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April 2022 Amazon Finds

Here are all of the items we loved from Amazon this April! If you’re interested in all of last year’s best purchases, check out this post. You can also find a ton of Amazon finds on my Amazon shop & Shop.LTK.

April Amazon Finds

01. God Made Me Special, Highlights Amazing Mazes, Second Grade Activity Book, First Grade Activity Book // 02. Hair Bows // 03. Honest Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuits // 04. Kyte Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuit // 05. Car Window Shade // 06. Portable White Noise Machine // 07. Stroller Wrist Strap // 08. Magnesium Dietary Supplement Powder // 09. Stroller Hook // 10. Stroller Fan // 11. Fast Charging Cable // 12. 5 AM Club // 13. Deep Pocket Bed Sheets // 14. Postpartum Bath Salt // 15. Gold Finish Scissors // 16. Miracle Blanket // 17. Plastic Storage Bins // 18. Windi Gas Reliever // 19. Fabric Stackable Basket // 20. Portable Bassinet // 21. Night Light


Deep Pocket Bed Sheets // Not only do these sheets have 20,000 reviews and described as “buttery smooth” but they also include a fitted sheet that hugs your mattress completely and actually stays in place.

Plastic Storage Bins // The perfect, durable organizers with grooves on the lid to create a stable stacking experience and utilizes limited space efficiently.

Fabric Stackable Basket // These clear-sided baskets are great for storing out of season clothing.


Activity Books // God Made Me Special, Highlights Amazing Mazes, Second Grade Activity Book, First Grade Activity Book


Miracle Blanket // If you have a baby, you have to get this blanket! I consider myself an excellent swaddler, but you can’t compete with this mini straight jacket.

Portable Bassinet // Weighing only 13lbs, its lightweight design and convenient carry bag provide restful sleep at home and away.

Night Light // I needed something between wake-ups with the baby and this little egg does the trick without being too bright! It’s dimmable and can also change colors.

For the baby on the go // Car Window Shade // Portable White Noise Machine // Stroller Wrist Strap // Stroller Hook // Stroller Fan (These items have been a must-have while traveling between places with the baby.)

Honest Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuits // The envelope neck of these snap onesies makes dressing and undressing baby easy.

Kyte Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuit // These onesies are made of bamboo and are SO soft! Kyte Baby has the best quality.

Windi Gas Reliever // This baby gas reliever was invented by a pediatric gastroenterologist and is a hollow tube that safely instantly relieves gas and calms colic.

Hair Bows // These hair bows are great for infants and kids and will actually stay in their hair.


Magnesium Dietary Supplement Powder // Calm Powder for Kids! This is a great-tasting, easy way to help support your kids health and development.

Fast Charging Cable // This extra-long fast-charging cable is great for bedside tables, living rooms, and offices.

5 AM Club // I have plans of joining the 5AM club one day, so I’m going to attempt to read this at some point!

Postpartum Bath Salt // A soothing bath salt that aids in postpartum recovery with mood-boosting botanicals and ingredients to relieve the discomfort of sore muscles.

Gold Finish Scissors // Perfect for all your at-home and office needs, these sharp scissors can also be used as fabric scissors, sewing scissors, craft scissors, and more.

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