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Elevate Grocery Store Roses

If you’re looking for easy tips for how to elevate grocery store roses to create a beautiful floral arrangement, I have some great tips. These tips will help you open closed roses so they look fuller. This whole arrangement took less than 10 minutes and looks pretty professional if you ask me.

Easy DIY Flower Arrangement

Step 1

Fill your vase with warm water.

Step 2

Cut the ends of the stems diagonally.

Step 3

Remove the leaves from the stems and the sepals from the base of the rose.

Step 4

Take the outer two layers of petals and gently bend them back.

Step 5

Blow into the center petals while spinning the rose in your hands. Yes, blow. There’s no easy way and you look ridiculous but it opens up the middle petals.

Step 6

Repeat with all roses and arrange in the vase.

These roses were buds in the grocery store and now they make a full floral arrangement.

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