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Nude Nail Polish

Spring is on the way which means it’s time to ditch my black nails in lieu of pretty, muted hues. I am an exclusive member of the neutral nail polish club, no matter the season. My go-to is CND “Romantique” and it’s the only color I get when I go for shellac (if they have it). Currently I’m wearing OPI “Funny Bunny” which is my 2nd favorite color & one that salons seem to always have in stock. I am also a fan of OPI “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” but mostly when I’m tan. And while you’ve got me cornered Essie “Between The Seats” is a close fourth. To make a long story short you can’t go wrong with any of these seven shades! Check them out and let me know your favorites. See more of my favorite nail polish colors on this post.

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