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Best of December

From gift guides to stocking stuffers to cozy winter outfits, December was PACKED FULL of some of my favorite finds from the year! I always love learning what you guys purchased the most of each month, but December is extra special since I get to see what you bought as gifts for your loved ones! This month’s best sellers included stocking stuffers like scalp massagers and electric candle lighters, but also big ticket items like winter coats and quality denim. Plus, it brought some of the year’s best outfits!

You can always visit my Daily Looks page or my Shop Instagram page for links to the items I share on Instagram, Facebook, or on the blog. I update these regularly, so chances are if you’re looking for a link to something I’ve shared, you will find it on one (or both!) of these pages. You can also, of course, browse these best of posts to find whatever it is that you’re looking for! Browse my looks from December below, and be sure to check out the best sellers from the month toward the bottom of this post!

Holiday Party Dress

Dress (small)

Bobble Sweater + Serena and Lily Bedding

Sweater // Quilt // Duvet Cover // Shams // Rug // Throw Pillow // Lamp

Stylish Denim Under $100

Jacket // Jeans // Graphic Tee // Leopard Flats

Striped Sweater with Jeans

Sweater // Jeans // Leopard Flats // Sunglasses

Winter Look with Backcountry

Canada Goose Parka // Sunglasses // Vest // Button Up Top // Hat // Boots // Leggings

eBay Holiday Gift Guide

Sweater // Denim // Shoes // Bag // Sunglasses

Dyson v11 Torque Drive Vacuum Review

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes

Sweater // Hat Base // Pom

Kiwi Botanicals Manuka Honey Beauty Products

Anthropologie Blouse

Christmas Mantle Decorations

Similar Garland // Candle Sticks // Taper Candles // Bells // Ribbon // Stockings // Lanterns // Candles // Basket

Halogen Sweater with Jeans

Sweater // Jeans // Bag // Booties

Kut From The Kloth

Jeans // Top // Shoes


Sweaters // Leggings // Boots // Coats

Coat // Jeans

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Chair // Basket // Buffalo Plaid Pillow

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes

Flats // Jeans // Top // Vest

Top (Medium) // Jeans (27) // Flats

December Best Sellers

Anthropologie Tunic Sweater // Ah, yes. THE sweater tops the best seller list again! Can’t say I’m surprised!!

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer // Ride or die drugstore bronzer. Under $8!

High-Low Turtleneck Sweater // I first shared this turtleneck here in pink, but it comes in tons of great neutrals as well.

Leather Apple Watch Band // A great inexpensive Apple Watch band that comes in dozens of colors.

Anthropologie Birthstone Ring Set // I used these for a giveaway in December and y’all loved them so much you swiped them for yourselves!

Zella Leggings // The best workout leggings! And they’re on sale!

Ardell False Lashes // My go-to falsies for special events.

Kut from the Kloth Jeans // Reviewed these jeans here! Love them so much and they’re priced extremely well.

BP Leather Booties // I’ve been wearing these since September and they’re holding up quite nicely! Currently 33% off.

Electronic Candle Lighter // Okay, whoever invented this is brilliant. No more burning yourself while trying to get the most out of your almost gone candle!

Gold Screw Bracelet // A designer dupe that I wear DAILY!

Face Steamer // This face steamer is under $40! I steam my face at night before I apply my serums/treatments and think it really helps me get the most out of my products.

M-61 Power Glow Peels // I have been using these daily and can definitely tell they are making a HUGE impact on my skin.

Special Shit All Purpose Seasoning // I mean, what guy wouldn’t get a kick out of this all purpose seasoning? I included this in my roundup of stocking stuffers and you guys loved it.

Wikki Sticks for Doodlers // These are great to keep on hand for long waits in the doctor’s office, car rides, during the sermon at church…pretty much whenever you need your kids to be quietly entertained.

Scalp Massagers // Another winner from my stocking stuffer guide! But seriously these things are heaven and you get a pack of 2 for around $8!

J. Crew Factory Vail Parka // This parka is my go-to nice coat for the season. The factory version is currently 50% off!

Jack Black Hand Healer // Included this stuff in my stocking stuffer guide. It’s great for men who work with their hands constantly (like Zach)!

Sole Society Loafers // I have these loafers in the tan color and love them!

J. Crew Parka for Girls // These parkas are perfect for little girls! They are super warm and come in 4 great colors.

iPhone Charging Cables // We can never have enough of these! Stick them in every room of your house so you’re never short a charger.

Sole Society Black Booties // The best basic black booties I’ve found this season!

Loft Mock Neck Sweater // This cream colored sweater has a mock neck and a flattering fit!

Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans // This is the button front pair I wear all the time!

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  1. ELiZabeth young says:

    I need the hot pink sweater!!! @elizabethjblogs on the gram

  2. Carol Stice says:

    I need new jeans and the Kut from the Kloth jeans look perfect!

  3. Sarah hill says:

    I so want to try the Madewell Skinny Jeans!

  4. Amy says:

    I love the hot pink turtleneck!

  5. Stacia C. says:

    Love the pink turtleneck sweater and dream of the Canada Goose coat!!

  6. Laura Lynn Stubbs says:

    Love the jcrew parka

  7. Angie Belew says:

    That pink sweater is amazing! Love it so much!!

  8. Jennifer Pizzi says:

    I just bought the anthropology sweater! I’m in LOVE with it! I can’t wait to wear it!

  9. Sharon says:

    I’m still lusting after a Canada Goose coat, and I really like the leopard flats.

  10. Lori Manning says:

    I want to try the glow peels #betterskin2020

  11. Caroline (Carey) jansen says:

    Definitely looking at the Dyson!

  12. Whitney Massey says:

    Can’t wait to try the Madewell jeans!

  13. Caroline Newman says:

    Holy smokes, that Anthro sweater in the yellow/gold color is what I have had my eye on since you posted it!! Gorgeous!

  14. Mandy Hantla says:

    My fave are the Madewell high rise skinnies. So flattering on many body shapes.

  15. Heather Clark says:

    The Zella leggings for sure!!! New year new me! I need to get this body in shape 😭😂🙌🏼

  16. Laura Smith says:

    The black Pom sweater is my favorite

  17. Melissa says:

    Glow peel

  18. Mindy says:

    Love your make up/skincare recommendations! Can’t wait to try CT

  19. Emily says:

    I got some Madewell jeans!! So excited. My first pair.

  20. Erin Smith says:

    Oh my word…what don’t I want to buy. First and foremost, the graphic tee with the jean jacket is right up my alley. Faux leather leggings and your rough hemmed jeans are my goals! You are beautiful in anything you put on!

  21. Sarah says:

    The Canada Goose Parka has been on my #goals list for far too long, time to pull the trigger!

  22. Olivia says:

    Love the coated jeans and the anthro blouse! And def ordering the last outfit- the stripes with the black jeans and cheetah shoes!

  23. Sophie says:

    M-61 Power glow pads!!

  24. Erin Bryan says:

    One can never have too much denim! Love madewell 🙂

  25. KAMRYN wOFFORD says:

    Ahhh I love these Sole Society flats in taupe! They would be perfect as I start my first post-grad job in a few weeks!

  26. Charlotte Morgan says:

    I’ve seen so many people talking about the butter bronzer…might be time to finally try it. I am also very intrigued by the face steamer!

  27. Shelby B says:

    Zella workout leggings for the win 🙌🏼

  28. Caitie Pratt says:

    Those Kut from Kloth raw hemmed jeans give me all the heart eyes! And those ss loafers!

  29. Lori Cipriano says:

    All the sweaters 🥰

  30. Alexa Budry says:

    The December Best Seller I’m most likely to buy is the face steamer! I’ve recently fell in love with skincare and this product seems like a dream come true for my face and pores <3

  31. Paula plato says:

    I’d like to try the face steamer. Sounds amazing!!

  32. Heather Howard says:

    I have been wanting to try that bronzer for a while, nearly purchased it at Ulta then saw it later on the post and was like DOH! Same with those leather leggings, amazing!

  33. Beth Veronis says:

    Ive been on the fence about the face steamer and wondering if I will use it as much as I should. But its on the short list of items that I need to get.

  34. Ashlie says:

    I keep putting Madewell jeans in my Nordstrom bag but haven’t bought some yet. They would probably be my first purchase!

  35. Cassie says:

    Love all the sweaters and the leopard flats!

  36. Anna Tyson says:

    Keep wanting to try the Facial Steamer but haven’t added it to cart yet. 🙈 might have to buy it soon

  37. Celeste Arsenault says:

    I would have to second the Zella leggings for sure! I just bought my first maternity pair and I’m kicking myself for not buying them sooner. Hands down the best pair of leggings I own.

  38. Megan Veron says:

    The Madewell high rise skinny jeans! Or the apple watch band but that would also require buying an apple watch! P.S. Geaux Tigers!

  39. Andrea says:

    Ordered the anthro sweater and I’m pumped!!!

  40. Tara Smith says:

    I think I’d most likely buy the madewell jeans or Zella leggings! But everything you post is so good!!!

  41. Kim Pincombe-Cole says:

    The JCrew parka and Kut from the Kloth jeans are my faves! Serious staples that get a lot of use in my winter wardrobe.

  42. Nicole says:

    Thanks for rounding all that up! Santa brought me an Apple Watch for Christmas this year so I think of your list of December Best Sellers the leather watch straps are what I’m most likely to purchase! Thank you 😊

  43. Cathie lansing says:

    The face steamer is the Best Seller item I will be buying !!!

  44. Alisa Snider says:

    I really need the Special Shit!😊

  45. Mallory Styles says:

    Gah gah over the Canada Goose parka. Do I live in the south and therefore don’t need it? Yes. Do I love it? Yes. We might have some cold days come February. Haha!

  46. Marlo Mazhari says:

    I’m definitely going to be needing the iPhone charging chords! I have a feeling my toddler is going to be getting a lot more screen time this month because this mama is going to need to do some serious calorie burning after everything I’ve eaten in the last month…

  47. Codi bouknight says:

    The madewell jeans are seriously calling my name!

  48. Chelsea says:

    Love your style! Looking for new jeans in the new year and want to check out that Anthro top!

  49. Cheryl roccamo says:

    Zella leggings, Apple leather watch and the face steamer. Especially the face steamer have heard so much about them.

  50. Beth Marshall says:

    I have my eye on the Madewell jeans.I share your love for Kut from the Kloth so appreciate your endorsement of these Madewell jeans.

  51. Julie says:

    Likely buy your bedding from Serena and Lily!

  52. Kristi Woods says:

    I want to try the Olaplex !!!

  53. Lori Jewell says:

    I would buy the kut from the cloth raw hem jeans, the sole society loafers, elemis collagen cream!

  54. Pam says:

    I’m loving those black jeans with the denim jacket!

  55. Kimberly james says:

    Well this is a tough one because they’re were so many good ones! But I love the Anthropologie tunic sweater and then the scalp massager!

  56. Ashley Mains says:

    I LOVE that goose parka! #needthisinmylife

  57. Emily Ledbetter says:

    Loving the anthro tunic sweater!!

  58. MadIson says:

    Would love the J. Crew Parka! So cute!!

  59. Allison says:

    I went to buy the Anthropologie tunic sweater and it was sold out in my size..☹️

  60. Emily schutZman says:

    Really want to try the Zella leggings! 😊

  61. Jamie says:

    KUT from KLOTH jeans or Sole Society booties!!

  62. Erin Monast says:

    Madewell jeans and leopard flats!

  63. Kacie says:

    I am planning to use some Christmas money for a face steamer! I also LOVE the physicians formula bronzer!

  64. Caitlin B says:

    I practically live in tunic sweaters for work (paired with Loft leggings), the Anthro one looks cute!!

  65. Erin says:

    I want the Kut from the Kloth Jeans!

  66. Elizabeth Hubbard says:

    I want to finally pull the trigger on Zella leggings!! Loved this round up!

  67. Kayla Maier says:

    I’m loving the JCrew silk leopard button up! I can see myself wearing that!

  68. Monique Cook says:

    Love the polka dot sweater and the pink sweater.

  69. Broni W Aiken says:

    Definitely the glow peel!!!

  70. Abby says:

    Zella workout leggings to kick off the new year! 🎉

  71. Tarri says:

    I’m always pausing when I see the Anthropologie blouse. Love it!

  72. Lauren Burns says:

    The Sole Society loafers!! 😍

  73. Brittany Hannon says:

    Most likely to buy the Anthro sweater or the parka for the girls…just can’t decide!

  74. Meredith hatley says:

    Denim!! Thank you for real life opinions on fashion! I’ll be looking for new jeans soon and these will be at the top of my list!

  75. Monique Blaylock says:

    I need to get the electronic candle lighter! Such a smart idea!

  76. Amy Wille says:

    I love the Zella leggings!! The butter bronzer is the best!!

  77. Brittany Barker says:

    I would most likely buy the J crew parka and cheetah flats!

  78. Danica says:

    I bought the power peels that you suggested! I may try the face steamer out next!

  79. Megan Burnette says:

    I am OBSESSED with the Zella leggings!! Thank you so much for sharing those!!

  80. Martha says:

    Zella leggings

  81. Tracey McCarthy says:

    I think I’m more likely to purchase the Nordstrom or madewell jeans. High waist of course!!!

  82. Christiana says:

    Love all your sweaters and the flats are perfect for a comfortable yet chic work shoe!

  83. Shinista Anderson says:

    I hope I win the beauty box samples give away!!! I would by jeans and sweaters!!!😍😍

  84. Morgan Mailath says:

    I have been wanting to try KUT JEANS so bad

  85. ALyssa says:

    I am totally gonna try the drug store bronzer! Love a great deal.

  86. Ashley says:

    No matter how many I already have hanging in my closet, I’m always a sucker for a pretty winter coat like the J Crew parka!

  87. Ashley Durbin says:

    I love my Zella leggings and scalp massagers!!! I really want to try the M-61 Power Glow Peels!

  88. Carrie says:

    Love the sweaters…seriously considering the Anthropologie one!

  89. Cynthia says:

    I would love to get the facial steamer or the pink turtleneck/sweater! Thanks for sharing these!

  90. Annie says:

    Love the JCrew Vail Parka!

  91. Leah says:

    First off, thank you for being you and thank you for your honesty. That’s a hard thing to come by in the blogging world.
    I’d like to get a pair of madewell skinnies but I’d also like to try the Physicians Formula butter bronzer.
    Happy New Year!!

  92. Paislea Stolarski says:

    All of it? Haha love the anthro tunic and the watch band!

  93. Cecilia Schmolke says:

    The polka dot sweater is so precious! Definitely need to add to my wardrobe 😍

  94. Bekah says:

    Love the birthstone rings.. deciding on whether I get mine or my daughters

  95. michelle perry says:

    Glow peel, zella leggings and the electric candle lighter!! All are AMAZING!!

  96. Kelly says:

    I would get the facial steamer and glow pads. Your skin looks amazing! I also want to get a pair of the madewell jeans.

  97. Katie McDonald says:

    On Wednesday’s we wear pink!
    Which is why I need that pink turtleneck!!

  98. KATelYn says:

    I would probably buy the pink high low sweater. I’ve been looking for a good pink sweater like this one, and I haven’t found anything I like as much. Might just have to swipe up on that one.

  99. Kacie East says:

    I love my Madewell jeans, but definitely want to try Kut from the Kloth jeans!

  100. Tracy Kissling says:

    Bought the J Crew fair Isle sweater and love it! Also, couldn’t resist the YSL handbag, gorgeous!

  101. Arley says:

    I bought the anthro blouse and love it, but interested in trying the kit from the kloth Jeans. You also sold me on the madewell ones and adore those!

  102. Julie says:

    I love the loafers, the sunglasses and the Madewell tote. All so fabulous! The glow peels sound fantastic as well.

  103. Caroline says:

    Anthro sweater!!! ♥️

  104. Monica Davenport says:

    Need some Zella Leggings for my upcoming Disney trip!

  105. Rebecca Dragoo says:

    The Anthro sweater! 🧶

  106. Sara Curtis says:

    Ooo I need all the things! But the Zella leggings are top on my list!

  107. Ruth Kelly says:

    My fav item was definitely the dress

  108. Alissa Harris says:

    I finally got “the sweater” (on sale)! Yay! I may have to try the Madewell Jeans next! They look so cute on you! Thank you for the continuous inspiration!!!

  109. Ashley Gourley says:

    The face steamer looks fun!

  110. Elizabeth weaVer says:

    EVERYTHING! But I really want to try the face steamer and glow peels

  111. Vic says:

    Loving these letters!!
    Definitely the jeans and Antron rings for gifts!!
    Happy New Year

  112. Cassandra Green says:

    The face steamer feels so extra but I love it!! I’d buy that and the candle lighter- the gas ones freak me out. Thanks for the roundup!

  113. Cindy Carroll Belk says:

    Madewell jeans look great.

  114. Rhoda Q says:

    I received a pair of Zella leggings for Christmas and love them!!! I now want to buy a few more!

  115. AllIe says:

    Zella leggings for sure!

  116. EmIly says:

    Apple leather watch band🙌🏼
    BP booties-Have them and love them!

  117. Meridith Rollins says:

    I am really loving the jcrew sweater. It is on sale right now so I may have to snatch it. I am also wanting that brown Patagonia fleece but I know that isn’t one of the December favorites but it is one of mine!

  118. Sheila Price says:

    I love the Becca Tilley pink high-low turtleneck. The olive is nice, too.

    I’m also a fan of the J.Crew Vail Parka! It’s just so nice feeling and warm.

  119. Lauren says:

    Madewell High Rise skinnies for sure!

  120. Kirby W says:

    I need that Apple Watch band! 👌🏼💕

  121. Katrina goodman says:

    I already got the Sole Society booties. I am thinking I need the electronic candle lighter & the glow pads!

  122. Lyndsay Bradford says:

    I can’t wait to try the Zella leggings!

  123. Brandi says:

    I’m most likely to buy the Zella leggings…especially since they are on Sale!

  124. Ashley Walters says:

    I would buy either of the Anthro sweaters! I love the color in the first one and the one that’s a mock neck cashmere is super cute!!

  125. Briana says:

    Pom Pom sweater! Or the Pom Pom hat!

  126. Janet Stec says:

    Clucked through to buy the Anthropologie house. Sold out. I won’t give up, though.

  127. Lyndsey Lewis says:

    Definitely the Zella leggings or Madwell jeans!!!

  128. Courtney claypoole says:

    Praise on the scalp massager for lifeee

  129. Cameron Beers says:

    That Anthropologie tunic sweater! 😍So sad its sold out in my size! 2nd pick will definitely be trying the glow peels!

  130. Sydney Dunlop says:

    Need that peel! Of any clothing because I’m a creature of habit…

  131. Nicole says:

    I got the Anthro sweater in white and love it! Would love the Sole Society loafers, too!

  132. Arley Turner-Allen says:

    Love both the anthro blouse and the tunic sweater! You also have me obsessed with the madewell jeans so would be interested in the kut from the kloth ones. I also liked the dupe bracelet but it’s no longer available. Do you know of another good dupe?

  133. Megan Griffith says:

    I want it all! That jcrew parka, the Anthropologie blouse, and I’d love to try the glow peels!

  134. Sarah Gordinier says:

    Love all the sweaters for December and been dying to get a facial steamer. This one is cost friendly and I enjoyed your review!

  135. Ashley Collier says:

    I’d buy the gold screw bracelet 100 times over and for gifts! ❤️❤️❤️ Let’s be honest, I’d buy all of it!!!

  136. Lauren says:

    Ordering the leather Apple Watch band!! Love that!! Thanks for sharing!!

  137. Erin Lozowski says:

    Can’t wait to add the high low turtleneck sweater to my wardrobe!!

  138. Sarah Cloer says:

    All the turtlenecks!

  139. Colleen says:

    Kut form the Koltay jeans look amazing and I am definitely going after the black waxed pair!

  140. Megan says:

    I think I need to buy THE Thanksgiving sweater from Anthropologie.

  141. Jill edwards says:

    I am dying to buy that Canada Goose coat. I love it!

  142. Shanna says:

    I would love to buy the Gold Screw Bracelet!

  143. Lora Hicks says:

    Omg I need that facial steamer #clearskin2020 and love the birthstone ring as well both are steals!

  144. Misty Thomas Walsh says:

    I’d love the Apple Watch band but really I want the Dyson!

  145. Jenny G says:

    Loving that Anthro blouse! And I would love to try the power peels.

  146. Lauren says:

    Already bought the pink turtleneck sweater because I loved how it looked on you! Also got the red! Hah! Love them both! ❤️

  147. Heather Harris says:

    I should try those Madewell jeans. I’m always looking for a good pair of jeans.

  148. Abby Brown says:

    All about that graphic tee life!!!

  149. Caitlin says:

    Can never go wrong with Zella leggings!

  150. Alisha A. Wendelboe says:

    I cannot begin to count how many times I’ve repurchased the butter bronzer. Holy Grail is an understatement.

  151. Katie k says:

    I love all things Anthro, but especially this tunic sweater you’ve been posting about! I want it in every color. 🙌🏼
    I’m also drooling over that Canada Goose jacket 😍

  152. Jacquelyn Tatro says:

    So into the graphic tees right now!!

  153. Samantha Crain says:

    I would love to try Kut from the Kloth & Madewell Jeans!

  154. Rachel Allman says:

    I’m getting THE sweater 🙂

  155. Paige Morton says:

    That JCrew turtleneck sweater is eye catchingly beautiful! I have similar coloring to you and think it’s so pretty on you!

  156. Elyse says:

    I want to try the glow peels!!

  157. Cathy Smith says:

    I am most likely to buy the Madewell striped turtleneck. I love turtlenecks and this white and black strip is my style.

  158. Casey Pellett says:

    Already bought the Anthropologie blouse- love it!!

  159. Isabelle Kozlov says:

    Definitely need to buy those Madewell jeans 😍

  160. Andrea isaak says:

    This electronic candle lighter! Genius!!

  161. Melissa Carter says:

    Love the Madewell striped turtleneck!

  162. Elizabeth dean says:

    love the Steve Madden Flats!!

  163. Katie Greenlaw says:

    The Power Glow Peels. Turning 40 hasn’t been great for my skin.

  164. Kaci Rosipal says:

    Would love to the Canadian goose jacket! If only I didn’t live in Texas where it is currently 70 degrees…

  165. Jenn says:

    Bedroom refresh is in full effect – thanks for the duvet cover link!!!

  166. Rachel Bartlemay says:

    I tried to buy the anthro tunic sweater but after waiting a week for it to ship, they cancelled my order 😭

  167. Lauren mccann says:

    Give me all the M61 power peels! Or anything anthro!

  168. carOline c says:

    Just bought my first pair of Madewell jeans thanks to you!!

  169. Heather Brewer says:

    The power glow peels. As I get older my skin care is so important!!!

  170. Elizabeth says:

    I love that anthro sweater! It’s perfect

  171. Debbie says:

    I’m most likely to purchase the green sweater you were wearing with the vacumn. Looks comfy.

  172. Laura Ackard says:

    I love the Madewell jeans and will definitely be purchasing your recommendation!

  173. Shelly Coleman says:

    Kut from the Cloth jeans!

  174. Laurie L. Semlow says:

    The bobble sweater!

  175. Rae Anne Naff says:

    I want to try either the madewell jeans or anthro blouse! I’ve been eyeing both for awhile now.

  176. Anna says:

    Madewell button front jeans for me 🥰

  177. Kaitlin Mihu says:

    Love the gold party dress! Would definitely wear

  178. Kelli says:

    Definitely grabbing another pair of the Madewell high rise jeans! I love layering outfits for different looks, so jackets and vests are looking like a must!

  179. Supritha LakshminarayaN says:

    I would buy that high low pink turtleNeck sweater!! Everything looks amazing!!

  180. Laurie jones says:

    Love Lofts sweaters! And an electronic candle lighter?? I need this!!

  181. Mallory says:

    I love the J. Crew Vail parka but it is sold out of my size!

  182. Alicia howell says:

    I need the leather Apple Watch band! My husband missed the subtle hints for Christmas!

  183. Lesly f says:

    My favorite item is the Kut from the Kloth jeans and also the pompom white sweater 😉

  184. Jordan says:

    Definitely need to buy those Madewell jeans!

  185. Emily says:

    I want to try the glow peels and Elemis moisturizer you’ve been raving about! New year, new skin!

  186. Billie says:

    I’d like to say I will be purchasing that Canada Goose jacket. 🔥🔥🔥
    But in reality (aka budget) I see the electronic lighter in my future. 🔥

  187. merebeth fabiano says:

    Grabbed your jcrew fair isle sweater, Ray-bans, and Patagonia jacket!! Thanks for having great taste and an everyday easy style 🙂

  188. Jennifer Miller says:

    The butter bronzer was an amazing suggestion!

  189. Amanda gooch says:

    I would most likely buy the Zella leggings! Mom life = leggings as pants errday.

  190. Jamie Smith says:

    Butter bronzer and peels!!

  191. Andrea says:

    Kut from the Kloth jeans

  192. Tierney DeMent says:

    Looove the J. Crew Parka! Looks so cozy 🙂

  193. Ashley Carbonell says:

    Obsessed with my Anthropology leopard print blouse!

  194. Courtney says:

    Love that jcrew coat! Would be most likely to buy that!!

  195. Amy Lambein says:

    I love the butter bronzer, and will add the peels to my routine!

  196. M’Kenzee Galloway says:

    I’ve had my eye on a pair of Madewell high rise, button fly jeans!!

  197. Julie says:

    Madewell Jeans!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  198. Brenda Phillips says:

    I’d most likely buy the anthro tunic! Looks so comfy!

  199. Michaela Richardson-Funk says:

    I would most likely by that cream sweater with little blue polka dots. The sleeve is adorable. A thought honestly, I have a long list I would purchase!

  200. Claire Odud says:

    I want to get the madewell button front jeans.

  201. Autumn begin says:

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on those leopard print flats! They’d be perfect for work!

  202. ChriStine says:

    Going to try the butter bronzer!

  203. Lindsey Johnson says:

    I would buy the face steamer because I have the driest skin ever!!

  204. Jillian Smoller says:

    Madewell skinny jeans are my fav, plus that adorable Pom sweater!

  205. Samantha Tucker says:

    Well butter bronzer is always a MUST all year long but I think I might have to pick up one of those parkas for my little girl! TOO cute!

  206. Ashley Jewett says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a watch band! This one looks great! Ordering now!

  207. Sonja Radtke says:

    Love those coated jeans from Kut from the Kloth! Need to put those on my list to buy 😍

  208. Hannah says:

    I want to get a pair of the Madewell high rise skinny jeans that you rave about!

  209. MAggie says:

    All the sweaters – absolutely gorgeous!

  210. Andrea says:

    Loving the Madewell jeans!!

  211. Sarah Gildersleeve says:

    The bronzer has become a staple for me so definitely that! I also always love your jacket/pull over recommendations. Basically live by my shopping life based off of your recommendations… not sure what this says about me as a human, but I’m about it! 😂

  212. Amelia says:

    Sadly (or not) I want/need that electric lighter! I feel like I am constantly having to buy the fluid ones and they are always empty!

  213. Eve Paul says:

    I tried to buy THE sweater when you posted it was on sale a few days ago and purchased it and was so excited and then a few days later they cancelled my order bc it sold out 😭talk about devastated haha!! Besides the sweater I’d get the power glow peel pads!!! I already got the steamer and I’m loving it so far!! So relaxing and is helping my skin!! Xoxo

  214. Chrissy Hill says:

    I’m considering the Apple Watch bands. I live mixing them up to match my outfit. I have quite a few of these items on the list already lol. I’m really enjoying the face steamer!

  215. Nancy says:

    I really want to get that Anthro tunic sweater!

  216. HalsTon says:

    Bobble sweater from madewell

  217. Jodi Shymoniak says:

    I’m thinking about the Madewell Jeans…

  218. Jeanene schwarz says:

    I would love to try the glow peel pads.

  219. Ashleigh Holt says:

    Really love that Vail Parka from JCREW!

  220. Christina McClung says:

    Just ordered the Apple Watch band and can’t wait to try the KUT from the Kloth Jeans!

  221. Courtney says:

    Definitely the birthstone rings and face steamer stand out as Best Buy’s to me!

  222. Amanda says:

    Oh I love those birthstone rings! And the moisturizers.

  223. Sarah says:

    I want to try the Madewell jeans!

  224. Karen atkins says:

    I want those shoes. All of them! 👠

  225. Linda beggs says:

    J Crew leopard blouse is my favorite!

  226. Caroline Bedell says:

    Love the Canada Goose coat. So stunning! But love everything!

  227. Jennifer Crumpton says:

    Most likely to buy the gold screw bracelet but loving all the sweaters!

  228. Courtney Collins says:

    The workout leggings would probably be my go-to, if I can’t wear shorts to walk/run in I lack motivation to do it. These would probably help in that area.

  229. Katie C says:

    I’m loving all Anthro sweaters and the High waist Madwell jeans!

  230. Angie says:

    How can I possibly pick 1?????? I love your style but if I had to pick, I’d LOVE to try the Madewell jeans.

  231. Ashley Netherton says:

    Anthro sweater I love it !! I actually already ordered it in black!

  232. Lauren nix says:

    I am loving the Anthropologie tunic sweater! Really want to try the kut from the kloth denim!

  233. Torie ross says:

    I want to buy dyson vacuum. Also interested in the amazon re chargae lighter!

  234. Shea roberts says:

    I think I would buy ALLLL the sweaters 😍 I’ve never really been a sweater girl but this year they are growing on me and I can’t get enough of them! 💗

  235. Karen Barton says:

    Madewell denim has now become a staple in my wardrobe, thank you!!

  236. Jen Sukowatey says:

    My favorites are the kut from the Lloyd jeans and the Pom Pom sweater!!!

  237. KaTie says:

    Love Madewell jeans!!

  238. Krista says:

    I need the Zella leggings in my life!

  239. Rhonda carter says:

    Most likely would by the Zella leggings. They are workhorses of an active wardrobe!

  240. Jena Garrett says:

    As boring as it is, I’d 100% buy that vacuum 😂😂

  241. Anne Flavin says:

    Leopard flats and peel pads

  242. Jessica Arevalo says:

    Those leopard flats 😍

  243. Sarah b says:

    I have considered the face steamer for awhile now, thinking of pulling the trigger and trying it out!

  244. Nicollette P says:

    Ooh physician formula bronzer for the win!!!!

  245. Ashley Lucisano says:

    All the sweaters and the coats your girls are wearing!

  246. Stephanie Hahn says:

    The sweaters!!!

  247. Julia Henderson says:

    I’m definitely most likely to buy a sweater and new shoes 😍😍😍 Mules are a must!

  248. Arin Carter says:

    ❤️❤️❤️Zella leggings! They stay while you workout and look great for those “no workout” days!

  249. Christine Moore says:

    Love all the sweaters…I’m really into very comfy cozy clothes right now! Thanks

  250. Stephanie Knutson says:

    THE sweater would be a must!!

  251. Allison emery says:

    I really enjoyed hearing about the face steamer…I have been obsessed lately with anti-aging…I feel like I just woke up over night and look so old lol…
    ? I’ve seen in stores now beauty departments selling mini fridges to keep your beauty products in, do you recommend this?
    Thank you for all the great tips!

  252. Amanda says:

    I have been using the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer for 6 months or so. I’m eyeing the Sole Society black booties as my next purchase.

  253. Maria says:

    All the sweaters and Canada goose coat!

  254. Laura Propester says:

    I already bought the Anthropologie tunic sweater. Love all of your recommendations!

  255. Jennifer Kline says:

    I would most likely buy one of the cute sweaters or leopard shoes! Love anything leopard!!

  256. Wendy Mcatee says:

    I always like new workout clothes for motivation so I would try the Zella workout leggings. Have declared Wednesday in 2020 to be “Wendy’s Walking Wednesday” and leggings would be nice addition to my wardrobe.

  257. Madison says:

    I would most likely buy the Physicians Formula Butter bronzer. I want to try it and see if it is worth the hype!

  258. Jessica Floyd says:

    I need that electronic candle lighter!!

  259. Jennifer says:

    Zella leggings! Also….based on your post, I bought the Kiwi facial cleanser, and I absolutely LOVE it!

  260. Kara says:

    Love all the sweaters. Especially the Anthropologie one. On my must-have list!

  261. Jami says:

    The pink sweater is so cute! 😍

  262. Kristin Inagaki says:

    The Anthropologie sweater! And I love some of the jackets you have shared!

  263. Chrissy Libutti says:

    The j crew parka for my girls and me!

  264. Mary Kate Holland says:

    Love the leather Apple Watch band!

  265. Lindsay Harmon says:

    Love your Anthropologie sweater and and leopard shoes. Happy New Year!

  266. Casey Bagley says:

    I’m still hoping to squeeze in a trip out west for some fun in the snow and am going to use that as an excuse to splurge on a Canadian Goose.

  267. Laura C says:

    The Brockton Bobble Sweater for sure! So cute!

  268. Allie W says:

    Those Sole Society flats have my name on them ❤️

  269. Leah says:

    Yes, glow peels!! 🖤🖤

  270. Laura pUtz says:

    The Anthro tunic sweater is the best! Held out, and snagged it on sale so I love it even more!!

  271. Mindy Baskett says:

    I want to try the Madewell jeans, still haven’t done it and you’ve sold me on them. I just hate trying in jeans!! But I’m going to give them a try.

  272. Allison Ashmore says:

    Definitely ordering the wikki sticks for my kids and eyeing the black booties for myself! I’ve been looking for a pair for months but can’t commit!

  273. Lauren Bunge says:

    I can’t wait to purchase the Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans! I’m having my second baby the end of March and can’t wait to lose the baby weight and get a great new pair of jeans!

  274. Amanda Adams says:

    Electric candle lighter on order!!

  275. Hydee says:

    Love the leather Apple Watch band!

  276. amy Cherry says:

    I love the Zella leggings. Those are the thing I’m most likely to buy.

  277. Crysty Garrett says:

    LOVE the Kit from the Kloth Jeans, all your sweater finds and the girls holiday outfits! Zachs list for men helped me buy for a husband who either has everything or is picky!

  278. Nerm says:

    I need a bronzer done will be purchasing the Physicians formula bronzer

  279. Kelly says:

    Love the madewell Jeans!! Been wanting to try them!

  280. Jill G. says:

    I would love the Pom Sweater. Bought the Anthro tunic in 2 colors!!

  281. Kaylie miller says:

    The face steamer is genius!!

  282. Abby says:

    High low turtleneck!! There are never enough good turtlenecks in my closet!

  283. Claire Grant says:

    I love the birthstone ring set!

  284. Obsessed with the leopard anthro blouse if it were half the price 😔 so probably the pink sweater!

  285. Caitlin Poirier says:

    I’d be most likely to buy any of the sweaters! I love all the different colors (aka the “Barbie” pink turtleneck) They aren’t the traditional drab winter colors

  286. Meredith Hawkins says:

    Can’t wait to buy the Zella leggings and Sole Society loafers!

  287. Mairead S says:

    I need to get some of the power glow peels and would love to try the face steamer!

  288. Ami Wood says:

    Ordering the glow peels now!! Oh and the leopard flats!! 🙌🏻

  289. Marisa says:

    Anthropologie blouse – so mad at myself for not buying when it was on sale in December!

  290. Christine Mingonet says:

    Madewell high rise skinny jeans are on my wish list!

  291. Lauren PIttman says:

    The face steamer! You have really gotten me
    Into taking care of my skin, so pretty much anything you recommend, I try.

  292. Amanda Northam says:

    I’m dying for some button front jeans from Madewell! My favorite brand of jeans ever! Love your content! ❤️

  293. Cassidy Dodson says:

    Want to try the glow peels!

  294. Heather Torres says:

    If I could get anything it would be jeans (made well or kut from the cloth) – I need new ones that don’t make my non existent butt look flat! With the holidays over my budget is super tight moving forward and I am just following and living vicariously through your purchases and making a long list for my birthday in October.

  295. Angela Wehmeyer says:

    I definitely bought some madewell jeans because of you! Love your style!

  296. Meredith Rooth says:

    I would love to buy the Anthropologie sweater! I keep looking at it but haven’t pulled the trigger yet since I can’t find room to organize the sweaters I currently own LOL.

  297. Jessica mcintire says:

    The leather Apple Watch band! I’m also already a huge fan of the Ardell lashes, use them often!

  298. Kim cecil says:

    I love all your top sellers and very intrigued by the face steamer. I may look into the Sole Society loafers!

  299. Jill Dufek says:

    I already bought “the” Anthropologie sweater, so next on my list is the Madewell jeans (never tried them before), or the Kut from the Kloth jeans?! They look awesome on you!

  300. Lara Lambert says:

    Give me all the graphic tees!

  301. Lauren hughes says:

    I love the sole society black booties 💕

  302. Katie says:

    Need those power glow peels in my life!

  303. Tamara says:

    I too love the Wikki stix! Included those in my daughters bday gift bag giveaways! I also pack them in my purse for those surprise eating out meals in hopes of keeping the littles distracted.

  304. Casey says:

    The jeans from out from the cloth look amazing! And totally need to get myself a new Dyson stick!

  305. LYndsey Smith says:

    I’m moving to south Florida this month so I’m not in the market for any winter gear but the sole society loafers look right up my alley! Thanks for all your shares!

  306. HaleY says:

    I love all things beauty so the steamed and M61 pads!

  307. Melissa Woodley says:

    Madewell jeans and the striped sweater!

  308. Erin Lynn says:

    I wish those button front jeans were still in stock. 🙁 I will be getting the lighter for sure!

  309. Kelle Stisser says:

    Constantly buying the Ardell lashes after your tutorial forever ago about how you put them on! Power Glow Peels next on the list.

  310. Katie L says:

    H&M pearl sweater is to die for! Ordering!

  311. Natalie Slater says:

    I definitely need the denim and Sole Society booties!

  312. Chandler says:

    The anthro sweater!!

  313. Michelle says:

    The jeans!

  314. Delilah says:

    I’m looking at that hand healer! Mine are already cracking

  315. Hailey Warren says:

    Those loafers!! And I’m really curious about THE Sweater:)

  316. Rachael s says:

    Already got the butter bronzer! Next up I’m trying the falsies!

  317. Savannah Pekar says:

    Love that gold dress, and I think I’m finally going to get those Out from the Kloth jeans – they look so great!!

  318. Virginia McMaster says:

    The face steamer for sure!!

  319. Sue aNn says:

    I love the Apple Watch band.

  320. Mary Charles Whitaker says:

    Anthropologie sweater, JCrew sweater. I really love the OKL chair with PB pillow!

  321. Kara says:

    Sweaters of course! My favs were the Madewell pom one and the JCrew Fair Isle!

  322. Leah Meredith says:

    Just purchased some high rise skinny jeans from Madewell and now I’m eyeing that silk leopard print J Crew top! 😍

  323. Megan Wilkinson says:

    The butter bronzer!

  324. Tricia says:

    I love the birthstone rings and Zella leggings!! Thanks for the round-up😘

  325. Calley ondocsin says:

    I got my sister the coated jeans based on your review. She loves them because spanx leather leggings just didn’t work and now I want my own pair also!

  326. Courtney Van Dyk says:

    I need to try any of these jeans that you recommend!

  327. Clair Jenkins says:

    I need to try some Madewell jeans! They look great on you!

  328. Rebecca Hudson says:

    I would most likely buy the Pom sweater and the leather Apple Watch band!!!

  329. Dalana Barbee says:

    I love the Madewell button front skinny jeans!

  330. Charley Altom says:

    Birthstone band ring set, for sure 😍!

  331. Lindsay FoX says:

    Definitely grabbing the madewell button front jeans! Got my first pair of madewells in 2019, and I’m hooked!

  332. JanIne says:

    I have to try Bethesda madewell jeans post-pregnancy! I bought the JCrew parka for myself but I’m also thinking my girls need the ones to match!

  333. Denise says:

    I would love to buy the M-61 power glow peels. I got a sample from Sephora and it was a game changer. I felt like my skin thanked me;)

  334. Megan Martin says:

    Face steamer sounds amazing – going to have to get for this winter.

  335. Katie Humphrey says:

    I love the Zella line. So I would most likely by the leggings!

  336. Kelli says:

    Need the Madewell high rise skinny jeans!

  337. Abbey S says:

    Love Zella leggings!

  338. margaret martin says:

    Already got some of the Anthro recommendations and love Madewell denim. I love a good loafers o I’d definitely love to try the ones in this post from sole society.

  339. Hannah cameron says:

    The Physicians Formula bronzer is amazing! Definitely one product I rebuy over and over again.

  340. Kristin QuiglEy says:

    Thank you for the recommendation for the face steamer. I’ve been looking for one and plan to purchase it.

  341. Stephanie corvo says:

    Most likely to buy your Kut from the Kloth Jeans, love the black with the wax coating! Thanks for putting together all of your favorites for us! 🙂

  342. Sarah Ostrander says:

    I would love any of the neutral sweaters…or anything neutral!

  343. Meredith C says:

    I’m dying for the Canada Goode parka!

  344. Ashley says:

    All things skin! Next on my wishlist is the face steamer! Stocking stuffers were off the chain this year, I should just wrapped up the whole stocking and that’s it.
    Special shit is now apart of every meal, if I didn’t use it while prepping the meal, the troops are pouring it on after!

  345. Abby Lutz says:

    Definitely want to check out some of the KUT denim!!!

  346. Rebecca says:

    I’ll most likely be buying more Zella leggings!

  347. Natalie morg says:

    BP booties 😍

  348. Johnna Hold says:

    The fair isle turtleneck sweater from JCrew is now in my cart! Bought the Anthro sweater and peasant blouse!

  349. Ashley Vincent says:

    Love all your posts and I would most likely buy the pink sweater or leopard flats!!! 💕

  350. Candace says:

    I would most likely buy the sole society black booties! Too cute!

  351. Maggie Jennings says:

    Would be all over that cute pink sweater with chevron detail! Or those distressed hem jeans !!

  352. Karlee says:

    Definitely need to finally try the physicians formula bronzer! And I’m also due for a new Apple Watch band!!

  353. Emily Tuggle says:

    I’d be most likely to buy that amazing Canada goose jacket! Had my eye on it for a few years now.

  354. Kinzie V says:

    I want to try the face steamer!! Also, love your Anthropology blouse!

  355. MaryPat Sinclair says:

    I’m really considering getting those Madewell jeans!!! But, I’m going to get a few weeks into a consistent diet and exercise routine before buying any new clothes!

  356. Kammie says:

    Would really like to try the face steamer and glow peels.

  357. Katrina Terrett says:

    I’m loving the Leather Apple Watch Band and may have to grab one!!

  358. Danielle Weger says:

    Zella leggings on repeat over here!! And Kut jeans are my absolute favorite!! Thanks for always posting the best content!!

  359. Joyce newcomb says:

    I would most likely buy the electric candle lighter. It beats the old butane ones!!

  360. Nancy Reed says:

    I am loving the birthstone rings from Anthropologie!

  361. Sarah Davis says:

    Madewell high rise skinnies! You always look so good in them!

  362. Suzanne says:

    I would love “the sweater” from Anthropologie. 😊

  363. McKenzie says:

    All about the seasoning! We love it here and it’s in my to-but list.

  364. Laura Beth Caudell says:

    I ❤️ the salmon Pom beanie and pink turtleneck sweater!!

  365. Madison Chandler says:

    The anthro blouse!!! I’m obsessed. I just need to bite the bullet already!

  366. Meredith C says:

    I also really like the Apple Watch band!

  367. Taryn Lugo says:

    Love your booties, but I have been wanting to try that butter bronzer!

  368. Kim Naquin Tubbs says:

    Definitely the Zella leggings and the physician’s formula bronzer!

  369. Päivi says:

    Love that pink sweater and Canada goose parka looks so warm and cozy!

  370. Sara Strozier says:

    If I buy all the things will I magically become you?!?! If so, sign me up!!!! Seriously, I can’t pick one.

  371. Carrie smith says:

    Glow peels for sure! Can’t wait to try!

  372. Sarah says:

    I am going to get the wikki sticks and hope my 18 month old can help herself to that next time we are at the pediatrician, aka my waking nightmare.

  373. Jillian Torres says:

    Anthropology tunic sweater for sure! Face steamer and birth stone rings are next on my list!

  374. Meredith Spell says:

    I definitely have the power glow peels and the candle lighter on my list to purchase. Also try to settle on a pair of Sorels that I want to purchase.

  375. Emily Iakovakis says:

    I want the white sweater with black polka dots or the pink sweater with pink accents! Maybe I should buy myself one … or both …

  376. Mary H. says:

    Dying to try out Madewell jeans and the facial peels. Wanting to focus on bettering my skin this year!

  377. Abby says:

    The Zella leggings, glow peels, and candle lighter are all on my list!

  378. JeNnifer says:

    Love love the Pom Pom sweater and girls parkas! And ardell lashes are the best!!!

  379. KirstEn says:

    If money wasn’t a factor I would definitely be going for a Canada goose but for now I’d be most likely to go for the Anthro tunic! ❤️❤️

  380. I LOVE Alo! They are amazing! I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of their leggings while they’re on sale!

  381. Katy Murray says:

    I have been eyeing the Dyson.

  382. Cara Wesner says:

    I am in desperate need for comfy flats to wear to school everyday! I would for sure most likely but those!

  383. Callye deBerardinis says:

    I need the scalp massager and the face steamer!!

  384. Sage Ruttan says:

    I’m a sucker for a head massage so those scalp massagers have my name all over them!

  385. Mika says:

    The electric candle lighter and the curved hem jeans From Nordstrom!! Love!!! Oh…and the glow peels….on my list!!!

  386. Gabrielle Keiser says:

    I would love to try the M-61 Power Glow peels! I could use a little help with my skin, especially during the cold winter months!

  387. Hillary Stauffer says:

    The gold screw bracelet and the anthro rings! All the jewelry please! 🙂

  388. Lauren TroianI says:

    Zella Leggings! Oh and fluffy jacket!

  389. Amanda Rush says:

    Am I lame for loving a good graphic tee and the Kut jeans?! I need a good pair of jeans after being done pregnant/nursing two kids the last 4 years and thEse look like a winner!

  390. Elizabeth says:

    From the December post, I’d most likely buy the KUT jeans (always looking for new good denim). But I also love the green anthro sweater and could always use another pair of madewells. Too many to choose from!!

  391. Louise Maclaurin says:

    I’d love the Sole Society loafers and some Special Shit seasoning. The Anthropologie blouse is super cute too. Thank for always posting awesome finds!

  392. Shannon says:

    I really need to bite the bullet and just buy that sweater tunic!!

  393. Allison Blair says:

    Definitely want to try that bronzer!

  394. Amy branch says:

    This is the year I’ll finally get those button fly Madewell jeans!!!

  395. Maria Kensey says:

    The Anthro tunic!!!! It’s a must have for sure.

  396. Breanne Atkinson says:

    I love the J Crew leopard silk shirt and Nordstrom black vest! Definitely might have to splurge on these. Because my neutral color scheme could use some prints and patterns.

  397. Brooke Spivey says:

    I want to try the KUT from the Kloth coated jeans and the Madewell ones. I need new jeans and definitely need high waisted! Plus I have those athletic thighs 🙂

  398. Jenne Taylor says:

    Wiki sticks for my kids, leather Apple Watch band for me and I already bought a new pair of Zella leggings!

  399. Heather says:

    I really want to try so many of these things…Apple Watch band, Anthropologie rings, lighter, jeans, etc

  400. CYndie WOrkman says:

    I’m ordering the PowerGlow Peel and the Madewell Button-Front jeans, they look amazing on you!! Please keep the skin care recommendations coming! I ordered the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and can’t wait to get it and try it.

  401. Stephanie Simmons says:

    Anthropologie tunic sweater!

  402. Katie says:

    Those little girl JCrew parkas are the cutest!

  403. Jenn d says:

    You’ve inspired me to try fake lashes!

  404. Jillian Groover says:

    I would buy the face steamer. Thank you for sharing your top finds. Wonderful gift ideas.

  405. Michele Boyd says:

    Definitely the Physicisns Formula bronzer!!🤗🤗

  406. Jordan Horch says:

    I would buy the madewell jeans!

  407. LaUren says:

    I’m really wanting to try the Glow peel!!

  408. Kelsey Troth says:

    Give me the BP Booties please 😍😍😍

  409. ALex DePonte says:

    Madewell jeans and the face steamer are on my wish list even going into January!

  410. Anna Wischer says:

    I love the anthro tunic sweater!! A Canada goose jacket is on my wish list for sure!

  411. KrisTin duncan hOrnback says:

    Love the Canada Goose jacket, your blue jean jacket and the chair!

  412. Katy Leischner says:

    Pink turtleneck!! 😘

  413. Katy Christensen says:

    Jut from the Kloth jeans for sure!!!

  414. Laura bierman says:

    I bought that vacuum and the white sweater with black polka dots already!!!! Thank you!!! Really want those white stockings for next year- they might go on sale soon l. I am a pharmaceutical rep and soooo many of your picks are great for work, so thanks again!!

  415. Caitlyn Morris says:

    Olive Anthropologie sweater

  416. Bailley Lewandowski says:

    Love the KUT jeans!

  417. Michelle Miller says:

    I would love to buy the J Crew Fairisle Turtleneck sweater, and I love the metallic wrap dress! So stunning on you!

  418. AllIson anders says:

    The glow peels and Steve Madden snakeskin flats!

  419. Joann Ellis Conklin says:

    The high low turtle neck sweater and the Electronic lighter. They are at a tie on things I would buy from the list. Thanks for all you do 😊

  420. Amanda Klein says:

    Would love to snag that parka.
    Great picks!

  421. Heather harris says:

    Love the zella leggings, got a few extra when they were on sale!

  422. Sarah L. says:

    I love the Anthropologie tunic sweater.

  423. Gabrielle says:

    That Anthropologie Tunic Sweater is so fabulous! I would definitely love to add that to my winter wardrobe.

  424. Carrie hart says:

    I would love a pair of Zella leggings!! Have almost ordered several times!

  425. Kristin Meece says:

    Since I already bought a few of these items, my wish list item would be the JCrew parka or the Sole Society loafers! Too much good stuff to choose from! 😉

  426. Kristen Reeves says:

    Interested in the madewell high rise jeans

  427. Darlene says:

    The power glow peels are what I would most likely buy….again haha!

  428. Valerie says:

    Would love several items! First on list would be the Apple Watch band or the bum bum cream

  429. Chelsea Estrada says:

    Anthro tunic sweater is amazing!!!!!

  430. Alicia shafer says:

    I really want the BP leather booties!!!

  431. I’m going for a good graphic tee as well as some nice leopard flats.

  432. Kelli fagan says:

    The Kut from the Kloth jeans will definitely be my next purchase!

  433. Yvette says:

    The face steamer is on my buy list.

  434. CelinA says:

    That bronzer & Apple Watch band are calling my name!

  435. Kat Pelletier says:

    Would love to try the Kut from the kloth Jeans!

  436. Lynn Dorval says:

    Glow peels and the electric candle lighter!!

  437. Amanda H Mercer says:

    I want the anthro leopard top!!!

  438. Lauri WiLLIAMS says:

    I purchased the scalp massager (for myself!) and LOVE it so far. Next up… the denim jacket!

  439. Mothinamitten says:

    Dying to try the Madewell jeans! Since you rave about them they must be good 🙂

  440. LINDSAY Perry says:

    Obviously the Canada Goose coat is a definite “want” on my list! I love the Anthro rings and the Pom sweater, I would most likely buy one (or both) of these!

  441. April says:

    It’s a toss up between black Pom sweater and anthropology ring set…so when asked what I’d buy, I’d end up buying both🤣🤣

  442. Brooke says:

    An electronic candle lighter?!!!! I’ve burnt myself literally every day this week lighting my candles and I can never get those longer lighters to work.

  443. Heather Veal says:

    I love the M61 power peel pads!!!!

  444. Lindsay says:

    Definitely a tie between a good pair of denim and those Anthro birth stone rings!

  445. Brenda Sherry says:

    Love ALL of the sweaters!

  446. Jennifer Marsh says:

    The Anthro sweater is on my list for sure!!

  447. Rachel Earl says:

    Love the geometric sweater!

  448. Christine Giannelli says:

    Already bought the BP leather booties from Nordstrom’s 😂 so I would definitely say I am most likely to buy the Butter Bronzer, Madewell Jeans of Kut from the Kloth jeans!

  449. The electric lighters were my favorite to shop this year. I thought they were a huge hit.

  450. Moira says:

    Apple leather watch bands from Amazon ✔️

  451. Danielle O'Brien says:

    I think I would most likely buy the sole society loafers! They look amazing and I think could be very versatile with the seasons.

  452. Kimberly leslie says:

    I love all your different style of sunglasses. Living in the south (Atlanta) it’s a must! Need to see where I’m driving in the blinding sun.

  453. Lisa D says:

    I’d love to try that face steamer!

  454. Meredith mcbride says:

    Love love love the Pom sweater! But I love all the sweaters you wear 😍

  455. Tara Ray says:

    I would most definitely buy the Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans! I love their fit.

  456. Aida Helen Stevenson says:

    Would be most likely to buy the Madewell skinny jeans!

  457. Taylor johnson says:

    Love the striped madewell shirt and white knit sweater from Nordstrom! Hope you enjoyed your holidays Cooper family!

  458. Aliyah Zollett says:

    That Loft Mock New Sweater is dreamy. I NEED It! With the Maxwell high skinny jeans and the so sole society black booties PERFECT OUTFIT! I also wanted to say that I love you and your blogging. I just started following you but you have for sure become a favorite of mine. thank you for putting this together. time for a shopping spree.

  459. Katharyn houk says:

    Would love the boots or anything skincare!!! Gorgeous items!!

  460. Alexis Macpherson says:

    Have my eye on the Dyson!

  461. emily rebecca says:

    i have been eyeing a CG coat for a while, but also love the leopard shoes!

  462. Denise says:

    I’m so curious about the Kut from the Kloth jeans!! Thanks for sharing them!!

  463. Jessica Brady says:

    Leather Apple Watch band

  464. Casey hall says:

    I think I’m gonna get the new Dyson vacuum Cleaner or the Canada Goose jacket.

  465. Davi StEward says:

    I’m excited to try the madewell jeans!! This girl has some legs and I love your Jean recommendations!

  466. Shirra Culp says:

    Oooh definitely the J Crew parka!

  467. Morgan Russell says:

    Leather Apple Watch band!

  468. Sandi says:

    I am really interested in the Kut from the Kloth jeans. They look so great on you.

  469. Kristen Bernard says:

    Anthro birthstone stack rings, jCrew parka & the Butter Bronzer came home with me this month! 🙂 xoxo

  470. Alex says:

    I would like to try the KUT jeans and the Sella leggings. 😍

  471. Beth Huff says:

    I would most likely buy from this post the Kut from the Kloth coated jeans! Love a good pair of coated jeans!

  472. Laura Farrar says:

    I would be most likely to purchase the Zella leggings!! I live for comfy leggings!!!

  473. Dawne law says:

    I really likely the Anthropologie Birthstone Rings. I think they are really nice.

  474. Kelsey Brandsted says:

    Face steamer… and anything else you post! 😉

  475. Alex Horton says:

    I’m wanting to get the face steamer! I I wanted it for Christmas and didn’t get it, it I did get Amazon gifts cards that will be used to purchase!

  476. Hallie says:

    I need more of the Zella leggings in more colors. Also want to try the JCrew sweater.

  477. Jane Barnes says:

    I did get your Dyson. Love it!! Would LOVE to have your Canadian Goose coat!! This year my husband got me the Patagonia vest and quilted hooded coat… maybe Canadian Goose for next year. 😳

  478. Margaret K says:

    I definitely want the leopard flats!! ❤️

  479. Amy hays says:

    love the the polka dot sweater!! Such a good find.

  480. Krystal Scheibel says:

    I want that Canada Goose parka 😍😍 but my budget says those M-61 glow peel pads. Your skin looks INCREDIBLE lately (not that it has ever looked bad, but now I’m girl-crushing every time you talk to us in stories)!

  481. Connie says:

    Cute tops, great jeans, awesome skincare oh my!

  482. Misty McCaslin says:

    I appreciate all the jean recommendations! I’m going to bite the bullet & buy some better quality jeans this year.

  483. Lindsay WYnn says:

    Love Love Love Madewell Jeans!!! They will always be a must for me!

  484. April Towler says:

    Need to get in the zella legging train

  485. Lindsey says:

    Madewell Highrise Skinny Jeans!

  486. Katie Gutierrez says:

    Would love to try the face steamer!

  487. Jackie says:

    My coworker recently said “do you follow cristin cooper? If so, buy the 1822 jeans, she wasn’t kidding” so for sure trying those out!

  488. Rebecca Feldman says:

    I would be most likely to buy the Madewell jeans or loft shirt! I’ve never bought jeans from Madewell but heard they are amazing!!

  489. Stephanie Ewing says:

    Power glow peels! Looking to update my skincare routine.

  490. Kesha Beasley says:

    I would most likely buy the face steamer and and the phone charger. I would love the Madewell jeans! ♥️

  491. Ashley bossong says:

    So many good things for December! I’d love to try those button high rise Madewell jeans! Their denim is the best!

  492. Jordan says:

    Zella workout leggings! Best leggings for life!!

  493. Debra Dele Crews says:

    Eyeing that big down parka with the fluffy hood for those cold winter morning recesses! This teacher loves for her kids to run off their energy but hates standing in the freezing cold to do it! 🤣

  494. Pam Shumate says:

    Zella leggings. I could live in leggings.

  495. Samantha says:

    Would love that green sweater or stripes shirt 😍😍

  496. Elizabeth kolnik says:

    JCrew parka!!

  497. Anne grace says:

    The Anthropologie tunic sweater is definitely at the top of my list!!!

  498. Ashley says:

    Most likely I’ll get some of those Anthro rings. Santa didn’t bring them, so I’ll have to get them for myself.

  499. Stacey Frane says:

    I found you via a giveaway and am so glad o did! I have loved following you 😀 I would be most likely to purchase the Madewell jeans…they are great for my mom bod! 😂

  500. Ashley Rickards says:

    I am looking at the leather Apple Watch band. My favorite one that I wear is falling apart. This one is much more affordable than the ones I have looked at.

  501. Sally acuff says:

    Madewell high rise skinny jeans!! I want them every time I see your posts. They are so flattering! Love your blog so much

  502. Ashley Reed says:

    Honestly embarrassed by how many of these things I’ve already purchased, but loving the Apple Watch band & your Christmas decor! Thanks for always posting great stuff and beings so relatable. Happy New Year!

  503. Ashley says:

    I love this roundup, especially for hitting up the after holiday sales! 😍I already picked up two of the “Thanksgiving” sweaters and they did NOT disappoint! 🙌🏻 I am wanting to try the kut from the Kloth jeans and the mules! Mama needs some mules and more modern jeans.

  504. Mallie Humber says:

    I want to try the Physicians Formula bronzer. On the hunt for a good, glowy bronzer!

  505. Paula says:

    I’m ordering the steamer. Your skincare routine is on point.

  506. Heather Prewitt says:

    I would most likely buy this Power Glow peel because one of my New Years resolutions is to stress less and have ME time at least twice a week! I already bought the steamer from your December best Sellers list and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!

  507. Casey Kropelin says:

    I love the loft mock neck sweater! It’s the perfect winter white with little flecks of color!

  508. Stacey Downs says:

    The BP leather booties! So cute❤️

  509. Sarah H says:

    Must have the pink turtleneck sweater!!!!

  510. Valerie Ogle says:

    I love the Canada Goose parka with the fur hood and the leopard loafers but I am IN LOVE with the Sole Society nude Kapa Asymmetrical Loafers 😍

  511. Mindy Furr says:

    Love Kut from the Kloth jeans!! Also the leopard flats and the affordable leather watch band.

  512. Miranda says:

    I really want a Canada Goose jacket!! And I already received the face steamer for Christmas! But the Anthro sweater is the item I’m most likely to purchase. 😂

  513. Linda Meehan says:

    I am very likely to buy the sweaters you posted. I love the Anthropology sweater with the buttons on the shoulder. I love the candle lighter and the scalp massager, too. You picked so many wonderful products!

  514. Brittany says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Kut from Kloth jeans, & you’ve sold me on the facial steamer. I’m newly pregnant, & my skin has changed so much! I feel like I need a reset, & this could do just the trick! 🙂

  515. Claire Garst says:

    I’d love to have the j crew fair isle sweater. Looks so cozy!

  516. Leah wade says:

    I would probably most likely to buy those cutsie anthro birthstone rings OR the Kut from
    Kloth jeans. They look sooo comfy!

  517. Cindy says:

    I love many of these, but the Anthropologie Birthstone Band Ring Set was hands down my favorite. I bought more Special Shit Seasoning 4-packs as guy gifts than anything else.

  518. Abbie W. says:

    I love how you do up your outfits and I’m excited to look at the shoes you talked about I’m this post!

  519. Georgia Fulenwider says:

    I’m trying the Elemis face cream right now and LOVE it!!!

  520. Kellie phillips says:

    Love the Anthro sweater! Have black but need another color! 😉

  521. Sydney Long says:

    Definitely love the face steamer and want to try the M-61 Power Glow Peel! I want anything and everything to do with healthy and beautiful skin!!

  522. Katie says:

    I would love your Canada Goose jacket with Loft mock neck sweater underneath! Stylish and keeps you warm! I’m used to these 60/70 degree SC days and not prepared for anything below that!

  523. Jennifer says:

    Oooh definitely eyeing the Madewell jeans and striped wide-sleeve top. Already purchased the Anthro Bl-nk blouse and I LOVE it!!! (And so happy I did – it’s not sold out)

  524. Creighton hopmann says:

    I adore the sole society loafers. I’ve been a sucker for loafers forever and these are adorable!

  525. Christina says:

    I would love to try the skin care products!

  526. Emilie kesselmayer says:

    Santa stops here pillow

  527. Amy says:

    Gold screw bracelet! I love a go to gold bracelet that goes with everything!

  528. Katherine says:

    Definitely want to get some of the Power Glow Peels!

  529. Jamie williams says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for new black booties and the Sole Society pair are perfect, they would be what I’m most likely to purchase

  530. Haley says:

    I’m itching to buy myself that Anthro tunic sweater!! Also love the power glow peels—I tried in the past and need to repurchase!

  531. Andrea says:

    The Canada Goose coat – swoonworthy!

  532. Abby Davis says:

    I would most likely buy the J Crew Vail Parka.

  533. Sarah Tassano says:

    So much cute stuff! I am definitely going to buy the gold screw bracelet.

  534. Jennifer sheriff says:

    SO.MANY…I would love to try the Glow Peels and the face steamer! I would also like to try the Madewell jeans, Zella leggings, and the KUT from KLOTH jeans! All super cute!❤️

  535. Brittni Haywood says:

    I would definitely buy the Madwell High Rise Jeans 😍

  536. Ashley says:

    Love the jeans! And want that bracelet dupe!

  537. Jodi K Perrigo says:

    Need to get those leopard flats and the Elta MD sunscreen!!

  538. Melissa Sawyer says:

    Ive been covering the gold screw bracelet!!

  539. Rowena Todd says:

    I would like to get the designer bracelet dupe or the Sole Society boots.

  540. Rowena Todd says:

    I would like to get the designer bracelet dupe and the Sole Society boots.

  541. Katie says:

    There are some goodies in here! I may have to grab the parkas for myself & my girls from J Crew!

  542. Leslie Mikkelson says:

    The anthropology blouse and all the flats are on my wants list!

  543. Abby Lang says:

    The parka is a must! But love all the content you post!

  544. Stefanie Turnbow says:

    Really all of it! Face steamer!

  545. Rachel Hanna says:

    I’ve been eyeing the sole Society Loafers in tan and the Apple Watch band!! Also… probably the anthro tunic sweater… and face steamer!! Must pace myself!! Love following your life and style! Thanks for making me laugh and having good content!!

  546. KristeN says:

    I want to try the Zella leggings!

  547. Samantha Parker says:

    Thanks for putting all of this together! It’s so easy to find everything in one place. The anthro birthstone ring is now on my want list.

  548. Rachel Hanna says:

    Pom sweater… face steamer… Apple Watch band… sole society loafers… must pace myself! Love following your life and style!

  549. Beth says:

    Zella leggings! Can you ever have too many

  550. Alexa Williams says:

    Dying over the J.Crew Parka! So sad that i live in Alabama though and only would get about 3 weeks max worth out of this.

  551. Ashley Woolley says:

    The wikki sticks for doodlers have saved me and my children’s sanity thank you!

  552. Stephanie says:

    I love the Zella leggings and can’t wait to try the butter bronzer!

  553. Mollie says:

    LOVE all the sweaters! 💕

  554. Emily Wakefield says:

    I am planning on buying one of those leather apple watch bands! and may be picking up the PowerGlow Peel pads!! I love reading these posts from you!

  555. Tracie Hadeed says:

    Happy New Year! This a difficult question to answer! I love to be comfortably dressed and get so many ideas from your posts on how to do this and not look sloppy!!! So the clothing posts are appreciated and I took your stocking stuffer idea of a yeti mug and bought one as a gift!! Should’ve got one for me too! Thank you for your posts. I really enjoy them and love your humor!! my kids are in their 20s now, enjoy every moment because I does go by too fast.

  556. Lisa Catoe says:

    I love the J. Crew parka and all of your jeans!! Anthropologie sweater would be super cute to have!!

  557. Laura LaRattA says:

    I love the high low turtleneck sweater!! And that pink colour 😍 love it! The BP leather booties are also on my wish list!

  558. Brittany page says:

    So many good options!! I’m in the hunt for good jeans and your review for the Kut from the Kloth jeans was helpful, so likely those!

  559. Tiffany says:

    Booties and face peels!!

  560. Brittany Walton says:

    I’m pretty sure half the things I’ve bought for myself recently was based from your suggestions. Just my obsession with Charlotte tilbury alone is from you!

  561. Marissa Rang says:

    Love all of your suggestions! Thanks!

  562. Lisa Zichterman says:

    The madewell high rise jeans look great! I need to get some 🙂 love your website – thanks for all the info you share

  563. Jeannie evans says:

    100% the Face steamer!!

  564. Alison says:

    Would probably be most likely to buy the sole Society black booties!

  565. Micaela says:

    I’d be most likely to buy the electric candle lighter! So genius!

  566. Becky Combs says:

    Definitely would be most likely to buy the Madewell high rise skinny jeans. Working on loosing my mom bod and post c section anything on the lower side is a no go!

  567. Kristi says:

    I would wear the Zella leggings everyday!

  568. Sarah Van Wattum says:

    Apple Watch band to go with my new watch! Love all the stuff you post – and your family is the cutest. You show what moms really go through!

  569. Beth Myers says:

    I think I would love to try the seasoning. My husband got a new grill and has been trying new things! The seasoning sounds great!

  570. Ashley says:

    The Vail parka from J Crew! Such a timeless color and long lasting piece!

  571. Megan Chojnowski says:

    I would probably buy the Madewell high rise skinny jeans, seems like they look great on everyone!

  572. Seaton says:

    Love the Zella leggings!

  573. Shawna Cone says:

    The M-61 power glow peels and the anthro ring stack!

  574. Nicole o’Meara says:

    Anthro tunic sweater

  575. Claire says:

    I absolutely LOVE the madewell high rise jeans! I bought a pair last year and think it’s about time for another. I also love the tunic sweater from Anthropologie! Always look forward to seeing your posts and reviews.

  576. Emili Barnhart says:

    I am such a sucker for sweaters! I love them all!

  577. Lizzie says:

    Zella leggings are on my list to try. How many leggings is too many leggings?

  578. Abbie Sivertson says:

    Bought the Leopard Anthro blouse and love it!!

  579. Shelby says:

    Love the Jcrew pink/brown/orange Turtleneck sweater!

  580. Laura Miller says:

    Love the M-61 Peel Pads. Resolve to be better about skincare in 2020!

  581. Rachel R. Savini says:

    Let’s see…M61 Power Peels already in routine rotation and currently wearing Madewell high waisted jeans…next up, either the Anthro. Sweater or Zella leggings!

  582. Rachael Detwiller says:

    The Sweater/jeans /shoes are a look I would buy

  583. Molly Prader says:

    Bought a bunch of these recommended including the electric lighter and the Becca Tilley sweater. I have been eyeing up the Jcrew fair isle sweater and the Madewell wide sleeve top as well.

  584. sydney d'arcy says:

    Most likely to buy the Madewell high rise jeans! Responding to the giveaway, thanks so much!!

  585. Nicole Lindsey says:

    Those madewell high rise skinny jeans look like they’re amazing!!

  586. Robin Nelson says:

    I need to try the Madewell button front jeans! Haven’t tried button front jeans since high school!

  587. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Would love to try those power peels!

  588. Jody ciolek says:

    I would love to try the Madewell skinny jeans! I am lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work.

  589. Erin says:

    Alll the sweaters! Bought the Anthro Margarita tunic and love it!

  590. Nikki s says:

    Bought the pink turtleneck sweater because of you! Love it!

  591. rEnee says:

    Would love to try the Sole Society loafers!

  592. Cassie Boyne says:

    This is a hard decision! M-61 glow pads or anthro blouse, jeans, leopard flats! I love it all!

  593. Beyke says:

    Can i just say that “All the Best of December” is what i love and want!

    From the adorable hat, blouses, denim, vacuum and everything in between!

    You are “GOALS” the realness your share in everyday life, to the amazing style for the girls, house and women!

    Keep doing you!

  594. Cameren owens says:

    I love the booties and am very interested in trying the face steamer. Thank you for posting quality content that is relevant!

  595. Jennifer southwick says:

    I would go with any or all the sweaters. Love the coziness of winter sweaters!

  596. Renee says:

    That parka is so cute! Would love to try it for sure 😀

  597. Megan Kramp says:

    I love the olive green sweater!

  598. Molly S says:

    I would definitely want to try the BP leather booties!! I already purchased the Madewell jeans 🙂

  599. Shirley says:

    I’ve got those Kut from the Kloth jeans in my shopping cart right now! Love the hem.

  600. Dana Jackson says:

    I love the pink sweater and the Anthro sweater!! May have to go take stock of my sweater situation and see if I can fit one or two more in my closet lol!! I also love the black pom sweater…so many options!!!

  601. Kerry Uptergrove says:

    Love the parka!!

  602. Emily j says:

    Definitely picking up the gold screw bracelet and the madewell jeans soon! Already grabbed the pink turtleneck and amazon leggings this December. Great recommendations 💕

  603. Leah Crouse says:

    Curious to try the Anthro tunic sweater and the M61 peel. Want the Madewell jeans and the parka!❤️

  604. Sue Rouleau says:

    Definitely will shop the Kut jeans…it’s one of my favorite brands!

  605. Meghan Bayne says:

    Leopard flats and Gold screw bracelet, but love all!

  606. Lisa Petry says:

    Kut from Kloth Jeans! Love the look of them.

  607. Carissa says:

    Leopard Flats are my favorite!!

  608. Laura says:

    The Anthropologie blouse

  609. Mallory Money says:

    I bought the Obagi moisturizer and the tunic sweater from Anthropologie both listed above… I would love to try the skin peels or anything skincare because i have acne scarring from when I was younger. I love seeing al lot your products recs!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, it’s a big help for me! ☺️

  610. Lauren Wilkins says:

    So first I owe you a HUGE thank you because my husband bought me the Canada Goose jacket after I shared your post with him! I always love your posts and trust your reviews. Next up I think I’ll have to try those Madewell jeans because just when I forget about them they pop up on one of your posts again. Jeans that are that well-loved must be worth a try! Also, I’ve had my eye on the Le Creuset collection. (Not mentioned on this post but I’ve been scoping it out ever since seeing it in your kitchen.) Thanks for all you do!

  611. Beth Sigala says:

    Love the BP booties!!!

  612. Lauren H says:

    I love the leopard shirt, jeans, black vest, and flats. So cute and young children mom friendly.

  613. Emily says:

    Hi! I would have to say the kut from the kloth jeans would be the item I would most likely try.

  614. Linnea says:

    I would get the Anthropologie birthstone ring set for sure! Such a good find, they’re so beautiful!

  615. Laura Crawford says:

    The electric candle lighter! I don’t know why I didn’t know about that!!! Genius!!

  616. elizabeth locke says:

    I got the Margarita Tunic sweater from Anthro and LOVE it. great recommendation!

  617. Selena Anderson says:

    Gold screw bracket!

  618. Emma Mathews says:

    Zella leggings for sure!! Would go with SO much and could definitely use a new pair of standard black leggings!!

  619. Jessica Vincent says:

    The Madewell high rise jeans are so flattering on you! I have got to try them!

  620. Jessica Vincent says:

    The Madewell jeans look so good on you! I have got to try them!

  621. Alex Price says:

    I day dream about the Canada Goose you shared. Happy new year to you and your family!

  622. Amanda O says:

    Zella leggings!!

  623. Nicole Locke says:

    I NEED to get that electric candle lighter! I hate using matches and almost burning myself.

  624. Kaylee says:

    I would love to try the Kut from the Kloth denim!!!

  625. Jill wagner says:

    Bought the hi low turtleneck sweater from Macy’s and love it! The other item I would definitely pick from the list would be the Kut from the Kloth Jeans.

  626. Erin says:

    Madewell jeans all the way…that is once I’m not in maternity sizes. Can’t lie that the Dyson looks pretty slimming and sexy as well!

  627. Manda B says:

    Obsessed with the Anthropologie Tunic Sweater!

  628. Amanda says:

    Face steamer 😍

  629. kristen johnson says:

    I would love to try Madewell Jeans!

  630. SoPhia morse says:

    I love the pom hat, Parka and the jeans! I love anything fashion you post. Helps me find great statement pieces for my own closet!

  631. Paige Darden says:

    Just purchased my first pair of Kut From the Kloth jeans from Nordstrom…had never heard of the brand before- so excited for them to arrive to try on!

  632. Stacey says:

    I love the BP booties but need to add those Wikki sticks to my amazon list because those are a great idea for church!

  633. Christina Casey says:

    I just got the Laneige Lip Mask in today can’t wait to try tonight!!! 😀 Also, love the amazon sunnies and bp leather booties. I’m currently balling on a budget because I’m getting married in March!

  634. Amanda Arnold says:

    Definitely need to look in to purchasing the glow peels!

  635. Molly says:

    Love the mixed pattern Anthro blouse and stockings (already have the fair isle and Canada Goose!). So cute!!!

    Happy New Year!

  636. Maureen Enright says:

    THE sweater for sure!

  637. Audrey chabaud says:

    I’ve been eyeing purchasing a face steamer ever since I first heard you mention yours. I might have to make that one of my first purchase of 2020…

  638. Jeanna says:

    I love the Loft mock neck sweater.

  639. Anna SMith says:

    I want the madewell striped turtleneck but it’s sold out now 😰😰

  640. Meredith Robinson says:

    I would and just bought the physicians formula butter bronzer. I’m now seriously considering the sole society booties.

  641. Erin g says:

    The iPhone charging cables!! So practical and my phone always needs more battery!

  642. Erin g says:

    Also the madewell high rise skinny jeans!! Been wanting to try a pair —- anything to hold in my mama belly haha!

  643. Bethany Loué says:

    I really want to try the Madewell skinny jeans!

  644. Rachel duffey says:

    I’m most likely to buy the Anthropologie blouse with the loud colors and cheetah! I feel like it’s too fun to pass up!

  645. Lindsay Roton says:

    The Canada Goose would be my wish! You present so many great options. I would grab some Madewell jeans. In need of good quality jeans.

  646. Kathleen Walker says:

    I have loved Zella leggings (7/8 length is my new favorite!) in 2019! As for the new year, I want to figure out my official color match and try Tarte Shape Tape for under eye coverage in 2020… thank you to my sweet 3.5 year old twin boys for that! 🥴🥴

  647. Gabby Playle says:

    That electric candle lighter is for sure on my list after accidentally torching my finger the other day. How could someone say no to such a useful creation.

  648. Brinn says:

    Ooh, I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Madewell jeans! I’ve heard so many good things about them! A couple of little things I’m adding to my list is a new phone charger, mine just broke, and that face steamer!! I just recently bought one of those pore suckers, so now I definitely need the steamer so I can use them together and get really deep down in there, lol!

  649. Liz W says:

    Ok just ordered the apple band for my watch! Also love Madewell jeans 🙂

  650. Jen Roberts says:

    The face steamer sounds amazing!! Would love to try that!!

  651. Sarah montavon says:


  652. ElizabeTh says:

    I so want to get the face steamer!

  653. Ashley Pugh says:

    Definitely the Zella leggings! But also, the seasoning – I gave some to my dad a couple years ago, and now he loves giving it to his friend 😂 Please tell me yours came in the white sack!

  654. Taunya Reback says:

    I already got the Jack Black hand lotion for my dad and plan to get the Kut from the Kloth jeans – love that brand!! And the Anthro ring stack looks amazing!!

  655. Thibodeau Trudy says:

    I would order the Zella leggings!!

  656. Allyson McLaney says:

    Uhmmm…pretty much EVERYTHING 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

  657. Kimberly Weber-Bayer says:

    I am considering purchasing the Pom Sweater. I’m a huge fan of the M-61 Glow Peel Pads. I have a half box left, will repurchase when I’m out.

  658. Taryn says:

    I have really been into skincare lately…need to invest in the facial steamer for sure !!!

  659. Peyton Cline says:

    I am ordering the Anthropologie sweater now since it’s on sale!!!

  660. KathyD says:

    That margarita tunic sweater is so cute and I’d be most likely to buy that on sale!

  661. Lindsay Myers says:

    Definitely the anthropology birth stone ring set and the tunic sweater! If I didn’t live in South Georgia where it’s 77 tomorrow I would buy that sweater so fast! Thanks for sharing all the good finds outs there! Happy new year!

  662. Kristen Graham says:

    I’ve been looking at face steamers for a year! Time to just BUY one!

  663. Susan Cheek says:

    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer!

  664. Carly says:

    Already have the lashes, butter bronzer, and Zella leggings!!

  665. Susan says:

    Oh my I can’t just pick one to be a favorite! I’ve already purchased some of these! But next I want the coat!

  666. Kristin Albert says:

    Love all of these picks but my favorite is probably madewell jeans and zella leggings! ❤️💜

  667. Katie Gilmore says:

    2 items that I was most likely (and did end up purchasing and loving) were the Kut from Kloth and made well jeans. Both have become big time staples to my wardrobe. Thanks you for all of the honest content you provide to us everyday! It’s much appreciated!

  668. Sara says:

    December was a good one! I have been purchasing the Butter Bronzer and got the B.P. Booties Рlove! Next up will be the electric candle lighter and the seasoning for my fianc̩! Such good finds, thank you for always sharing!

  669. Liz says:

    Ahh I love it all! But most likely the parka and the booties!

  670. Holly says:

    Have and love the Zella leggings. Interested in the flow peel pads and facial steamer to improve my skincare this year.

  671. Emily says:

    Need to get me a pair of those madewell high rise skinny jeans!

  672. Ashley says:

    I love having candles lit around the house. Definitely need to buy that electronic candle lighter!

  673. Kate Desjardins says:

    I’m dying for that pink turtleneck! And the electronic candle lighter…..and the power peels….and pretty much ALL the things.

  674. Brandi says:

    I want THE Anthropologie sweater in pink!

  675. Cara says:

    Definitely those Zella leggings! They’re my favorite!

  676. Christie says:

    I have been wanting a different Apple Watch band for a while, so I will be looking that up!

  677. Jennifer says:

    Best of December picks- I’ve been eyeing the Anthropologie tunic sweater. It’s the one I’ll Most likely buy. Thanks for all your recs!

  678. Love love love this round up! Especially that gold dress in front of your tree! 🎄

  679. Elizabeth says:

    Glow peels!!! Who doesn’t want their face to glow????

  680. Kenna Lathan says:

    I have got to try those madwell jean! I’m shaped just like you and I think they’d be a perfect fit. Thanks for the great content!

  681. Sarah says:

    Would love a Canada goose parka for the New England Winters, but it is not in the budget. I am also loving the Anthropologie tunic sweater!

  682. Amanda Rothrock Martin says:

    I love the look of the flats and may wear them in the spring. I’m a girl that needs socks in the winter. If my feet are cold, so am I.

  683. Melissa Murphy says:

    You are right on the money with those wikki sticks! Also love travel-sized hungry hungry hippos and magnetic tic tac toe! All the jeans are on my wish list for sure! You always know how to buy em for the post-dancer legs. <3

  684. Courtney O says:

    Love the Vail Parka! Maybe it will be wrapped up for my bday at the end of the month…here’s to hoping!

  685. Meghan says:

    I need the face steamer and the loafers!! I also need to have a baby girl so I can get all the kids stuff🙋🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  686. Laura says:

    Madewell jeans definitely!

  687. Miranda neal says:

    The black booties are something I’ve been eying for a while! I have a few different brown pairs, but I need Black ones! Thank you for taking the time to put all of this together in one place! GO TIGERS! National champs 2020!!

  688. Peyton petty says:

    All of those sweaters are amazing! Perfect cozy finds!

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    Kut from Kloth jeans! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Love ‘em. Super stylish while I vacuum in them with a dyson. #glamorous.

  690. Melissa munroe says:

    I need to try the Madewell button fly Jeans!

  691. LIndsey Cournoyer says:

    Kut from Kloth jeans!🙋🏼‍♀️ Feeling stylish while I vacuum (with a dyson). 💁🏼‍♀️

  692. Madison Putnam says:

    Anthropologie tunic 💗

  693. Nicole McClurg says:

    I’ve had my eye of the Madewell High Rise jeans forever!

  694. Jenea says:

    Madwell Jeans

  695. TiffanY says:

    The butter bronzer or the zella leggings ( maternity though 😃 due in June)

  696. Grace says:

    The sparkly dress! So fun!

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    I would love to try the M-61 PowerGlow Peel. I love facial products.

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    I love all of the sweaters and your girls coats! 😍

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    The madewell high rise skinny jeans! As a teacher I am always looking for a good pair of jeans I can wear to school and be comfortable in. High rise is a plus!

  700. Megan Anderson says:

    Madewell are my new favorites!! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful things with us!

  701. Amber says:

    All of the kut from the kloth jeans. I have a pair already & love them.

  702. Blair says:

    Love the pom sweater! Also you’ve turned me into a Madwell-only denim person. Absolutely the best quality and fit I’ve tried and I’m so grateful for your recommendations!!

  703. KaTie says:

    I’ve already bought the wikki sticks and considering the face steamer! 👍

  704. Ashley f says:

    My previous comment said all things skin and then I remembered.. in December we made the bold purchase of the dyson cyclone vacuum. AND OUR LIVES ARE CHANGED FOREVER. My husband has NEEVVVER vacuumed. Ladies if you want your man to vacuum I suggest getting the dyson cyclone v11. This man cannot put it away. Not only doing the floors but the baseboards, corners and tops of cabinets! I don’t think I’ve even ever done the tops of cabinets! This vacuum is a god send and I owe it all to the Coopers who had it first 😂

  705. Amy McDonald says:

    That cordless Dyson! I am so old that a vacuum cleaner excites me.

  706. Kim Henrichs says:

    Would love to have that Anthro Birthstone ring set!

  707. Cara Smith says:

    My favorite is the High-Low Turtleneck Sweater in pink. I love it! So perfect for the next couple bitter cold months.

  708. Elinore R says:

    Electric candle lighter!

  709. Wendy says:

    The face steamer! I have large pores and think this would really help.

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  711. Courtney p says:

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  713. Allison Grant says:

    M61 power glow peels!!

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    I ordered and love the dupe bracelet, I got it in silver and I really think I want it in all three metals. I think my next purchase is going to be the face steamer. I really enjoy all the products you share, keep them coming.

  715. Jackie Valdes says:

    For sure the Anthropologie Birthstone Ring Set! I love all of your home stuff, you have such great style! Wishing you an amazing 2020!

  716. Jackie Valdes says:

    For sure the Anthropologie Birthstone Ring Set! I love all of your home stuff, you have such great style! Wishing you an amazing 2020!

  717. Fiona says:

    I love the Anthropologie rings! Would love one my son’s birthstone since he was just born in October. ☺️

  718. I will be purchasing the face steamer…for sure!! Thanks for all the great recommendations! I love your blog.

  719. Courtney says:

    I would love the J.Crew Vail Parka!

  720. Caroline Milliken says:

    Love the Anthropological blouse and ring set!

  721. Whitney Nash says:

    The gold screw bracelet!

  722. Julia Smoak says:

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    I’m really wanting to order my first pair of madewell jeans. Also who doesn’t need another phone charger. Oh and of course I love anything birthstones related.

  724. TERRIE BAIN says:

    We’ll definitely the Anthropology tunic sweater for me! My daughter Louellareese turned me on to everything Antro years ago! I haven’t been the same since 😂

  725. Meredith Griffin says:

    Most likely to buy the sole society loafers for sure

  726. Leslie Gambrell says:

    I love the jeans you wear and the Anthropology sweater is gorgey!!

  727. Emily says:

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  729. Suzanne Briste says:

    I love the power gels! Definitely will be buying again. Thanks for that tip and thanks for all your tips. Great Instagram feed and blog. And keeping it real!

  730. Madison kennette says:

    The Anthropologie sweater, the Kut from allots jeans and the iPhone chargers!!

  731. Brittany Malone says:

    Going after the leather bands, because I got a new Apple Watch!

  732. Brooke henson says:

    Your Tula recommendations! Really focusing on my skin this year!

  733. Mackenzie says:

    I would LOVE to buy a Canadian Goose jacket being as I live right next door to Canada! I have heard many great reviews about it.

  734. Katie Blake says:

    I’m excited to try the m-61 glow pads. And I’m thinking about the face steamer too!

  735. Dorota Anthony says:

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  736. Kyle says:

    Anthropology sweater

  737. Laura says:

    electric candle lighter all the way! no more cheapie lighters from the dollar store.

  738. Kalie Jay says:

    I LOVE the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. I want to scream it from the rooftops! I have repurchased time and time again. I’m intrigued by the face steamer. It sounds like a touch of luxury at home!

  739. Savanna finley says:

    THE Anthropologie sweater 🙌🏼

  740. meagan G says:

    In love with the Pom sweater! 🖤

  741. Leigh Walker says:

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  742. Amy Gaitan says:

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  743. Kristin garrett says:

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  744. Raquel says:

    Obsessed with the Sundry Scarlett Striped Sweater. I think I need it!

  745. Christine mCGOVERN says:

    I have always wanted to try a face steamer but just never felt justified in purchasing it! Would love to have one

  746. Anne Spencer Alexander says:

    Those BP leather booties 😍😍

  747. Katy Kline says:

    I would definitely try a pair of jeans! The store where I use to buy mine went out of business. I am always looking for recommendations on different brands!

  748. Meghan says:

    Really interested in the power glow peels after you said you liked them better than the ones ones!!

  749. Kristin says:

    I think you’ve convinced me to by the Dyson!

  750. Christine Hunley says:

    I would Love the Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans, and also the High low Turtle neck sweater!! AND – the BP Jett Bootie in Black Suede – to die for (I swoon!) I also love the Birthstone Band Ring set, but it is not available in my birth month (May/Emerald) Thanks for putting together such great posts! You always inspire me!

  751. Mallory Brinkman says:

    Love love love that Anthro blouse and I can’t ever say no to a black and white stripe top!!! Loved everything in December!

  752. Jennie O'Reilly says:

    I need to try the M-61pads – fresh face in 2020!!

  753. Kim k says:

    i loooove that blouse from anthro! I may need to head there after work today!

  754. Amy says:

    I really want to try the face steamer!

  755. I LOVE so many items on this list. The cordless Dyson is perpetually on my must-buy list because I like the idea of just pulling it out really quickly for Kitchen clean up. I hate grabbing a broom, (which I now realized, was just a prop in one of your photos). Also, the face steamer!! As soon as I saw your post about this, I immediately saved it and plan on buying it this week.

  756. Margaret thornton says:

    I’m going to attempt the Ardell False lashes (Lord, pray for me!) and you also have me intrigued about the face steaming!!

  757. The Face Steamer!! And the BP Leather Booties!

  758. Jenna says:

    The zella leggings and m61 power glow peels are my favs!! Xo

  759. Gail Elizabeth Wilson says:

    I wonder if I could pull off those darling coated black jeans like you do! They are truly a game changer!!

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    Girl – your fashion is the best! I want try the denim jeans from Madewell and some of the sweaters as well that are posted!

  761. Morgan arnold says:

    Love the anthro ring set and the madewell jeans–always out of my size in the jeans though!

  762. Maria Hintzke says:

    Butter Bronzer is next on my list. Absolutely love my Kut from the Kloth jeans.

  763. Pam says:

    Power Glow Peel & Sole Society loafers!

  764. Christina French says:

    Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans!!!! Thanks, Cristin 💕

  765. Amanda Tinsley says:

    Just got an Apple Watch and I’m definitely getting that leather watch band!

  766. Lisa Winkler says:

    The tunic sweater and the kut from the kloth jeans look awesome! I always need good fitting jeans and love a tunic!

  767. Emilie m says:

    Such a great compilation- It’s hard to choose just one. I’ve been eyeing a face steamer and finally pulled the trigger! I Really enjoy following you!

  768. Kathleen says:

    Leopard flats, Anthro Blouse, Dyson Vac.

  769. Whitney says:

    I’m loving the look of the Kut from the Kloth Jeans. I have never tried that brand and they look amazing on you. Love this list! Lately, whenever I’m making a beauty product purchase…I have to consult what Cristin Cooper has to say about it! Thanks for all of the time and research you out into your job!!

  770. Erin Evans says:

    Love the sweater, definitely want to try the false lashes! Gotta get brave! 🙂

  771. Wendy Mican says:

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  773. Kayla says:

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  774. Jill Covin says:

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