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3 Items You Need to Add to Your Skincare Routine

I’m so excited to share with you all my collaboration with Kiehl’s! I love so many of the Kiehl’s line of products and I’m so happy to be able to team up with them to gift each of you a few of my favorite items with a qualifying purchase! For a limited time, when you spend $40 at you can use promo code CRISTIN to get a free gift! Simply spend $40 on your favorite Kiehl’s products and you will get a travel bag complete with three travel samples hand-selected by yours truly!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Cristin Cooper for Kiehls

The offer runs through March 11th so hurry up and complete your order! Not only will you get this cute canvas bag (perfect for the pool this summer) but you will also get three skincare samples. I selected these items because I think that they would be unique and helpful additions to any existing skincare routine. Each sample contains enough product for you to test and see if it will work with your skin! For example, you only use 2-3 drops of this serum per night so this little vial will go along way!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The first product that I knew I wanted to include was Kiehl’s cult-favorite, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The nighttime facial oil visible restores the appearance of skin. I love it because it can be used in conjunction with your existing skincare routine and to help replenish your skin with an added boost of moisture. Formulated with lavender essential oil, primrose oil and squalane, this facial oil will not only help reduce fine lines but also refine your skin’s texture. I think the lavender smells incredible and helps me relax and I love the weightless moisture this product provides.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Back to that strange word, squalane, for a second. I recently got a facial and the esthetician was talking about the benefits of products containing olive extracts to soothe skin and fight inflammation. It makes sense knowing how good olive oil is for an anti-inflammatory diet but I’ve never put much thought to it’s benefits topically. As I was researching for this post I was pretty excited to see that squalane is actually a highly-refined botanical lipid derived from olives! I love skincare and geek out a tad when I notice a new product or learn about a new ingredient and was pretty pumped to put two and two together. No wonder this product helps to soothe my skin!

To integrate this facial oil into your skincare routine, apply 2-3 drops after cleansing and toning. Use the dropper to put 2-3 drops between your fingers and gently press the serum into your skin all around your face. You can use this alone or before a moisturizer. You can also layer this after a retinol or rotate with a retinol every other night. If you are sensitive to retinols then I think this product is a MUST to help calm your skin and aid in hydration.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Midnight Recovery Eye

As I was thinking through another product that you all would love to have, I immediately thought of the Midnight Recovery Eye. So many of you message me about caring for your under-eye as well as ask about the best way to combat dark circles. A good eye cream is a necessity and having one formulated specifically for nighttime is a game-changer. In the spirit of full disclosure, I started using this product as a trial when I was first in talks with Kiehls for this collaboration and I am IN LOVE. I have been so pleased with it and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you all!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

This eye cream is unique because it combats puffiness and diminishes dark circles as it helps to give your eye area a smoother appearance. When it comes to de-puffing, you can thank the butcher’s broom extract for that! This ingredient has been used for centuries in apothecary remedies, and Kiehl’s would know considering they got their start as an apothecary in 1851.

Like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this product also has all of the benefits of lavender essential oil, evening primrose oil and squalane! To use, apply 1-2 drops gently around your eye area before bed or in the am as well!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask

I’m very excited about this one!! You all know how I love a good mask and this is one of my favorites!! I have been able to find good clarifying masks and good exfoliating masks but I haven’t found too many hydrating masks that I love. This one makes the cut! First off, I love aloe, could bathe in aloe and welcome aloe with open arms at all times. Aloe in a face mask = game changer.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

In addition to Aloe Vera, this mask also has Calendula which is a Mediterranean extract known for skin soothing properties. The best part about this mask, well aside from the Aloe Vera, is that it’s not thick! It’s a lightweight and silky gel mask that will cool your skin and leave it feeling smooth and refreshed. I personally think that the cooling aspect also helps fight inflammation the same way that an ice roller does, just on a smaller scale.

My favorite way to use this product is right out of the shower on clean, dry skin. I think applying it after a warm shower helps my skin to calm down as it locks in moisture. I will apply it an then start a show or answer some emails. After about 5-10 minutes just wash off with warm water, pat your skin dry and start your skincare routine. You could use this every other night if you wanted!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Now that I have convinced you that you need these three samples in your life, let’s look at a few other things you could buy from Kiehl’s! I definitely recommend the full size versions of these three products but I understand if you want to get other items since you’ll be able to try these in sample form. If you are looking for something different to complete your order my other favorite products from Kiehl’s are the Love Oil for Lips, Creme de Corps body lotion, Buttermask for Lips, Ultra Facial Cream and the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Don’t forget to place your order by March 11th to receive the free gift! If you order something I would love for you to post it to instagram and tag me so I can see what you all choose!

This post is in partnership with Kiehl’s.

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