Best Nude Nail Polish

Even though winter tried to pull one over on us this weekend I am sticking with my “best nude nail polish colors” post because I thought it would be perfect for all of you who like to try out soft blush and white shades for spring. I mean spring is here…basically. The world of sandals, denim shorts and tanks is just around the corner, we only have to believe!

My Favorite Nude Nail Polish Colors

I am an exclusive member of the nude nail polish club, no matter the season. My go-to is CND “Romantique” and it’s the only color I get when I go for shellac. When I get a dip manicure, I do NU-94 (Cotton White) as it is closest to CND Romantique or OPI Funny Bunny.

Of the nude polishes, I also am really loving OPI “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” lately. And while you’ve got me cornered Essie “Between The Seats” is a close third. To make a long story short you can’t go wrong with any of these seven nude nail polishes! Check them out and let me know your favorites. Also, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel in case you missed my post yesterday.

Best Nude Nail Polish Colors