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August 2022 Amazon Finds

In between squeezing every last drop of fun out of summer and prepping for our regular back to school routine, August FLEW by. This month’s top sellers are a mixed bag of home organization products and transitional style pieces with a few of my go-to staples for kids. Head over to my Amazon storefront to shop my latest finds and longtime favorites all conveniently sorted by category.

01. Glass Jar With Lid // 02. Non-Slip Clothes Hangers // 03. Chunky Block Heeled Sandal // 04. Summer Pjs // 05. Girls Tennis Dress // 06. Gold Metal Kids Hangers // 07. USB C Wall Charger Set // 08. Short Sleeve V Neck Dress // 09. Long Sleeve Kids Pajamas // 10. 1/2 Cup Freezing Tray // 11. Short Sleeve Tee // 12. Oversized Fit V-Neck Pullover // 13. Collapsible Plastic Laundry Hamper // 14. Diffusers for Essential Oils // 15. Provence Style: Decorating with French Country Flair // 16. Garden Netting Kit


Glass Jar With Lid // If you haven’t heard, I bake bread now! Currently using this glass canister set to hold my sourdough starters.

USB C Wall Charger Set // My kids get a kick out of losing charging blocks so keeping a three-pack on standby is an absolute must.

1/2 Cup Freezing Tray // The girls and I love smoothies on school mornings, but I hate making them. In problem-solving mode I ordered this freezing tray, designated a smoothie-making day and got my prep on. Now I just plop a smoothie cube or two into the blender with some liquid (water, milk or coffee (for me)) and head out the door. It prevents me from buying produce that goes to die in the fridge and clears out all the fruits and veggies already lurking in the freezer. Thinking this trick will come in handy during soup season as well!

Collapsible Plastic Laundry Hamper // More kids in our house equals more laundry hampers. I like that these plastic baskets easily collapse for storage when not in use. Check out all those five-star reviews!

Diffusers for Essential Oils // Does anyone else appreciate the concept of diffusers but worry about them getting moldy? Not sure if this cordless version works quite yet but will report back.

Provence Style: Decorating with French Country Flair // One of my hobbies is adding gorgeous books to my coffee table selection.  

Garden Netting Kit // A specific area of struggle in my gardening journey is cabbage worms! They destroy almost every head of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale I plant. My strategy to keep the critters at bay with this fall crop includes these row covers.


Non-Slip Clothes Hangers // I got tired of my girls losing their school skirts in drawers. These velvet hangers with movable clips were the perfect solution.

Summer Pjs // The softest, cutest pajamas! My girls love the strawberry print.

Girls Tennis Dress // I’ve purchased these tennis outfits for my girls for three years running and just bought the next size up for fall. They’re worn non-stop and hold up extremely well. Under $30 and available in lots of colors.

Gold Metal Kids Hangers // Since Isla’s nursery doesn’t have a closet I use these pretty gold metal hangers to store her clothes in an armoire. 

Long Sleeve Kids Pajamas // The girls are obsessed with these pajamas. Hayden has sadly outgrown the brand’s sizing, but I just bought a couple new pairs for Scottie.


Chunky Block Heeled Sandal // These chunky sandals are almost an exact dupe for the iconic Loeffler Randall pleated bow heels – at a fraction of the price.

Short Sleeve V Neck Dress // An affordable, flattering mini dress for any body type. I have it in black!

Short Sleeve Tee // Always in the market for basic cotton tees that I can wear straight from running errands to working out.

Oversized Fit V-Neck Pullover // I’m stocking up on everyday sweaters for fall and the oversized fit of this pullover looks so cozy. Love the oatmeal heather shade.

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