Weekly Randomness + Weekend Sales

Happy Friday everyone! I spent the morning running some errands and attempting to find something specific at Home Goods. I don’t know about you all but if I walk into that joint looking for something then I will never find it. If I walk in just browsing I have to talk myself out of three carts full of crap I don’t need. I will say that the Greenville Home Goods has a great stock of random furniture (side tables, console tables etc) and some goodies by Vince which is my favorite brand I’ll never be able to afford. Now I’m ferociously finishing this post during nap time so we can head outside and enjoy this 55 degree weather! I hope you all have a great weekend!


If dressing up for Valentine’s is your thing then look no further than these very cute (and on sale) pieces. Just pack your fur if you don’t want to freeze to death!

Old Navy – 20% off w/ code SWEET

Madewell – 20% off select items // I absolutely love this top (just ordered), this crossbody and this v-neck tee! Treat yourself to something for Valentine’s!

Anthroplogie – Extra 25% off sale. Here are my favorites!

Loft – Extra 40% off sale styles including but not limited to:

Now for this week’s instagrams, a few good books I’ve read and answers to all of your latest questions.


SC NC Style Blogger, The Southern Style Guide

Top (I’m in Small)// Jeans // Looking for the jacket (it’s old). I’ll update this post if I find it.

SC NC Style Blogger, The Southern Style Guide

Shop the look here.

SC NC Style Blogger, The Southern Style Guide

Shop this top I love here.


I just finished The Couple Next Door and it was amazing! I’m working on a “Beach Reads” post so if you have any good suggestions leave them in the comments! I’m trying to decide between The Party, A Stranger In The House or Behind Closed Doors for my next read. Any input?


I love to listen to podcasts when I drive or do cardio. I will listen with my earphones in a lot of the times and let the girls listen to their favorite Bible Songs + Stories on repeat. When I’m not catching up on sermons I really enjoy marketing nerd podcasts & then crime thrillers. I just listened to Up & Vanished and it was so good! If you liked Serial then you would love it! I’ve also heard Dirty John, Atlanta Monster & Vanished are good.


Before we get in to frequently asked questions I have one for you.What do you shop for every spring? Are you on the lookout for new tops to add to your wardrobe? Do you like to buy new shorts? A new swimsuit? I’m planning a few things and I would love some input from you all!A lot of the questions I received have been answered before in my This + That posts. Here are some of the more frequent ones!

What is the best lotion for dry skin this time of year?I swear bythis lotionand thiscoconut milkwhen my skin is dry!

What were the toys you shared at Christmas?Squigz and you can get them onAmazon!

What are your favorite under-eye creams?I lovethis one,this oneandthis one!

Where can we view the makeup tutorial you did?Glad you asked! I loaded it to myyoutube page!

Where is .. from your instagram from?Scroll down below to see my instagram roundup or checkthis page.I link literally everything!

How did you style your bookshelves?Not very well but I got a lot of inspiration fromthis pinterest board!

Where are your sunglasses from?Shop my Ray-Banshere, visitthis postfor my favorite sunnies and visitthis postfor even more!

What Patagonia are you wearing in stories?Itsthis oneand I wear it pretty much daily!

What fitness plan are you following?Its theFaster Way To Fat Loss! Read morehere.

Where can you find Tarte Shape Tape / Does it ever go on sale?You can buy it on theTarte websiteor atUltaand it rarely goes on sale! Also, I wear the color light if you are wondering!

Where was the fuzzy sweater from you shared the other day on instastories?Its fromNordstrom and only $78! Here are all of the items I shared that day!

What products are good for removing dark spots on your face?My skin guru has prescribed a mix of hydroquinone and retin-a and then after Im done with the hydroquinone (you should only use for 6 weeks) Ill switch to thispigment corrector.

Skinceuticals Retinol vs Colleen Rothschild Retinol?If you are wanting straight Retinol then go for theSkinceuticalsbecause its 1% Retinol. TheColleen Rothschild Night Oilhas retinol in it but also vitamin c, cotton seed oil and antioxidants.

What was the texturizing spray + dry shampoo you shared on instagram?Thetexturizing spray is from Oribeand thedry shampoo is Ouaiand I love them both!

Where is your clothing rack in your room from?It was $35 onAmazon

Where is your desk in your room from?You can find everything from my masterherebut the desk specifically is fromJoss & Main.

What do you use to get volume at your roots?I use thetexturizing spray from Oribeand thedry shampoo by Ouai.

What makeup products are you wanting to try?I really want to try theHourglass veil primer,SK-II Masks,Drunk Elephant, theTata Harper Mask, theColorpop Eye Shadowsand theTidal Water Cream.

Im in desperate ned of new makeup containers. Any recommendations?I have the ones fromGlam Boxesbutthe Container Store,NordstromandSephorahave similar ones too.

What are your must-have products from Kopari?I love thesheer oilandcoconut scrub!

What size are your Ray-Bans?These are the exact ones!