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Gift Guide For The Young Mom

Christmas is in 7 short weeks! Eeeek!!! So in the spirit of the holidays we are officially kicking off The Southern Style Guide’s gift guide series today!? Up first, a gift guide for (and inspired by) the young mom. I polled a group of 12 of my closest college gal pals to see if the things on my list were truly resonating with them and together we came up with a hit list of must-haves for the mom that spends her days chasing babies, changing diapers and trying to stay caffeinated?and reasonably cute. Enjoy!

Gift Guide for The Young Mom

1. A fancy Bobbi Brown makeup palette. Because if you don’t carpe diem and snag the nice makeup at Christmas when else are you going to pamper your skin w/ the luxury products?

2. A great quality trench coat. I never knew how badly I needed a good trench until I no longer had arms to hold an umbrella. When you’re toting a toddler and a baby to pre-school drop-off something has to give, and that something is the ability to keep your head dry. Enter the trench coat.

3. A sweet watercolor portrait of your first home. Tender.

4. Nice riding boots. Nothing says praise Jesus I don’t have to pick out shoes for this outfit like a great, wide-calf (aka easy to put on) pair of neutral colored riding boots that can be worn for a trip to the park or to a night out on the town.

5. A cross-body bag. Because you know…. not enough arms.

6. A charm bracelet like this one from Moon & Lola with your kids’ initials on it.

7. Long. Tees. I can’t get enough of these scoop-neck tees from BP. They are the perfect length and really cheap so I don’t feel guilty buying multiple colors so that I can wear them on repeat.

8. A pretty coffee travel mug. Because we spend most of our lives in the car and at the mercy of caffeine.

9. Vests. Lots and lots of vests with lots and lots of pockets on them. Instant outfit creators and holders of all things fruit snacks and chapsticks.

10. Leggings. Aka the young mom uniform staple.

11. Comfy bedroom shoes to slip on for all those times you hop out of bed and get started waking babies and changing babies and feeding babies.

12. A really great, super large, weekender bag. Or as I prefer to say… a Tuesday bag. Where does all this crap come from that accumulates in my car?

13. Candles. All the candles. Because if we can’t be at the spa at least we can smell like the spa.

14. Stud earrings that are cute and affordable since our children will try to eat them, throw them or feed them to the dog.

Happy holidays, y’all!

– Cristin


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