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How to Tie a Bow

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to wrap presents, this is how I do it. Watch the video for how I tie a bow with ribbon that won’t get smushed in transit.

I like to use a 2-1/2 inch tulle ribbon with wire edging. You can find this either at Hobby Lobby or at Target.

  1. Measure ribbon 7 times the length of the box. You may need 8 lengths if the box is also tall, but 7 lengths of ribbon works well for shirt boxes.
  2. Find the middle and put that middle under the bottom of the gift. Tie in the middle and cross under. Repeat on the top of the box.
  3. After I’ve created the knot, I add the gift tag to one of the long tails to knot it in the middle.
  4. Now it’s time to make your bows with the ribbon. Make one little bow, but keep the bow part short, leaving a longer tail.
  5. Then tie another bow with the tails of the ribbon. If you still have a lot of ribbon left, you can make another short bow.
  6. Take the leftover tails and tie them really tight in a knot and pull back on the bows. This keeps it tight.
  7. When I’m done, I take the tails of the ribbon and cut them diagonally.

If the bow gets smushed in the car, or by grabby children, just fluff it back up.

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