that Care/of is a company with transparency that makes taking high-quality vitamins convenient and they are the sole reason that I have had a consistent vitamin routine for the past 3 years.

Personalized vitamins.

How Does Care/of Work?

Care/of provides a monthly subscription of personalized vitamins, delivered right to your door. They are a wellness company where high quality meets personalization. Focusing on the quality, science, and research that goes into each of their products and recommendations, Care/of tailors a personalized wellness approach for you. They are super transparent about their research and sourcing behind all of their products!

To get started with Care/of, you take a 5-minute quiz on their website that will help you figure out what vitamins and supplements you need to meet your health and wellness goals. This short online quiz is like getting a one-on-one meeting with a nutritionist. You answer questions about your diet, lifestyle and health goals including how often you work out, how much sleep you get, and more.

I LOVE how in-depth their quiz is while also being easy to complete. You can customize it to meeting a certain goal, like helping reduce stress or sleeping better, or just general wellness. They can tailor your vitamin routine to address immunity, sleep, stress, energy, fitness, digestion, brain health, hair, skin, nails, heart and bones!

Care/Of Vitamins are easy to organize.

Each Care/of subscription box comes with 30 packs, meant to be taken once a day. Powders come with the amount specified online and are meant to be taken as needed depending on your lifestyle. Once you’re near the end of a month of vitamins or powders, they start to prepare a new box for you. The quantities that are listed on the website are what is included in the packs and you can cancel at any time!

My Personalized Vitamins

Consistency is key when you are taking vitamins. I keep my Care/of vitamins right by my coffee maker so that I can grab them as I’m heading out the door in the morning. I also love that I can count out packets and take them with me for trips or weekends at the lake. You could put them in your gym bag, by your bathroom sink or somewhere that naturally fits into your daily routine. Your results will be different than mine but here are the vitamins they recommended for me and what I have been taking.

How CareOf works to deliver personalized vitamins.

Ashwagandha // Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that’s been used traditionally for centuries. It’s a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, and recent research has shown it can help support a healthy response to stress.* Give me all the ashwagandha.

Iron // I take iron because it’s an essential mineral for red blood cell production, impacting your energy levels and cognition by transporting oxygen throughout the body.*

Magnesium // Magnesium supports muscle recovery, muscle function, helps maintain healthy bones, and supports sleep.* You might not be getting enough magnesium if you don’t eat a lot of leafy greens, beans, or nuts, which contain magnesium, or if you consume a lot of alcohol, which may deplete it.

Calcium Plus // Care/of’s calcium is sourced from Icelandic red algae and combined with vitamin K and fermented vitamin D. Calcium is great for bone health and essential for bodily functions like muscle movement.*

Vitamin C // Vitamin C is important for immune health and great for boosting collagen levels. You can get vitamin C naturally naturally in fruits and vegetables, like oranges, broccoli, and tomatoes, and the best way to get it is to consume these foods raw. If you’re not getting a lot of these foods in your diet, you may be getting less than the daily recommended amount. Care/of’s Vitamin C is fermented with organic yeast and foods, making it resemble Vitamin C in its food-based form.

Why I Keep Subscribing

Why you should use a personalized vitamin subscription.

My main reasons for taking daily vitamins is to maintain healthy stress levels, support my immune system, and to supplement my overall health. I have tried to go rogue in the past on the vitamin aisle and piece together what I think I need to be taking, but I’m always second-guessing myself on the dosage, what should be taken with what, and what I actually need. I love that Care/of’s experts take out the guess-work and keep me informed on what I need to take and why.

I also deeply appreciate Care/of’s honest approach. In an industry overrun with false labels, magic pills and fine print, Care/of gives it to you straight. Their algorithm takes into account details about your personal health goals and lifestyle as well as research – think hundreds of studies – about the efficacy of different supplements. They are transparent about their sourcing practices and supply chain and disclose all of that information.

Another reason I continue to take Care/of vitamins is because they take quality really seriously.. All of their products are properly tested (3 times during the supply chain) and verified. They source only the best ingredients from around the world from sustainably farmed plants. 

Once you have a personalized plan, Care/of also helps you stick with it. They have an app where you can track your supplements, learn about how they work and get recommendations on changes.

Vitamin subscription service

Care/Of Promo Code

By now you hopefully are wanting to try Care/of! If you use the promo code CRISTIN50, they are going to give you 50% off of your first order!

CareOf vitamins review

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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