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Blender Bombs

What Is a Blender Bomb? // A Blender Bomb is essentially an energy bite made of 70% nuts and seeds and 30% dates. All-natural ingredients, and less sugar than other energy bites.

How to Use // Put one blender bomb in your smoothie as a meal replacement or eat it whole for a snack.

My Favorite After School Smoothie // Two bananas, 1 Blender Bomb, Bomb Drizzle to taste, 1 Scoop Chocolate Plant Protein, 2 Cups Ice.

Flavors // I prefer the original, which is a combination of nuts, seeds, a date, and a little organic raw honey with no fruity or chocolate taste to it.

Other Favorites // Smoothie Bomb Butter, Granola, Bomb Drizzle Cacao Syrup.

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