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A Stylish Pet Bed You & Your Dog Will Love

Last year for Christmas we finally got the girls a puppy! To say that Charlie Bojangles the 2nd has spent every second of his life with us absolutely smothered with love would be an understatement. Zach and I joke that the reason he loves his crate and his dog bed so much is because he spends 10 hours of the day getting chased, played with, brushed, snuggles, held and petted. And sometimes well, he just needs some alone time.

BDEUS Cooling Dog bed is great for kids and dogs


The dog bed that we bought when we first brought Charlie home was getting a little worn down so we got him a BDEUS dog bed. BDEUS dog beds are great because they are made with a combination of gel memory foam and egg-crate orthopedic foam. It’s designed to be like a human mattress but for your pet. Maybe that’s why my girls often want to get on there and snuggle with Charlie! Not only is the orthopedic foam comfortable, the bed cover is made from 100% recycled materials making it eco-friendly. The BDEUS dog bed is also wear-resistant (meaning no nesting tears), waterproof, and cooling.

Why we picked a Memory Foam bed

Traditional pet beds are fluffy, so all that fluff retains dust and odors. Have you ever smelled a soggy, dirty, dog bed? Yikes! Because the BDEUS dog bed is made from one piece of memory and egg-crate foam, it not only eliminates that smell, the bed keeps its shape and Charlie stays comfortable. If you have an aging dog, the BDEUS bed is great for those with arthritis or hip dysplasia. BDEUS is not only committed to the wellbeing of your beloved family dogs, but they are also committed to being eco-friendly, abiding by stricter European safety standards.

Why we love it

We live in the middle of the woods and Charlie is routinely running around outside and playing in the creek with the girls so I love that this dog bed is not only waterproof, but easily machine washable.  The cover just zips off and I can throw it in the washer. Charlie undoubtedly needs the small size since he is so tiny. I originally wanted the tan version in the smaller size but this line has been so popular that the smaller size has been sold out for a while leading us to get the medium size. Ironically enough he loves it because of the space he has. We place it in front of our big windows in the living room and he stretches out on it, curls up on it and will play with his toys or chew on his treats with it.

BDEUS Promo Code

If you need a new dog bed, are going to surprise your little ones with a puppy for Christmas, or need an affordable gift for the dog mom in your life, you can get 20% off the BDEUS bed with promo code, cristincooper. They have a size for every pet, yes, cats included, and several colors to choose from!

BDEUS memory foam dog bed
Cristin Cooper and family with the BDEUS dog bed
BDEUS memory foam, waterproof and cooling dog bed

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