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Bric’s Bellagio Luggage

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share my favorite luggage with you all and some helpful tips when packing. I decided to invest in a hard-case spinner when I had one too many suitcases get crushed in transit. I have purchased so many pieces of luggage from specialty discount stores over the years thinking that I would end up saving money. $100 here, $150 there and before you know it I’ve blown so much money on luggage that just ends of wearing down in a year or two of use. Enter my BRIC’s Bellagio Spinner. It’s made exceptionally well, makes organizing my clothes so easy and it’s so pretty. Not only have I teamed up with BRIC’s to give one reader a piece of this luggage but they are also giving all of you 20% off if you use code TSSG20 at checkout. If that isn’t a big enough discount for you then you can buy this black and white beauty for 50% off!!

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

BRIC’s Bellagio 30″ Spinner Trunk – Head over to my instagram account to enter to win one! If you win you get to pick whichever color you want!

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

I am a serial unpacker when I travel. I can’t even enjoy myself until my room is organized and my clothes are hanging in the closet. I love that this luggage has a hook for your hanging clothes because it makes unpacking so easy. Just hook the hangers on the little hook and fold your clothes in half. Once you get to your destination they are ready for the closet!

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

On top of the hanging clothes I fold my tees, cotton tops and then layer them with my jeans. I like to pack a pair of distressed casual jeans, nice dark jeans and then black or white denim.

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

Then I tuck my swimsuits and workout gear around the outsides.

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

I love this suitcase because you can zip all of your clothes into one compartment. This is especially helpful when you’re coming home and you can zip all of your dirty clothes and keep them separated from the items that are still clean.

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

On the other side I layer my shoes, toiletries and tools. I typically take a pair of sneakers, a pair of block heels or wedges, a pair of nice pumps and a couple of pairs of sandals.

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

Around my clothes I tuck in socks, underwear, bras and other misc items like bags with chargers, etc. It isn’t pretty and I don’t really want to show you my underwear so therefore it isn’t pictured. 🙂

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

The other side of this suitcase clips in which is awesome because while the zipped compartment keeps items contained this side allows you to loosen the ties for if you needed to secure a larger item.

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

In the top of my zipped pockets I stash any items I want to get to quickly for if I have a layover or an overnight aka my PJs.

brics bellagio spinner luggage (1 of 15)

I mean how amazing is this luggage?!?! Head on over to my instagram account to enter to win it in the color of your choosing! You can also save?20% off of any BRIC’s item with code TSSG20 at checkout.

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  1. Monica Stewart says:

    This sounds like an awesome piece of luggage! I have ea cheap set of luggage that I’ve used on short trips and I c n already see the wear and tear. I am going on my very first plane ride this September to Venice Beach, California with my sister and am so very excited! Thank you for all the great tips on how to pack since I’ve never really knew how to! This will help me a lot when I pack for my trip! This luggage has so many great, unique features and I would love to get one for my next trip! Thank you!

  2. Heather says:

    Completely have been eyeing this luggage! Love it!!

  3. Shilpa Shetty says:

    Waaw,… Beautiful suitcase,.. I want it tooo,..

  4. ladylisa49 says:

    How nice!! Would love to own this! Entered

  5. Kristen says:

    This luggage is so timeless in its beauty but also so efficient!! Thank you for displaying best practices with packing. I always feel I never know where to begin!?

  6. When will you announce the winner??

  7. CUx2 says:

    Cristin – we’ve been thinking about giving the train case to our daughter for Christmas but couldn’t find it discounted anywhere online. Then I saw your post from July with the 20% off link at the Bric’s website, tried it on this day of infamy (Dec. 7th) and it still works – Yay!!!

  8. Dan says:

    I have been eying this set for a while but wanted to understand the hanging system before I bought it. I’m a tall guy and also a serial unpacker. Even for overnights, everything has to be put away. I’m not a guy to live out of a suitcase. Question? I’m a tall guy. My jackets and dress shirts need to come out of the bag and into the closet. What condition do these pieces come out of the bag in? I totally do not know how to set up an ironing board. And while I love the Champaign color, doesn’t it get dirty in the baggage compartment? My Tumi is a wreck.

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