Best Beach Reads

In last week’s This + That I talked about the book I just finished and a couple I was considering for my next read. While I’m working on my Maui recap I thought I would share my favorite beach reads. If you have a trip coming up grab one of these and let me know what you think! Not included in this roundup but worth mentioning are The Last Mrs. Parrish & Behind Closed Doors. I just read The Last Mrs. Parrish and it was AWEFUL. I seriously had to struggle to get through and it only became remotely interesting around page 330. Personally I felt like it was written for a 6th grader which made the raunchy scenes really confusing and disturbing. I’m following it up with Behind Closed Doors which I’m only a few chapters into but I’m hooked! I can’t tell if it’s because I loathed TLMP or because it really is that good. Time will tell, I assume. If you have any good reads please leave them in the comments. Here are the requirements: 1) must be a page-turner, 2) suspense or psychological thrillers are preferred, 3) love women protagonist , 4) bonus points if it makes you chuckle. Ready, set. go!

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The Party // In A Dark Dark Wood

// The Woman In Cabin 10// Where’d You Go, Bernadette// The Couple Next Door // A Stranger In The House // Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies, Book, Reading

Big Little Lies– This is actually the cover for the mini-series and not the book but I heart Reese so I used this one. It’s a must read! I also want to read What Alice Forgot by this same author.

The Couple Next Door, Beach Reads, Reading, Book

The Couple Next Door– This one is AWESOME!!! I highly recommend it and I’m really hoping someone makes it into a movie.

A Stranger in the House, Books, Beach Reads, Reading

A Stranger In The House– I have this sitting on go by my nightstand.

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In A Dark Dark Wood – I really enjoyed this easy read although I 100% saw the ending coming.

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The Woman In Cabin 10 – This is also a great beach read. It’s a page-turner and not too long!

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette – My favorite beach read of all time!

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The Party-I haven’t read this one yet but it comes highly recommended!